Revealed, What It REALLY Takes To Succeed In NLP...

Who Else Want To Pick The Brains Of Ten Of The Top NLP Master Trainers In The World?

How would you like to:

Get Into The Mindset of Ten of The Top NLP Master Trainers including Richard Bandler, Owen Fitzpatrick, Michael Breen, John La Valle, Michael Neill... to name a few

AND find out the biggest mistakes 90% of NLPers make

Why they will never be really successful with NLP regardless of who they trained with

AND discover how the elite of NLP became so good and make serious money, so you can do the same!

Dear Student of NLP,

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, then this letter will be the most important one you read this year!


Because, here are 10 exclusive insider conversations with some of the greatest NLP Master Trainers around today. Master trainers recognised for their skill and success in the field of NLP. In fact, anyone interested in the field of NLP will at some point have trained with one of these master trainers.


1 A Wealth Of Information For Anyone Interested In NLP

Learn how the top master trainers in the world

  • Started out …

  • What specifically they did to get so good at NLP

  • How they create change so easily and discover the keys to lasting change

  • Learn what are some of the core beliefs of such powerful change agents

  • Where they see areas in NLP to make money and increase business

  • How to handle clients with too much therapy

  • How important is motivation really for creating change?

  • How to create unconscious strategy installations

  • Hear deep insights to mastering NLP and becoming excellent at it with others

  • Discover what are the latest developments in brain cognition and generative change

  • Get top recommendations and sources these experts use to stay on the edge of new learning...

  • Plus much more

It doesn't matter if you are a complete beginner or a professional people helper or trainer. There is something in these interviews for everyone!


1 An Untapped Resource Of
Mega Valuable Information


The field's best selling expert interview series is back on the market by popular demand. These master trainers interviews are an incredible resource of mega-valuable rarely available information.

In fact never before or since has so many leading NLP experts come together on one product and given such frank and detailed answers on NLP.

These masters combined have almost 250 years worth of experience using, developing and applying NLP in every context imaginable.

From sales to the sciences, business to sports, people change to education and dozens of other domains. There is much these experts haven't seen.

So they know ‘what works’ and have provided easy-to-implement ideas for you right here in these interviews.   A virtual bonanza of information to help anyone listening to finally ‘crack the code’ and increase your NLP knowledge by leaps and bounds. 

This is your opportunity to gain access through the back door to the minds of the most successful NLP master trainers in the world today.

Check it out – not only did the experts tell us how to get good at NLP.  I also got them to finally spill the beans on what it takes to make money in NLP.  Their confidential, cutting edge strategies are now available to you.  Implement just one of these strategies and it could make a whole world of difference to your NLP.

All you have to do is listen to these interviews and golden nuggets of useful information will literally jump out at you!  


I am thrilled that Tom has decided to gather the very best of who's who in NLP and make it available to you. 

I'm sure you'll enjoy the quality of the information... there are more golden nuggets of information than you could hope for.

John La Valle - NLP Master Trainer

And The Most Important Reason
To Listen To These Interviews is...


Never before have the same set of questions been asked to so many different Master Trainers. In fact, never before have so many trainers agreed to come together on one product!  This is the only product of its kind.

And for years this information was not available to the public; but was kept only in my own private NLP vault and for exclusive private clients of NLP TIMES.

But for a limited time only I'm making it available to readers of NLP TIMES.

Combined on one product you'll hear Master Trainers from America, the UK, Ireland and South America. Ten of the worlds best master trainers sharing their secrets and personal insights about the field, including Dr. Richard Bandler, the genius and co-founder behind NLP.

Make no mistake. This is not a random conversation between friends, its not the trainer telling you stories for an hour.  It is not the trainer promoting their course or products. 

You will only hear hard-hitting how-to questions and answers covering a wide variety of topics to revolutionize your NLP skills and change the type of NLPer you are forever.


Your Unfair Advantage


Whatever your reason for your interest in NLP, you now have an incredible opportunity.  As you continue reading this page, you will realize without a doubt that these exclusive, no nonsense interviews will give you an unfair advantage over the wandering masses in field of NLP today.

You are now just one step away from entering the inner circle and uncovering the pathway to NLP mastery and a road map to wealth in the Business of NLP. 


