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“Introducing A Breakthrough Monthly NLP Immersion Program That Teaches You How To Finally Become REALLY GOOD At NLP ... How To Create Conversational Change Effortlessly, How To Master The NLP Language Models, How To Move Beyond Mere 'NLP Techniques' To Knowing The Real Secrets Of NLP ... And How To Transform Yourself Into A TRULY Skillful, Super-Persuasive and Highly Capable NLPer, That Every NLP Student Wishes They Could Be...”

If You're Ready To Finally Say Goodbye To NLP Information Overwhelm, Outdated Theories, Mixed Messages About Precisely What You Should Do AND Want A Simple Structured Way To Get REALLY Good At NLP, Delivered By A Renowned Master Trainer Then … This Will Be The Most Important Letter You Will Ever Read

Dear Friend,

Have you ever wished you could be much more skillful with NLP?

Ever desire that you could do much more with this incredible technology than what you can do today?

Be honest with me here. I want to know...

... have you ever wondered just how do all the pieces of NLP fit together .. how to know if what you are doing is working ... when you are doing it ... and how to choose a specific technique for a given situation ... what language patterns to use to create a "magical" effect?

... have you read several books on NLP, completed a Master Prac ... however years on since your first training, your skill level and what you can actually do with confidence and ease, is nowhere near where you really want it to be?

... have you ever struggled in figuring out how you can translate what you have learned in an NLP seminar to the real world?

... have you ever thought that your practitioner training was possibly too short leaving you lacking in certain competencies you desire...but you don't have the money to attend ten and twenty day long training courses and spend tens of thousands getting more training time in ... to improve your skill gap?

... have you ever been frustrated by excessive use of overcomplicated language and explanations and would really like to see NLP taught in a straight forwarded, non complicated and structured style with explicit explanations?

... have you ever wished you know exactly how to really powerfully use the technology of NLP .. ... where you finally understand the principals of NLP that are behind ALL the techniques ... and were able to do the kind of legendary change or installation work that you have seen people like Dr. Bandler do?

... have you thought that there is a lack of top international training available to you, if you live outside the US or UK, ... or wished that you could get access to world class NLP training in the comfort of your own home on a regular basis?

...have you wished there was a way to take your existing skills and quickly move them "well above and beyond" where they are right now, so you could be an even more powerful coach, therapist, hypnotist, trainer, parent or professional?

Well the good news is there finally is...

All the big frustrations, the reasons that up until now have stopped you from having a fool proof, simple and structured way to getting really good at NLP can finally disappear. Because what you can finally do with NLP is about to change forever...

Why Is Getting Really Good So Elusive?

Michael_BreenAfter spending many years learning NLP I started to wonder...

Why is getting really good at NLP so ELLUSIVE for most NLPers?

Sure you can walk down the street of any major city and find people who can 'tell you' about NLP, the 'fast phobia cure', the 'swish pattern'... "belief change pattern" and so on... but how many NLPers can really DO anything more powerful than run a few techniques and talk about "the mystical power of NLP"?

Now don't get me wrong here, for years I was in the same boat and to be honest deeply frustrated with my own 'mastery of the technology'.

Yet, the same-old-same nature of so many training programs and products in the field got me disturbed. I mean, when you step back and think about NLP, a field known for study of the "structure of peak performance"... and as a group of people who position ourselves as "the experts on the experts", it seemed kinda strange to me that there wasn't a structured or systematic way of getting really good with NLP.

Most of us have read at least two or three NLP books, yet with the exception of a few noted works, the rest are frankly a rehash of the early authors of the field.

After reading another stack of books NLP, the key question that kept coming up for me was:

"Is there something fundamentally flawed in the way I and others have been learning NLP... that is resulting in getting really good at NLP being so elusive?"

Well, one of the answers that I came up with is interesting. It transformed the results and way I now get with NLP...

And it's something that I think might help YOU deal with some of these same challenges....

The Big “Ah Ha!” That
Changed Everything For Me

For years I attended many NLP training courses, and several were world class ... but the more I sat back and looked at what was going on and the way things were structured the more I realized that there must be something more that the very best trainers of NLP knew about getting good at NLP that I didn't...

So I decided to go off an interview many of them .. including Dr. Richard Bandler .. to figure out how they got so good at NLP ...

And during those interviews Dr. Bandler said something to me that seemed kind of counter-intuitive to what I had been thinking all along ... he said:

“The people that have apprenticed with me for long periods of time end up being able to do a lot more. Not because they were exposed to a different class but because the level of perceptions by which they looked at the same thing changed

And that simple statement... that simple clarification about what Richard felt was one of the big reasons a small group of people can do things that others can't... caused me to become very interested in just exactly how the perceptions of... those who are really good at NLP... changed... and were different from the rest of the way NLP is taught in the field.

That one simple shift in thinking changed my focus, took me in a brand-new direction, and ultimately had a major effect on my long-term success... and developing real skill with NLP...

Get The IMPORTANT Things
Right And Everything Else Will
“Fix Themselves”

You see along the way I learned that there are allot of unhelpful ways that most NLPers perceive the technology and major distinctions of NLP that keep us stuck...

