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“Finally Revealed The Strategies & Skills For Doing Nested Loops & Nested Story Telling... Used By The World Best Trainers, Story Tellers & Master Persuaders... To Bypass A Listener's Conscious Mind, Impart Instructions Deep Into The Unconscious And Create Lasting Change... Guaranteed

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  • Are you an NLP enthusiast or practitioner who has heard about "nested loops" and "nested communication" and would love to know precisely how these processes work from a world renowned expert?

  • Are you a trainer, coach, change agent or sales professional whose success depends on how well you can influence others and create lasting results?
  • Have you tried the step 1, 2, 3 approach that some trainers and training books apply to "nested" communication but have been dissatisfied with the results?

If you answered YES to any of the above then this sales letter may be the biggest discovery you make to your NLP skills all year...

Go Behind The Closed Door...


NLP is one of the most powerful personal change and communication technologies available in the world today. It'swidely regarded as being at the forefront of creating processes that help people learn faster, change quicker and develop skills fast.

Expert communicators like Dr. Richard Bandler, Tony Robbins, Michael Breen and others have been widely known for their ability to wire up new behaviours and help people learn - without the person realising they were consciously learning.

This is an incredible skill to have and one that very few NLP trainer or practitioners ever learn. In part because the skills and strategies to do this have been known only to a small handful of master NLPers.

However that's about to change as world renowned trainer Michael Breen takes you behind the curtain and shares the key distinctions and skills that make this part of the technology work.

Nested Loops & Nested Story Telling Is NOT A Technique

Nested loops and nested story telling is one of those topics in NLP that many people can talk about but few know how to do.

It's more art and skill than hard science.

But it is a skill you can learn (with expert guidance and practice)

Unfortunately most people who have been trained in using nested loops get taught it as a some form of "tell a story, break the story part way, tell another story, repeat five times"... however this is not how you use nested loops but simply a training aid. A way you can train yourself to begin to think in a structured story telling format that most people are unfamiliar with.

Unfortunately this critical distinction gets missed off of most trainings and chapters you'll find in books on this topic.

Without context and expert information from someone who has done it thousands of times ... you are likely to make the same mistakes that so many others have.

Like treating it as

  • Some form of technique

  • A procedure that your run on people

  • "The" way to create trance states

  • Etc.

And those limitations keep people stuck.

Because that's NOT how the world's best NLP trainers and master persuaders use it.

The quality of your results is going to be affected by the quality of your training inputs.

Garbage in - Garbage Out (GIGO).

If you want to learn the skills and strategies for one of NLPs most revered skills then it makes sense to seek out a master who has spend decades using and teaching these skills to others...

Introducing A Master Story Teller & Renowned Trainer As Your Guide Into Nested Loops & Nested Story Telling

And that's exactly what I did... I sought out the expert insight of NLP Master Trainer Michael Breen.

For those of you not based in Europe you might not know Michael so let me introduce his impressive track record...




  • has over 25 years experience in NLP and has trained well over 25,000 students in the technology
  • Co-founded and ran the largest NLP training school in the world - McKenna Breen Training
  • Co-delivered NLP trainings at all skill levels with Dr. Richard Bandler and Paul Mckenna for over a decade
  • Set up the first ever NLP Business Practitioner Certification in the UK
  • Is a highly paid executive coaches and consultant to CXOs in leading multi-nationals
  • Has generated numerous powerful tools including the "Framing Tool" and gets paid high fees to professionally model others
  • Continues to refine and improve how NLP is taught

Besides teaching and applying NLP all over the world and at every organisational level Michael has spent decades refining his skills and how he teaches the technology so people at all skill levels can pick up - even advanced aspects of the the toolset fast.

And that's what he'd like to show you.

During This 2 Hour Master Class Training You Will Learn:

Inside this 2 hour teleseminar training you will learn:

  • What nested loop are - When you truly get this you will understand why those who treat it as a technique experience frustration and lackluster results. When you discover the real truth behind what a nested loop is you'll avoid this common error.

  • What the purpose of nested loops are and why you want to use them - discover what is really going on and why great story tellers, hypnotists and communicators have been using them for millennia.

  • What precisely are you looking to do when you nest stories.