Wow, this is a really cool idea. I wish I had this when I was starting out. It would have helped me go further faster and probably saved a whole world of pain. I'm going to recommend this to all my  students.

Michael Breen - NLP Master Trainer

Allow Me To Introduce The Most Amazing Line Up Of NLP Master Trainers To Have Come Together In One Product Ever!


nlp interviews

Richard Bandler

Dr. Richard Bandler

Richard Bandler – Genius and Co-founder of NLP, Creator of DHE, NHR

The co-founder and creative genius behind NLP, creator of Design Human Engineering (DHE), Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning (NHR) , Neuro-Sonics, and author of multiple best selling books.

Find out how Richard has been able to generate so many ground breaking techniques, what modeling really is and what was the single most important thing Dr. Bandler and John Grinder did in the early days of NLP.

A classic interview into the mind, emotions and brilliance of one of the most important geniuses of our time.

   Michael Breen

Michael Breen

Michael Breen  - Renowned Executive Coach & Business Consultant

Master Trainer Michael Breen is one of Europe's leading corporate coaches, well known for his work with Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna in revolutionising the design and delivery of NLP training in the UK. For 30 years he has coached CEOs, Celebrities, Royalty and High Performers and trained over 80,000 students.

Allow Michael to guide you through a maze of experiences.  From the learning process to language patterns to working with corporate clients not a stone is left unturned!

He shares his knowledge on group psychology, states of success and making money in NLP.  He then goes on to show you how to create magical moments of enjoyment in your own life and the importance of following your bliss.



Michael Breen

Micheal Neill

Michael Neill – Success Coach To Celebrities

Master Trainer Michael Neill is an internationally renowned transformative coach and the best-selling author of “The Inside-Out Revolution”, “You Can Have What You Want”, “Feel Happy Now!”, “Supercoach.” He has spent the past 25 years as a coach, adviser, friend, mentor, and creative spark plug to celebrities, CEOs, royalty, and people who want to get more out of themselves and their lives.

Find out which one NLP presupposition Michael says is the key to successfully mastering NLP.  Listen in as he discusses the 3 levels of change and when to use them.

Learn about the distinctions of coaching and what it takes to really succeed in the coaching business.  Michael then goes into explaining unconscious installation, building a healthy disrespect for peoples problems and how to steal behaviors to make more money in NLP. 

The CD ends with Michaels advise on Goal Setting including his very own methods on the 'Butterfly point' and the 'second half of the goal’



Brian Colbert

Brian Colbert – The Chemist of Consciousness

Master Trainer Brian Colbert is regarded as one of the leading consultants in the area of Personal Growth in Europe today. In addition he is a qualified hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and best-selling author (“The Happiness Habit” and “From Ordinary to Extraordinary: How to Live an Exceptional Life”)

Brian shares his views on improving your NLP skills and specifically how to learn NLP quickly.  He covers topics such as relying on your own resources, the importance of attitude and a whole heap of useful information on working with clients, including how to avoid their hypnotic glue.

Brian and his business partner Owen are the also certified by Richard Bandler to teach coaching.  Listen in as Brian shares his views on what it takes to become a great coach in NLP.


John La Valle

John La Valle - Persuasion Engineer Extraordinaire

Master Trainer John La Valle is one of the world's most respected corporate consultants and the co-author of “Persuasion Engineering”® with Richard Bandler. He is also president of the Society of NLP.

Listen as John shares his secrets on how he mastered his phenomenal language skills, his work with corporate clients and his views on making money in the field of NLP.  

His insight on working with clients alone is worth the price of the entire program.  In fact, I promise you that Johns one tip on making money with NLP could change the way you view your business model forever.

Brain juice, NLP in business, working with clients, change work and much much more!

Gabriel Guerrero

Gabriel Guerrero -  Associate Professor of Bandler Technologies® & Therepeutic Wizard

Master Trainer Gabriel Guerrero is an Associate Professor of Bandler Technologies®, creator of Conversational Change Specialist and Advanced Therapeutic Specialist and South America's leading NLP trainer.

In this special interview, master change agent Gabriel Guerrero helps you understand at a profound level what are the key areas to attend to when seeking to create change.

Find out about the role of advanced NLP concepts like predicate calculus, set theory and simultaneity of understanding.  He even reveals his very own change simulator.

I get deep inside Gabe’s unique approach to change work and what he thinks are the common mistakes new change artists make.  