You may know the phrase... it's not what you're looking at that counts... but rather how you are looking at it...

It makes sense, right?

If you look at a door and try to open it by push up against the side where the hinges are then you are NEVER going to be able to open the door by using normal force... rather you will walk away and say "that door is locked" or "that door doesn't work"...

You see the BIG error I was making was, like many others around, was I had a "fixed" set of perceptual filters about way theMichael_Breentechnology worked that was seriously SCREWING things up for me ... and simply just wasn't so...

I was pushing the door on the hinged side all too often and saying... "this NLP technique doesn't work" or worse heard my friends say "NLP doesn't work!"... (and generalize one instance to the entire field!)

Yet when I realized that if I could adjust my filters ... to be more in line with the way the real masters saw things... I knew it would AUTOMATICALLY solve a ton of other problems at the same time...

Along my journey in to figuring out "what isn't so..." I realized there are several common perceptional problems that I was making that were messing things up.

Read through these and see if they make sense for you...

1. Thinking That NLP Is Something You "Do On People"

One of the biggest stumbling blocks I found that prevents more people from getting really good at NLP is this idea that NLP is something you "do on other people"... and I was guilty of this for years ...

When I changed this world view it made a massive difference to the quality of my life and my results...

Why?... because you have the following unhelpful world views show up. These were the most common ones for me .. perhaps some of these will ring true for you...

  • I can't find enough people to do NLP on
  • I don't have the "time" to practice
  • I can't practice on a regular basis

You see thinking about NLP in this way blinds you from the secret that I found out the very best trainers and practitioner of NLP orient themselves from.... and that is ...

"NLP is not something you do to people... it's more akin to a way of life, a world view or operating system that you operate from ..."

When I began to see NLP in this way, then everything changed.

I stopped using what we would call "traditional NLP" based techniques and NLP processes and started creating change and results very naturally... where NLP became something in the background .. and transparent to anyone who was watching on ...

Things began to happen that simply put .. were so far beyond what Michael_BreenI had ever experienced before...

2. Over Focus On The Techniques & Not The Principles

One of the big mistakes many NLPers make, indeed most from what I have seen, is we tend to spend way to much time learning the 'techniques' and have almost no understanding of the underlying principles that are driving the effect of those techniques...

The techniques based approach to NLP, and thinking that the training room exercises or step 1, step 2, step 3 techniques is how you use NLP with real people was one of the first major blocks anyone who wants to get great with NLP needs to overcome... and it is easier than you imagine...

3. Thinking That NLP Is Disjointed and Disconnected ..

OK, this one took a while to get.

For YEARS I had invested a lot of money and time into NLP training courses, programs, audio CD's etc and the more I listened the more unsure I became about how exactly you connect up the seemingly disparate domains of NLP...

It was kind of like walking in the middle of a big forest that is covered in a thick fog .. you know that there is a way out of there somewhere but you just can't figure out where it is .. and you have spent years looping back on yourself ... well that was how I felt about all the different domains of NLP.

You see all of the domains of NLP are deeply connected...

Before I got how the he Meta Model, the Milton Model, Sleight of Mouth, Meta Programs, Strategies, Sensory Systems and Sub-modalities are all deeply inter connected... I tended to suffer from the same questions that are common to many in NLP.

Specifically things like:

  • How does the Meta Model work?
  • How does one install an unconscious strategy?
  • Why doesn't this technique work ALL the time?

Once I got how the field is all inter-connected, things became so much easier...

By seeing things more as they really are .. as seen by the top NLPers out there .. I was able to focus on doing the key things over and over so I could make a massive jump in the results that were now possible.

And almost instantly I experienced a quantum leap in what I could do ...

Now I'm kinda embarrassed (and a bit annoyed) that someone didn't point all this out to me much sooner...

It would of saved me tens of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours ...

4. Thinking That Because You've Heard It Means You "Know It"

This one was a bit tricky to get...

Well getting it actually was really easy, it was truly hearing it, that was 'HARD'...

Being honest with myself, I had to admit that there was in a big gap between my initial aspirations for what I wanted to be able to do when I first came into NLP and what I was could do... right here... right now...

And what made this worse was having to acknowledge that well... how do I say this... no amount of training, reading more books, attending yet another course or posting on forums... really meant squat... IF... I couldn't use the technology effectively, whenever I wanted to get results 'quickly and easily'...

So I choose let me ego take a backseat and simply acknowledge that if I wanted to really become more persuasive, influential, create change easily and get all the other wonderful results that NLP offered I needed to acknowledge there was some things I had to do...

For at least two good years I was locked into this idea that "I've heard all this before" and that "I know such and such a technique" but the reality I realized one day was:

“Learning has happened not when you can recite something... learning has happened when you have the behavioral wiring... such that you can DO that something... ”

And to be able to do that something was really what I wanted...

The Results Start
“Speaking For Themselves”

So I begun the process of looking at everything with new eyes... re-evaluating everything I learned about NLP, not through more theory but by doing more practice... and at first things were somewhat sloppy and progress seemed slow... but quickly (and with some expert guidance) things REALLY speed up...