    If you have ever wondered what you are supposed to be doing, you'll learn all that here and hear several examples of nesting in action.

  • The interesting tale of how Milton Erickson used "multiple embedded stories" that pre-dated NLP

  • Learn about the little known russian researcher who discovered the principle that is behind what make nested loops tick (this is what really drives the process and makes nesting so effective)

  • Discover this rule of thumb for design that is essential to know for designing and delivering nested loops. The fact is to do nesting well you need to know how to both design and deliver them effectively.

    This training teaches you the fundamentals that are essential.

  • Learn what "priming" is, how it works and how to do it. When you learn this skill your suggestions, overt or covert, will be so much more powerful because the idea will already be seeded inside your listeners mind and "primed" to be acted on.

  • Why you must aware of the critical role the law of requisite variety has on training outcomes - and whether or not your "nests" work to produce the specific result you want.

  • The secret distinction about "procedural" approach to learning that most trainers don't know and will reduce your effectiveness

  • Learn how to be able to spot when someone is nesting well and what strategies they are using..

    Imagine you have the skill to reverse engineer some of the best communicators on the planet...

  • Discover why it is that hypnotic CD's work well to get an outcome for some people but not others (this can help save your frustration and falling into the gap that X CD doesn't work.

  • Learn what Memes are and how to use them to your benefit. Memes are a fascinating area and when you know how they work and what makes them stick you will be able to set your own "thought virus" in someone else's mind intentionally.

  • Discover the one question that enables you to reverse engineer any technique and gives you almost unlimited options to generate numerous ways of achieving a desired outcome.

  • Learn to take on a very powerful view on what learning is all about for your listeners, this will transform how you think and approach creating "learning" experiences for your listener...

  • Learn about the 3 ways that people can close loops - these are the three primary ways that most skilled NLPers who can do nested communication use.

  • Uncover the little known presupposition distinction that is central to know when nesting stories so that you get the results you intend.

  • Learn about the impact nesting stories has in relation to memory... when you know this you will have a springboard from which you can begin practicing nesting your stories and anecdotes.

  • Hear Michael demonstrate how he used nested story telling processes to create remove an intense phobia of the dentist

  • Learn the key differences between "stacking realities" Vs. doing "Nested loops". (These two things are not the same, yet many people think they are. Learn exactly why here and discover how to use both for extra special effect)

  • Discover what Michael recommends as a useful strategy to be able to track patterns when analysing a speaker's communication.

  • Learn when NOT to use nested communication (this is important to know so you don't error like many others who try to use nesting in a context where it shouldn't be done).

  • Learn when to test so that you don't just hope it "works" - you'll know exactly what to pay attention for.

  • Learn the design rules about when and where to place content within your nested loops (knowing when and where to make your suggestions, give instructions is very important - Michael shares some key heuristics to consider when placing content inside your nested process.

  • What to do if when you are working you aren't getting a response you want from the audience. Without attention you have nothing so knowing how to get it and regain it if you lose it is critically important

  • Learn what you need to do in order to get really good with nested loops and nested communications

  • Discover the key principles for what you MUST do when you are exiting back out of your stories so you don't miss it up (like many novice nested story tellers do)...

After Michael finishes covering the main content of the training you will hear his take on participants questions answering:

  • Are nested loops and stacking realities the same?

  • Where does priming fit within nested loops?

  • If you can create a change for someone, are you responsible to do so?

  • Can nested loops be used in a sales presentation context?

  • Should one use nesting with international audience and is there any downside?

  • What Michael recommends if you want to track Richard Bandler and develop your tracking skills. Within this unique training, Michael shares the same strategy that Richard used when tracking Milton Erickson and Michael used when learning to track the nested communication used by Richard.

    This strategy when applied will save you hundreds of hours of frustration trying to penetrate Richard or Michael's nesting processes.

This training debunks many common myths, teaches you exactly what nested loops are, how the process works and gives you the tools and strategies to transform the kind of communicator you are.

What You Will Receive

Upon ordering you will immediately receive a:

  • 2 hours of rich audio training recorded in MP3 instant download format for listening on your IPod, Smart phone or computer
  • Edited into five tracks so you've got quick access to the information that is of most interest to you anytime you want
  • A fifty eight page word-for-word training transcript so you can review in detail every idea, strategy and technique Michael demonstrates and shares
  • An ten page post training assignments PDF to help you further develop your skills.