Dr. Joseph Riggio PhD

Dr. Joseph Riggio PhD – Architect of the MythoSelf® Process and Soma-Semantics®

Master Trainer Joseph Riggio is a cognitive scientist,  architect and designer of the Mythogenic Self™ and internationally known speaker and author of many books including “The State of Perfection,” “Experiencing The Hero’s Journey.” 

Joseph discusses some of his unique insights on NLP, change work and how he developed his incredible MythoSelf process for profound self change.

Known as the Coaches Coach I talk to him about the field of coaching today and how to help clients find their calling. 

He then shares leading edge insights in to the latest research and applications happening in NLP today, specifically around enhanced cognition and brain technologies.


Owen Fitzpatrick

Owen Fitzpatrick –  The Worlds Youngest Master Trainer & Best Selling Author

Master Trainer Owen Fitzpatrick is one of Europe's top Motivational Speakers, Personal Development Trainers and the youngest ever Licensed NLP Master Trainer in the world. Owen is a qualified Psychologist, Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist and best selling author of several books including of “Conversations: Freedom Is Everything & Love Is All the Rest”, “The Charismatic Edge” and “How to Take Charge of Your Life: The User's Guide to NLP”.

Learn how to deal with clients who have too much therapy, the key states required for effective change and how to elegantly shift clients belief structures. 

Owen then discusses the importance of friendship in business and how Ireland's leading NLP institute got their business off the ground.

Finally, find out what Owen's strategy is for how you too can become a master at creating humour both for your own life and when working with clients and groups.


Barbara Stepp

Barbara Stepp - Premier Coach and Healing Hypnotist

Barbara Stepp is the oldest NLP Master Trainer in the world, a master hypnotist, author and premier coach with over 40 years of experience helping people experience deep transformation.

Hear the remarkable story about how Barbara has used NLP in everything from advertising, consulting and TV to overcoming cancer in her own life.

Understand the role of submodalities in altering and influencing your own sub-conscious processes, how to do strategy installations covertly in business environments and what are the keys to good strategy installation.

Get Barbara's very own strategy she uses in helping clients overcome “seriousness” issues  along with where she sees the real opportunities to make money with NLP.


Mark Hayley

Mark Hayley - Change Wizard & Experimental Hypnotist

Master Trainer Mark Hayley is a highly saught after change agent and international trainer. Mark was an apprentice to Dr. Bandler for over 5 years and has deep understanding and skill with advanced human development models, DHE and NHR.

Mark reveals the strategy he used to master NLP and how he managed to see 90 clients in his first 2 months of completing his NLP training!

He covers how to talk about NLP to clients and the role of unconscious cues in therapy.

I then asked Mark detailed questions on how he uses experimental hypnosis and what it was like be an apprentice with Dr. Richard Bandler.


As part of what I do I have had cause to participate in thousands of interviews, from newspaper journalists to radio and TV broadcasters and few have ever represented my thinking as accurately.


Tom's in-depth skillful interviewing technique by itself is a model worth studying.


These interviews have got to be a must for anyone who wants to get a quality insight into the world of NLP from those that not only have benefited massively from using it over time but also earn a living from it.

Brian Colbert - NLP Master Trainer

OK, I've read enough.  I'm ready to order Modeling the Masters.


Find Out Why These Top Ten NLP Trainers Are
More Successful Than 90% of People In The Field Of NLP


For most people it is not possible to train with each of our experts.  Some live in the UK some in the US others in South America.  You would need to spend well over $25,000 to train with each of these NLP Experts.  People just don’t have the money or the time to do this.

I spent 7 months arranging meetings and calls with these trainers.  Traveling to meet them and interviewing them at all hours. 

Believe me, these master trainers know what works, and have proven this with their success in the business of NLP as well as their level of skill at NLP. 

And these interviews reveal exactly what they did to succeed.  

This is an invaluable resource to anyone interested in NLP. 


What's Your NLP IQ?


Improving your NLP skills, doing great change work, learning how NLP in used in the real world and corporate world, how people are making money with NLP, and how to become a better coach.

These are just some of the things you'll learn about inside this product.  Every question I could think of that would be beneficial to you has been asked, answered and recorded. 

This group of elite master trainers have shared everything and revealed it all in plain talking detail.