I began the process of unpacking all the training I ever received to figure out what was the difference in the way I was perceiving things in the outside world, to the way the top practitioners and master trainers were, and I knew that my "world view" was not accurate with the way other top practitioners and master trainers saw it...

And something very profound success with the technology started to go through the roof...

People started asking for my opinion a lot more, because by really getting the Meta Model I could help them re-connect back to what they wanted and see the challenges that lay ahead... I became a natural trusted advisor friends, family and clients sought out...

The time it took to do "interventions" radically shortened and I could get life changing results in ten minutes often times that before would of taken me several sessions and many hours. My confidence and enthusiasm to be able to really help others grew enormously.

I had women tell me that "it was scary" how well I knew everything about them after only a few hours of meeting them...

And private clients told me "I listen to them like no-one else they know... and help them quickly reach conclusions and decisions that they had been struggling with for years before."

My large corporate clients told me how "I seem to change people's minds with only words"... and make the impossible... possible...

And senior members of government told me "I seem to hold an audience like someone whose been presenting their whole life."

And I knew these "seemingly magical results" were not because I am so amazing or brilliant.

In fact I am very ordinary.

Rather they are the results of developing a powerful understanding and most importantly SKILL with the NLP technology ...and I've since realized that ANYONE can get REALLY GOOD with NLP in record time... it doesn't need to take decades.

Your “Missing Link” To
Becoming Really Good With NLP …

I'm about to tell you something that you already know…

I think you ALREADY KNOW far more about NLP than most likely most ...


You probably already know the major “techniques”… and have probably been on more than one NLP course, have at least one certification and have had good success at times using what you do know with friends, family and clients...

But at the same time what you can do isn't as you wish it would be… you want more...

And… I think that you KNOW that the problem isn't that you need more techniques.

You have that part of the “map” down.

I think you realize that the problem is something BIGGER.

Something more intense.

Something more personal… and more difficult to face.

And I also know that, when you go through this, and develop real skill with the technology and master NLP from the inside-out, that you will experience the recognition, success and rewards that you always wanted.

You already know how powerful the technology of NLP can be as a trainer, coach, communicator, persuader, change agent, leader or professional .. but you only have a finite amount of time to really get these skills down .. once and for all.

And I think you realize by now that this isn't going to happen by itself.

The problem isn't going to “solve” itself… the pieces aren't going to just “fall into place”… and you will NOT have the success, significance and personal satisfaction from really getting good with NLP unless you DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

The bad news is that this is never easy.

In fact… for most NLPers what I am talking about here it is next to impossible… and sadly… most go their entire lives without ever getting the results with NLP they desire and achieving the success they deserve.

I'll say it again:


Fortunately, it DOESN'T have to be this way for YOU.

How To Become Really Good With NLP
Quickly And Forever...

If you're ready to become really skillful with the technology of NLP... and you want to save yourself thousands of hours .. by having someone else do all the heavy lifting for you... someone who has figured out ahead of time exactly how the many different pieces fit together... so you can acquire real "Jedi" like skills with the technology... not in a flashy show off way... rather in terms of someone who can produce real results "quickly and easily"... then I have some very good news for you...

I've been learning and involved with NLP for over twelve years now... I've read just about all the early NLP book and every 'self help' and 'peak performance' author I can get my hands on... and I've done all the courses you could imagine. You might be the same? Basically I've spent an enormous amount of time... really learning and pulling together different insights and pieces about theMichael_Breentechnology together...

But for years I felt there really needed to be a "best of best"... "here's what you want to know"... NLP type product... something that was structured, easy to follow and ideally required very little effort on the participants behalf to get unequaled return for time and money invested... And when I learnt about the "perceptual differences" between regular NLPers and the elite master trainers, I thought .. this kind of stuff should be included too.

I mean, why waist years of your time, trying to figure all of this stuff out for yourself, if you could literally learn direct from someone who has 'been there, done that'...?

Well, as it so happened destiny would play its hand .. and provide me with access to someone who had indeed achieved the level of skill and success using NLP that most people only dream about... and has spent decades teaching others...

And he is the Secret Guru behind this course...

The Special Guru Behind This Program

OK, remember I mentioned earlier that one of the big 'accelerators' in my own growth with NLP was the "expert guidance" I had to point some things out along the way... let me tell you a bit about him...

Well this NLP Master Trainer can be definitely classed as one of just a few... Real NLP Guru's... alive today. And I mean Guru in the most positive - non hyped - use of the word...

When he was doing the same kind of penetrating enquiry into the nature of NLP some fifteen years ago... he too had a expert to enquire from.. in the form of Dr.Banlder...and this Guru went on to co-deliver training with Richard for over a decade... and in the process has trained 22,000 students and counting... Michael_Breen

Oh yea... and he also co-founded and created the most successful NLP training school in the world, and setup a highly successful international consultancy firm... and created the UK first NLP Business Practitioner programs... and is Executive Coach to several Fortune 500 CXO's... and has worked with world famous celebrities and international advertising firms... and on and on.