How Much Does This Cost?

OK so we've covered what this training is, what you'll learn and what's included.

Let's now talk about the price.

The material taught in this training is the product of over twenty-five years experience of using and teaching NLP to tens of thousands of students and audiences around the world.

To even get a look into to the kind of material that Michael teaches in this program you would need to attend a "Trainer's Training" program at the cost of several THOUSAND pounds.

And even then you would most likely learn it as some form of "technique" based approach to story telling (which nested loops it is not).

Normally the introduction material taught in this training is only taught to Michael's apprentices and high paying clients.

However learning these skills is the doorway to doing much more with the technology.

With it you are another step closer to become a brilliant:

  • trainer

  • public communicator

  • persuader

  • change agent

  • and much more

Unfortunately for far too long there has been a lack of step-by-step straight forward training on this topic, at a highly affordable price that just about everyone can afford.

And that's what I want to offer you.

For a limited time only you can enjoy the entire course, all 2 hours of training, the 58 page transcript the ten pages of assignments all for one low price of...

... just USD $49.00

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    Here's how the zero risk works for you: If within 30 days you feel that the training didn't deliver everything I outlined above for whatever reason then you can simply contact me and I will give you a full refund. I can't get any fairer than that.

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Read What Other's Have To Say

Having listened to the Art and Skills of Nested Loops teleseminar... I finally understand the big picture of how I can use this skill set to deliver more effective training sessions, I now have numerous starting points for improving my skills in this area and becoming a more competent trainer.

Michael's ability to entrain the use of elegant, instead of technique based, cookie cutter solutions, is second to none.

- Sara Muldowney Staff Training and Development Manager, UK

MichaelI have gained a much deeper understanding of HOW to do NLP instead of concepts stacked on top of each other from everything.... Everything is put into context and put back into behavioral terms of the purpose of doing them instead of the old technique-jargon.

I have gotten a lot better results thanks to the work of Michael Breen and so have my participants on the trainings I do. Thank you!

- Patrik Fordell NLP Trainer Sweden

Michael has a way of putting complex topics across in a straightforward and easy to understand manner that has definitely increased my knowledge and understanding in a variety of different ways. Tom compliments the interviews by his obvious passion for what Michael's teaching and seems genuinely fascinated by what's being delivered which is infectious...

- Wayne Marsh NLP Trainer UK

MichaelI've learned a lot; this kind of information is cannot be found anywhere in the current books or on the market or on the “inter nut"!... It gave me a renewed confidence in how to approach situations and how to “think” through them. I also realized that it’s not how much one knows; it’s how creatively you apply it to situations!

Michael challenges the current NLP model that a lot of people take as set in stone. He updates it, and that was an experience itself. I un-learnt, learnt, and re-learnt a lot of things. Anyone wanting to keep current in NLP and to add to their skill-set must take advantage of the NLPTimes products. And they have great customer-service.

-John Johnson, USA

As usual the content, subject matter and delivery were top drawer"

Tom and Michael continue to deliver what could be conceived to be complicated content in an easy to understand relaxed fashion. The approach of Tom prompting Michael with targeted questions, and Michael's conversational replies, and his expansion on the subject continue to deliver cutting edge, affordable training along with unique insights into the "modern" world of NLP.

If you have never received training from Michael, then you will only know what you are missing once you attend at least this present series of teleseminars in the use of advanced language patterns.

- Shawn UK

Sometime in the mid-nineteen-nineties, I signed up for an hypnosis seminar with Richard Bandler. As you may imagine, my expectations were rather high. After about an hour's delay, Richard's people announced that he wouldn't be giving the seminar. He did have a valid excuse; he was in a diabetic coma. By that afternoon, a substitute had been arranged -- Michael Breen. For the next three days, Michael, with no preparation other than whatever resources he carries around with him, gave us a training in NLP hypnosis that was worthy of a Richard Bandler seminar.

- Larry, formerly of Silicon Valley



Michael Breen’s... training is first class.

- Dr. Richard Bandler, creator of NLP



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