Your Own Personal One To One Mini Seminar


Each interview is like a one to one mini-seminar, packed with secrets and insights you will never hear about, outside of the best NLP Trainers in the World. 

Stuff that is not even talked about in their seminars or only whispered behind closed doors makes it's way into this product.

Their methods are so finely honed and perfected.  All you need to do is listen to these 10 interviews and extract the models you want to apply to your life.


A fantastic idea! Full of great questions and answers which will get you thinking and revealing great insights for anyone who wants to get better at NLP.

I think that Modeling the Masters is a wonderful resource for learning how to take your NLP learning and development experience to the next level.

Truely it's an honour to be in the same line up as such super trainers and I really hope that I've been able to provide something of value too.

Oh and apologies for all the 'f**ks' in there. Chatting to a fellow Irish friend like Tom probably made me feel too much like I was sitting in a pub!! I also like the intelligent questions which were both provocative and revealing.

Again, I feel privileged to be such a part of a super concept. Never mind my own input... you've got real gold dust from some very wise and wonderful trainers who I have had the fortune of meeting and learning from!

Owen Fitzpatrick - NLP Master Trainer



nlp interviews


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If Your Still On The Fence About How Valuable These Interviews Will Be To You. Here Are Some More Gems You Will Get From These Interviews:


Discover the most common mistakes made by new NLP practitioners starting out.
How to master language patterns of NLP so that they just roll of your tongue.
The #1 key to making bucket loads of money in the field of NLP.
What the Master Trainers look for and test in their initial conversation with a client.
The one book nearly every trainer has read.
How to fire up your brain with ‘states of power and success’ used and designed by these master trainers.
An easy and almost automatic way to develop world class NLP skills in the fastest time.
Understand the big difference between techniques and skills in NLP and how this will change your entire approach to learning.
Find out what are the different business models every coach needs to be aware of in order to succeed in this business.
The 2 dimensions of NLP to make money.
The core beliefs of the worlds top trainers around creating change and working with clients.
Where many of the leading experts see NLP developing into the future.
A unique approach to creating change starting from the solution space.
Insights in to Coaching from leaders of the profession.
And much much more.

These interviews really are the only opportunity to hear these experts guide you, step-by-step on exactly what to do!

With these interviews you could be in a position to use these seldom known tricks of the trade to gain a quantum leap in your NLP skills. 

Use the experience of the best in the world as a short cut to your NLP success!


But I Didn't Stop There...


The interviews alone will save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in time and money. 

But I didn’t stop there  - I have gone even further with these FREE SPECIAL BONUSES you get with every purchase of Modeling The Masters today.


Free Bonuses (Value $224.00)


Bonus 1 - The Myth of Happiness - MP3 - Value: $39.00

Imagine you just won the lottery. You've become a millionaire!

Celebrity Coach Michael Neill guides you through what that would feel like and explores one of the most important myths of happiness; what is between you and being happy right now.

This exclusive bonuses comes form Michael's acclaimed '7 Myths of Success' program. 

Michael guides you through his 'The Millionaire Exercise' and turns the tables on common notions about success, happiness and money.

You'll learn powerful distinctions about your calling, talents and what will really make you happy and the secret of fulfillment.




Bonus 2 - A 6 Step Reframe Performed Live - MP3 - Value: $39.00


Listen and learn real NLP as Master Trainer Barbara Stepp performs a 6 step reframe live at one of her seminars. 

Barbara uses anchoring, reframing, hypnosis and much more inside this wonderful demo. A fantastic opportunity for anyone to listen to a master trainer at work. 





Bonus 3 - Attitude is Everything - Double Hypnotic Induction - Video - Value: $49.00

You will really enjoy this one. 

Watch, laugh and learn as two leading master trainers, Brian Colbert and Owen Fitzpatrick,  demonstrate exceptional playfulness, rapport, humor and state building with a crowd as they teach a number of fundamental NLP skills.  This video will highlight one of the key concepts mentioned repeatedly in these interviews - Attitude is EVERYTHING. 




Bonus 4 - Modeling The Masters: Director's Cut - Value: $97.00 

To help you develop your skills even further I’ve decided to release an exclusive all NEW Modeling The Masters Director’s Cut Bonus Module where I unpack some of the most important ah-ha’s to take from the program.