So when I came up with this idea of putting together a training program that would help people finally get radically good NLP skills ... and all the results they desire... I flat out demanded that he lead the program...

But it wasn't just that he had an amazing track record in the field of NLP, Business or Executive Coaching, rather one of the big things that really makes this guy stand out is his ability to absorb from so many different fields... making hidden connections... flushing out complexity... and distilling NLP down into a really simple, no nonsense and very clear explanations and demonstrations... that makes getting really good with NLP... very easy to do.

Most people have read a few books on a given subject, this Guru, at last count had absorbed over 3,000 books on everything from NLP, Erickson to cognitive psychology... and subjects you most likely have never heard of... so he has studied incredibly deeply the roots of NLP... and all its influences... much more so than any other trainer I know of, less than founders.

With Paul Mckenna and Dr. Bandler, this Master Trainer ran an intensive... and now legendary... one year intensive NLP training course... where they honed the art of immersive NLP training experiences that create rapid results in short space of time... where participants had a profound difference in what they were able to do... than when they started the course...

So I knew he was THE person to lead this intensive ongoing monthly membership course...

That Special Guru, your personal mentor if you will... to developing real expertise with the NLP technology... is renowned Master Trainer Michael Breen...

But I wasn't home free yet... I still hadn't fully enrolled Michael to run this course... his schedule was backed up... he had some reservations about doing all the heavy lifting again that would be needed to make this course dead easy for anyone to follow... so I had to get some leverage with him...

I showed him all the thousands of responses I had from NLPers around the world... sharing the real problems and frustrations that NLPers from all backgrounds have... And that alone did it.

Michael decided then he wanted to help "clear up the confusion" that had come into the field and "give people, who want to learn, an easy way to get really good with the technology"...

And so the Platinum Audio News Club was born...

The Start Of Something Special
... And Never Seen Before ..

Michael_BreenOver the next several months, Michael and I had many intense conversations.

We came up with the idea of doing something never seen before... an intensive downloadable monthly NLP training program, taught in interview training style with 'drill in on one topic per month' modular format .. and be highly skills based... where Michael would literally open out... for everyone to see... the inner workings of how the real masters understand and use the technology of NLP...

I was a bit skeptical about just how good someone could get with short intensive type learning and assigned practice.

Frankly… it sounded a little too good to be true.

But at the same time, he had transformed the way others learnt NLP before…

So I challenged him that we create a pilot of the program... to evaluate with only a select group having access to it.

And once the training started and the feedback came in... I was genuinely taken aback...

by just how much, how deep and how easy to learn the whole domain of NLP became...

Michael started cutting through topics like "The Meta Model", "Causal Modeling", "Inference and How We Build Reality"... like a hot blade through a block of butter...

Early in to these sessions, I had to stop Michael and say...

"Michael, how come we are covering topics that seem .. on the face of it ... to have nothing to do with the way anyone teaches NLP?... I mean, what difference does it make to learn about causal modeling or how to create suggestions of deep truth?...”

To which Michael replied:

"... because Tom, there is a structure and key skills that are present for anyone who has mastered this technology. Knowing how the mind works, how people construct reality, the effect of language etc... are all topics that the real masters of NLP know that others don't...

Simply put... these are the topics that you don't learn about in books on in seminars...but are essential to doing really skillful stuff...

And is why, when any of my apprentices or long term students give suggestions, create change or 'unconsciously install strategies'... that they stick and work... and can do all this without any scent of NLP'ness...”

And then it hit me .. what Michael was sharing are the key building blocks... a specific strategy... and structured approach that anyone can use to get radically good at NLP... quickly.

The Creation Of The Platinum
Audio News Club

Over the following months Michael and I worked hard to create a "first of its kind" NLP training program that teaches you specific inner thinking... those wonderful perpetual differences... that the Real NLP Guru's enjoy and that make ALL the difference... the major distinctions about all the major domains of the NLP technology...

.. and the very strategies that Michael and other masters like him, have been using and applying for the last twenty five years .. to create .. quite frankly .. amazing results ... that anyone can when they have truly gotten to grips with the technology ...

The Platinum Audio News Club is an intensive monthly immersion into the major domains of NLP technology .. and will teach you .. through conscious knowing and very specific practical assignments ... the skills to be able to do "truly magical NLP work" ... whether you use your NLP mostly as a everyday NLPer, coach, consultant, business professional, trainer or change matter how experienced or how much training or not you have already had...

I mentioned earlier some of the major shifts ... the dramatic changes... in my own NLP skills when I got my "stuff" together and really got to penetrate past all the confusing hype, the rah rah workshops, the high on ideals but low on skills offerings that are out there ...

The amazing thing about this program is... no matter what your skill level... there is an incredible depth and breath to the content Michael presents .. in a way that you can access and use to take your 'game' up several levels ... and the lift goes all the way to the top ... if that what you really want ... (and are an aspiring NLP Master in the making) ...

Our Goal Is For You...

“To Become REALLY Skilled With The Technology of NLP Quickly...
In The Easiest, Step-By-Step Structured And Cost Effective Way Possible...
So You Can Use It Effortlessly In Any Area Of Your Life And Business ”

So what exactly will can you expect to learn as an ongoing member of this exclusive club?

This is an intense and groundbreaking NLP monthly training program, in which you are going to be learning lots and developing greater and greater skills each month.

As a member, here are just some of the exciting things you will learning in the first seven issues of this program:

Exactly How Masters of NLP Perceive And Use The Technology That Enables "Magical Results"

  • You will learn what are the major perceptual shifts between the outdated and "run of the mill" way of doing NLP and the way people like Michael, Richard Bandler and other great trainers view and use the technology. Having these distinctions is critical to forever changing the way you work and use the technology again (and taking the lid off of your potential).
  • How and why exactly technology of NLP is united and whole and not fragmented and disjointed as many trainers still train it.
  • Finally understand the real story behind why there is no such thing as your unconscious, strategies, meta programs and other "holy grails" of NLP ...

    Warning this training is mind expanding and life expanding - expect your world view of NLP to challenged and transformed when you master what Michael teaches here.

  • Once you make these "perceptual shifts" ... they stay with you forever and .. your skill with NLP massively expands .. you'll find you can easily create changes and influence others rapidly.

The Essential NLP Skills That Are Key To Doing Rapid & Elegant Work

  • What are the essential skills that everyone who is really skilled at NLP must be able to do ... this is the beginning of where "the rubber meets the road" and is a path every skillful NLP must follow.
  • Within the first issue we are going to have you becoming very practiced with the NLP T.O.T.E. and able to establish effective goals, know when you're getting them, track what you are doing ... with ease ..

Mastery of the T.O.T.E. is a key tool for how people like Dr. Bandler and Michael Breen are able to 'talk for hours .. tell enthralling stories .. and learning and change seems to just happen...

When you have this skill down you are also going to never be stuck for what do I do next or be unsure "is it working?" .. because you are going to know precisely what you are doing and how you know when you have achieved the result.

  • Learn techniques for developing "Master Trainer like Sensory Skills" through very easy to do practical assignments, that you can employ anywhere and will want to again and again. This skill alone will make you a far more skilled communicator, story teller and hypnotist...
  • Become conscious of precisely what you are doing .. when you are doing it .. and therefore able to quickly and easily adjust your own behavior to develop real skill with the technology in rapid time. No more of "I'm not sure if this is working .."

Advanced Language Skills: (Getting Really Good With Language Is CORE to NLP ...)

  • Specifically the skills to become REALLY good with language ... as we begin this journey by re-looking at nature and role of presuppositions and truisms ... discover exactly how they fit into field of NLP and the central role mastery of them serves in becoming an expert communicator, trainer and influencer ....instantly see your effectiveness and success jump when you have developed the skills that most NLPers don't know...Michael_Breen
  • How to penetrate beyond the surface of any communication and rapidly calibrate to a person's world view, limitations and untapped resources .. key for creating change, persuasion and helping others. When you have this down people will think "it's scary.. just how much you know" about them without them ever telling you overtly...
  • Master your language output through step-by-step assignments that develop the skill to be able to calibrate to the individual or group right in front of you, and present compelling narratives that effortlessly take them on a journey that excites, inspires, changes them .. or whatever state is required for the desired outcome you are working on ..
  • Learn how to pace any group or audience so they instantly "feel" you really get them and able to create involving experiences that they are naturally drawn into .. using only three simple linguistic patterns .. that every master of NLP knows .. and most other people don't.
  • Master how to use covert communication naturally to help yourself and your clients get out of their own way and achieve their desires and goals.. Find out the real secrets how covert communication works, how to package any covert communication so it easily and naturally is picked up by the receipt and acted upon. Learn how to use tactics like sentence fragments, embedded commands, speaking in quotes, analogies etc .. so you are never left short of another tactic you can use to get your covert message setup.
  • Discover the proven technique that ensure you never experience resistance to your suggestions. It might sound impossible, but not when you know ...
  • The little know secret as to why some suggestions work and others don't ... and what you will be able to do .. so that your suggestions hit their target again and again ..
  • Why the usual approaches to mastering language through scripts .. often fail or do not work .. and why learning how thinking processes work and how human beings bind reality means you will never be stuck with outdated ways to put ideas precisely inside someone else mind...
  • Go through cool assignments to help you conversationally place suggestions inside someone else mind.
  • Understand and learn to use the power of causal modeling, (a topic almost never taught in traditional NLP courses, but essential to real skill with the technology) to become highly skilled in "creating new realities", "binding new conclusions" and having your clients reach the conclusions you want .. but believing it was their own. This is really some of the most powerful stuff you will find anywhere on how to move beyond limp direct suggestions and stacked presuppositions to powerful NLP Master level of inferred causal reasoning that sticks ...
  • How to connect up two totally disconnected realities, seemingly unconnected propositions and through the power of
    "cross over statements", implicit inference, and manipulation of the "excluded middle" you will be able to have others reach conclusions that they would never have before believed as 'real'. What Michael teaches here are some of the advanced language strategies that only the most talented communicators and trainers know how to do.