In this exclusive ALL NEW Bonus, I reveal:

  • My own favourite distinctions from Modelling The Masters, that had the biggest impact for me and made me a much better NLPer.
  • The most useful beliefs about creating change and doing great NLP work demonstrated by the master trainers that will help you raise your own game significantly.
  • Which activities are most important to do if you want to do great change work and which practices you should avoid!
  • Which are the LEAST important parts in NLP that I think people over focus on, at the cost of getting really good fast.
  • Reveal common mistakes new and experienced students and trainers make when applying the technology that get in the way of being effective.
  • Plus much more

This is the very FIRST TIME this exclusive director’s cut bonus has been made available and is the perfect complementary training resource for this breakthrough interview series.


And I'm still not done!


Not only do you get interviews with the ten master trainers, the amazing list of FREE bonuses BUT I will also personally give you a money back guarantee on these interviews.


    Try It Completely Risk Free For 30 Days

    Get Modeling The Masters right now and listen to these NLP Master Trainers reveal the hidden secrets to success in NLP.   

    Try the information out. See for yourself if this isn’t the most mind altering, profit generating, skill enhancing, life improving product out in the market today.  If it isn’t send me an email and I will refund your money.

    That’s right,  I am so confident that you will get so much value from these interviews that I am willing to let you try it out for 30 days with zero risk!.  If you don’t find any information of value at anytime within those 30 days, just email me and I will refund all your money.  And you get to keep all the bonus items. Its that simple! 

    You have absolutely nothing to loose and everything to gain.

Finally, you too can get 10 of the most successful and most sought after NLP trainers on the planet telling you how its done!

Don’t waste another minute  - go ahead and order now  so you too can start benefiting from their experience. 


This Is The Stuff They Don't Tell You On
Their Training Courses


 A Standard 7 day NLP practitioner course with ONE trainer
  Over $2000
 A Master Practitioner Course with ONE trainer
  Over $3000
 Time Required
  Minimum 14 days

That's $5000 with one trainer. These interviews give you the benefit of listening to ten expert master trainers at just a fraction of the cost. You won't have to pay to attend a course, you won't have to book any flights or hotels. And you don't need to take any time off.

In fact, you can listen to these interviews right away, in your own home or tablet or smart phone. I have provided 153 downloadable MP3s in ready to listen format. Each interview is indexed and has been edited to a high standard. 

Plus you will also receive TEN word-for-word PDF transcripts, totaling 382 pages of ideas, insights and strategies for you to use right away.

The best bit is you wont need to pay $5000 or even $2000. In fact if you order today you're investment is just $197.00.

nlp interviews


It's Like Your Very Own Own Personal One To One Seminar!

10 Hours of Expert Tips, Strategies, Insights And Secrets From Renowned Masters of The Field… To Catapult Your NLP Skills and Life - All In One Product.

Get All TEN Expert Interviews, 153 Audio Tracks, 382 Pages Of Interview Transcripts + Bonuses


Get Modeling The Masters Today!

for just...

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What a great idea Modeling the Masters is!

I believe the experienced and inexperienced will find it both valuable and delightful to have varied interviews, views and comments from so many NLP Masters available to them in an instant.

Barbara Stepp - NLP Master Trainer



2 Modeling The Masters will be an incredible addition for anyone's library who's been or has become interested in NLP ... in any way shape or form.

Since the original sources that formed the basis of what has become known as NLP were put together in the early 1970's the technology has dynamically been evolving.

3I am honored to be included among this distinguished group of "NLP Masters" who are considered to be at the center of the future of the NLP technology.

In their own words you'll hear and experience a priceless NLP Masterclass captured by the insightful interviewing of Tom O'Connor.

If you want to know where the evolution of NLP has taken us so far and be on the cutting-edge of how NLP continues to evolve you simply must own this interview series in my opinion. 4

Dr. Joseph Riggio - NLP Master Trainer


What Customers Have To Say ...

Paul Zonneveld, P.E. Consulting Netherlands

2 Modeling The Masters was very inspiring and helpful to get the insights of so many fellow experts in NLP.

It gave me the feeling of being part of a larger community. I keep going back to it again and again as every time I listen to it I discover new pearls of wisdom and insight.
The different angles from which the masters approach and use NLP in their world of coaching & training broadened and deepened my own way of looking at it. As an international certified NLP trainer and management/success coach it also gave me additional ideas of application and marketing my own services to the markets.