How To Do Powerful Conversational Change Work (Including Advanced Meta Model Work)

  • How to get inside someone's map or model in a specific and structured way that ensures you only acquire the information you need to help achieve the desired outcome
  • How to transform your own life .. or the lives of your clients by developing seemingly 'incredible skill' and ability to help others solve 'complex problems' ... using just your understanding and expression of language. You will find you will naturally become the "go to person" others seek out when they need to solve challenging problems.
  • Learn Michael's expert way of approaching challenging "client issues" and seemingly "stuck" patterns of behavior that he transforms with ease for his high paying clients... In each issue he teaches a new layer essential for real skill with the NLP technology ... so you never more are thinking "what technique should I use?", but are able to confidently know both what and how to change quickly and easily..."
  • Master how to identify the "controlling frame of reference" that shapes and influences the entire world view a person has about a topic or problem and how through elegant use of the Framing Tool you can help yourself or your clients overcome challenges and problems with ease.
  • Discover how strategies, triggers, decision gates, meta-programs and streamlining really work, as Michael takes you on the inside of this famous but often misunderstood cornerstone model of NLP. Once you have this skill down you will have the essential building blocks not to talk about strategies, but to elicit, change and streamline them and that is just the beginning of what you will learn on deep strategy work...
  • The "Resource Triangle" .. how to rapidly identify with is needed next to help any client move closer to their goal... and ensures you don't waste precious time or resources focusing on the wrong thing ...
  • Transform your NLP skill by learning how to work without NLP scripts and cookie cutter NLP techniques for working with yourself and others. Throughout this program you will hear Master Trainer Michael Breen share real-world contexts where he had clients overcome "perceived problems" like panic attacks, spider phobia's, over generalized coping strategies etc .. using NO "formal" NLP techniquesMichael_Breen
  • Learn about the "swiss army knife" of language models that compliments what can be done with The Meta Model, called the Framing Tool. This model created by Michael enables you to rapidly learn how a person "is holding the problem together" and where the key leverage points are for transforming apparent limitations and problems quickly and easily.
  • Enjoy special real world video review assignments that will have you really hone your skills in being able Track, hear and penetrate inside someone's world view. You will learn how to track the states, anchors, loops, causal narrative, suggestions and much more that a famous comedian uses in a political talk...
  • Discover WHY and HOW the Meta Model really works ... from someone who have truly mastered this cornerstone NLP model. When you learn all about this, your level of understanding will surpass the vast majority of NLPers, even at trainer level ..
  • Overcome the most common blocks that most NLPers make that prevent you from getting really good with the Meta Model
  • What is the strategy that works like crazy that Michael recommends every NLPer should use if they want to become really skillful with the NLP Meta Model .. and transform the results they can create with the immensely powerful language model...
  • Benefit from a unique and immensely powerful of organizing the Meta Model, that Michael created for his students and clients, that will help you FINALLY get how to REALLY use this super powerful model...
  • Learn how to use the power of sentence fragments to elicit powerful states from your listener or audience ... and how to use them to do "forced mind reading" .. for making ideas memorable long after you have left them ...

How To Change Minds & Influence Others Effortlessly

  • Learn the expert strategy that Michael uses to do advanced persuasion and seed ideas inside people's mind. What you will learn about persuasion here goes FAR beyond sleight of mouth or fancy presupposition stacking. At last you will have the toolset to be able to construct powerful persuasive narratives that work again and again.
  • What you really need to know about conversational sub-modalities and how to use them effectively to have your suggestions stick.
  • Learn some of the tactics used by the TV, Advertising and modern day Guru's to try and install their world views and evaluation criteria on you (these guys are the ultimate persuaders for the masses). Once you hear for yourself how easily this can be done you'll develop a much better idea of how unconscious installation happens and how to frame your persuasion ...

You will learn all of the above in JUST the first seven issues ..

Many Additional Advanced NLP Topics ...

After we have the core skills set, Michael will move onto more advanced NLP topics never covered before in a program of this kind, such as ...

  • How to Design And Install Unconscious Strategies ... never before has this information been broken down in such a step-by-step fashion for you to get.

  • What are the core building blocks of training and learning design that Michael uses with his high paying clients

  • NLP Techniques Demystified ... showing you exactly what principles are driving which techniques and how you can use this to do rapid client change work.

  • Finally learn the art and science of Nested Communication

  • And much more ...

How Can You Know If
This Program Is For You?

Michael_BreenIf you are already extremely skillful, really confident, and totally feel you have "got" everything there is to know about NLP .. then this program isn't for you.

If you can really do unconscious installation .. are a wizard with the Meta Model ... Sleight of mouth ... using inference ... inducing states ... causing trace ... nesting stories .. creating transforming narratives .. creating change and asking powerful questions that transform other peoples realities .. then this program isn't for you.

Or if you are a complete beginner (never read a book on NLP or attended a course) .. then this course isn't for you.


You have some prior experience with NLP and you want to get really good .. perhaps you have already done one or more NLP courses and are looking to apply it to your life .. bring the technology alive for you in all contexts .. but are busy and don't have time to study all the books, attend all the courses and do a billion assignments .... (and to be fair who wants to .. if you can get the results in a fraction of the time and effort?) ... then this course is for you ...


If you are an NLP student who simply just loves NLP .. you want to know everything about it .. you are excited about using NLP, getting better, and applying it to their life then you will also LOVE what is in this course .. because you will hear and experience an entirely new relating with the technology ... that simply you won't have found anywhere else ...

Lastly IF

Your an NLP trainer who is looking to take your skill and knowledge far beyond traditional NLP training and "Trainer" courses ... where you can develop truly exquisite skill with things like the Meta Model, Conversational Change, Strategy Installation, Unconscious Communication, Nesting, Learning Design and so forth...

Then this program is for you.

The material in the program is first rate, delivered by a world class master of the technology.

It is the primary focus of this program to ensure you quickly acquire really good skills with NLP ... you do the assignments and put into action what Michael requests and like many before you ... your skills will transform.

That said, if you have any remaining questions about if this is right for you ... then read the list below ...

If more than one of the list below is true for you then I strongly recommend you immediately sign up to the Platinum Audio News Club.

  • Would like a deeper level of integration of NLP .. where you enjoy real confidence and competence in the skills you have with NLP..
  • You want to become really good with NLP in a fraction of the normal time, and have a simple proven way to transform what you can DO with NLP .. in the shortest time possible, for the money and effort invested..
  • If you thought that learning NLP was really about learning more and more techniques and doing would be the "cure all" for being successful with clients, yet when you did ... you still find yourself not able to get the results that you want...
  • Want literal and overt explanations of key NLP skills and topics, with the minimum of fluff, continual demonstrations and step by step breakdown of what was done, by a Master Trainer who is one of the top experts at this stuff ...Michael_Breen
  • Would like to learn simple practices to put NLP into practice every where .. so you no longer feel stuck with "I don't have anyone to practice with" ...
  • You are a person who is living a busy life ... juggling many other balls (than just getting good at NLP) .. but would like to have an easy way to continue to develop your skills and have easy ways to practice..
  • Have recently completed an NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner or Trainers Training and want to have an powerful, systematic way of becoming highly skilled at NLP .. to the skill level that YOU want.
  • If you really want to finally get the Meta Model & Language to a level and skill that very few NLPers ever do...
  • Would like a in-depth cutting edge perspective on how the body-mind works regarding common behavioral process .. from an NLP perspective .. so that you can understand the principles that underlay all the techniques .. and so never be stuck for .. what technique do I need to use now?
  • You feel you already have good handle on the technology and want to simply fill in any gaps you have and take your skill levels up a few rungs .. and be able to do more ..

There are NLPers of ALL levels already in this program, with a wide breath of skills and expertise with the technology .. who each have somewhat different outcomes .. but regardless of where you are the bottom line is:

You already know whether this information and skills taught in this program is for you, Michael and I have worked very hard to ensure that the content of this unique, first of its kind monthly membership program contains THE KEY to help you achieve the real success, skills and lifelong results you have always looked for in NLP....

And I want you to have it ..

Why This Program Is
Very Different From
Everything Else Out There

And in case you are wondering if this truly is as good as it seems ... I want to tell you why it's DIFFERENT from everything else that's ever been provided in the form of an NLP skills training program ...

Reason #1: It's the first time that a monthly step-by-step structured monthly training program has ever been created which has been SPECIFICALLY designed to you get really good at NLP.

Sure, there are allot of ways you can learn NLP today, from attending a several thousand dollars training program... to reading "re-hashed" NLP books ... to other online NLP training programs, but NONE of them have been designed to make learning THE SKILLS of NLP as accessible, direct and STRUCTURED way as what you will find with this program... Period.

Michael and I have invested a MASSIVE amount of energy into creating an exciting, solid and deep NLP ongoing program that can help just about any NLPer take their skill levels to massively new heights ..

I personally guarantee that you will not find anything else available that is even CLOSE to this program. In a few minutes I'm going to share with you my guarantee and make you an offer you'd be crazy to refuse.

Reason #2: It's delivered by a renowned master trainer, who has over Twenty Five Years experience training over 28,000 NLPers, and who has spent his career translating and USING NLP in the real world, working with Fortune 500 CEO's, Celebrities and a staggering variety of professionals across multiple industries.

Many readers of NLP Times have told us .. one of the BIG challenges you have today is to know "Who can I trust?, Who is good to train with?" .. well with this program you can rest easily knowing you are with one of the best and safest hands in the NLP field.. Michael has spent nearly three decades teaching, using and applying NLP very successfully in ALL kinds of real world contexts...

Reason #3: This program is a condensed, high-impact, "Best Of The Best .. No Nonsense NLP Training" on what you need to know AND how to get really good at NLP.