A wonderful addition to the development of NLP as a whole and a recommendation for all who are interested in learning more about the practical use of NLP in the broadest sense.
I've recommended it to all my colleagues and friends. 4

Anja Scheer, Germany

2 Modeling the Masters really gave me a great insight of how to use NLP successfully. Furthermore I got into a more useful state to learn NLP. I enjoy every single word of the interviews and I anticipate to learn more.

Thank you for this great opportunity. 4

Vivienne Kerrigan - Dublin Ireland

2 One of the things I love about modeling the masters is the fact that I can
lash it onto my ipod and listen
to it while I'm driving to and from the
clinic, it's great when you're bumper to bumper, stand still traffic and the
only thing racing is your mind with new ideas, new directions to go in, it's
like having a personal trainer in your car motivating you to push yourself
to the next level, encouraging you to be more curious.

I really enjoy is the advice given throughout the interviews, I had to listen to it a couple of
times before it sank in and now each time I listen to a particular trainer I
get to hear things I didn't get the first time around, golden nuggets of
, the only draw back is they don't hand it to you on a plate, so
I have to do some figuring out, slow time down, get stuck in and stay calm
about the fact that some of the stuff they are doing is well out there
advanced and remember that they started out just like me
. 4

Ian Sharp, UK - NLP Training Specialist and Advanced NLP Therapeutic Specialist of NLP

2 Modeling the Masters needs to be heard by anyone who is serious about NLP.

I was particularly inspired by Owen Fitzpatrick's thoughts about bringing
NLP into our other areas of interest - which means I'm now beginning a
project that will bring NLP into further and adult education in the UK. 4

Mark McGregor, UK

2 I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying the Modeling The Masters
audio series.

I can see this is going to be an invaluable resource for me.
Depending on your state, level of consciousness and experience you get
something different out of them every time you listen
- surely the true test
of good BLP learning material. Keep up the good work. 4

Clark Lind Omaha, NE US

2 I soaked up each interview like a sponge! I enjoyed learning from so many
that I wouldn't have otherwise had the opportunity to hear.

Additionally, I enjoyed discovering NLP masters I hadn't heard of before and
their unique points of view and implementation or usage of NLP. Lastly, as a
marketing tool for those interviewed, I have gone on to learn more from
those masters I liked the most from their own material(s). 4

Michael Beale, Business NLP trainer and coach, PPI Business, UK

2 I've finished my second listening to 'Modeling the Masters' and highly
recommend the series
because it gives in depth tips from some of the most
experienced NLP trainers around the world, it's about genuine information
and has very little 'hype' and it's added to my knowledge of how to use NLP
efficiently and effectively

Caroline Carey, UK

2 I love the Modeling the Masters, especially in my car, when I get the time and space to really listen to them. I have learnt more from listening to these great teachers than I could ever have learnt from a book. Mainly because I hear the passion in their voices and that they really mean what they say. And one thing I got was that they really care about what they are teaching and want to share it with folks like me.

Thank you for an amazing gift. 4


When you order you will be directed to a Paypal's secure checkout page where you will be asked to provide your details. After your order has been processed you will be taken to a Thank You Page where you can download your training to your PC, Mac or tablet and collect your bonuses. 

You could be learning the secrets of the worlds best trainers in under 10 minutes! 


nlp interviews

nlp interviews


It's Like Your Very Own Own Personal One To One Seminar!

10 Hours of Expert Tips, Strategies, Insights And Secrets From Renowned Masters of The Field… To Catapult Your NLP Skills and Life - All In One Product.

Get All TEN Expert Interviews, 153 Audio Tracks, 382 Pages Of Interview Transcripts + Bonuses


Get Modeling The Masters Today!

for just...

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To your success,
Tom O'Connor

PS. Remember you get all the amazing bonuses, plus a 30 day money back guarantee and the only product currently around to have these top ten NLP master trainers together. All this at a reduced price of $197 today! 

Order Modeling the Masters now and learn the tricks, tools and mindsets that have made these elite trainers so successful.


* With the exception of Dr. Richard Bandler who was invited to give a personal interview that talks about a number of the broader aspects of NLP and his personal experiences over the last 30 years.