One of the big frustrations I found when trying to get really good with NLP is the time it took to get to consistently great results varied widely. Some books and courses are all about providing you with more theory and labels for stuff and are missing any kind of direct path to getting to results...

Reason #4: You get expert VIDEO FEEDBACK to your NLP questions...

Michael and I are committed to ALL members getting really good with the technology and we know many members would like to get expert feedback BUT may not be able to afford paying thousands for answers to your individual questions.

Therefore we've decided to build expert feedback directly into the program. Here's how it works... anytime you are going through the course and you've got a question you'd like to get some expert input on, simply login to the portal and submit it in the "NLP Questions?" area that you'll see in every month's tab.

Michael and I review these entries often and every other month record a special Video response to the questions YOU ASK..

So if you were worried that like other training you've been on, once you leave the training and feedback is gone, that isn't the case as a member of this program.

You will be able to submit questions as and when they come up for you and get expert answers..

Reason #5: It does The HEAVY LIFTING FOR YOU... You Just Need To Show Up .

When Michael and I created this program I was adamant that wherever possible all the heavy lifting was done FOR YOU ..

So each month, the program brings you through another cycle on a key skill or model of NLP so that all you need to do is literally, listen and occasionally watch and then do the assignments to get really good .. quickly ...

Being entirely frank .. this isn't a magic bullet ... but it is the closest thing to it .. for systematically improving your skills with NLP easily ..

Reason #6: You start off with the INSIGHTS & EXPERTISE OF 25 YEARS OF MASTERING NLP ...

One of the biggest differences between this and any other training out there is you will start off learning from Michael with the experiences and insights he has developed with the technology over the last twenty five plus years of working with the technology..

So you save YEARS of expensive "trial and error" learning that anyone else who has gotten to get really good with the technology had to go through .. you'll avoid the frustrations of "not getting the skills fast enough" and "slow, almost stagnant progress" that many others experience who continue to persist with developing top skills with NLP ..

Reason #7: You are going to LEARN SKILLS and topics on NLP you have never heard before.

Another thing that makes this program stand out more than others out there, is you will learn allot of things you simply weren't taught about NLP, regardless if you have trained all the ways to trainer level. Michael is constantly brining in insights and perspectives on both "traditional NLP topics" and other influences or models that have a BIG impact on how you use the technology powerfully ...

And as for the topics you have learnt before .. you are going to learn to LOOK ANEW at the very core of NLP .. not so it can change but so YOUR understanding and skill level with this technology transforms

This is the path of the master .. and one you will joining Michael on, inside this virtual apprenticeship in NLP.


Here’s What You’re Going To Get...

When you sign up you will received a access to a secure members only portal where...

Monthly NLP Training

  • Each month you will be able to download your intensive 75 to 130 minute NLP learning module in MP3 format. Think of it as like a master class on a specific topic, and is tightly focused on learning practical NLP SKILLS each month. The kind of perceptions, knowledge and skills of someone who has mastered this technology.. Each month builds on the month before it, leading you upward to being able to do advanced NLP work ...
  • We start off with Goals and TOTE's and Presuppositions and Truisms ... and then quickly move into Covert Communication, The Meta Model, mastery of language, Strategy Installation and beyond ...
  • You will receive a 15 to 30 page accompanying PDF with each issue, which provides an overview of key learning points and step-by-step breakdown of interventions and language strategies used by Michael where ever appropriate.
  • You will also receive a 50-100 page word-for-word PDF transcript so you can zoom in on every detail, review every example and pattern along as you are hearing demonstrations of NLP at work.
  • Inside each assignment PDF, you also get to typically three cool assignments each month that get you putting your new skills into action right away .. and we don't stop there, we know that various members will be new to NLP, while others will be certified trainers and above, so Michael has provided three different levels of assignments (Novice, Apprentice and Masterful) each month, so you always have a level to stretch yourself at....
  • You will also get access to over 60 plus training videos and hours and hours of audio content to help reinforce the major learning points on NLP and to answer questions that are better delivered in video format.

How much time will you need to invest each month?

Only a few hours to listen to the material and then go and do three or so very powerful skills based assignments ... You'll be excited by how quickly you will start to experience results and find yourself effortlessly using what Michael teaches between each issue.

But the value of this program doesn't end here ... this program has got some awesome bonuses ...


We want make this program so good you would have to be crazy not to say yes and sign up. That's why in addition to the powerful leaning experience we have outlined above we are also including the following bonuses worth over USD $797.00.

These are exclusive bonuses only available as part of the Platinum Audio News Club .. and you get to enjoy them for free ..

Over 100+ NLP Training Videos (And Growing)


Enjoy hours and hours of videos as Michael teaches you key distinctions and answers member's questions on a wide variety of Michael_Breentopics. Recorded from live workshops and interview recordings, learn...

  • How to learn to trust your skills

  • How to ask "killer questions" that create change

  • How to become a better coach fast

  • How Polya Patterns & Plausible inferences work in persuasion & change work

  • How to track for state changes and sub-modality shifts

  • And much more along with new videos



Deep Insights Into NLP Modeling Report

(A 89 Page Modeling Report That Will Blow Away Outdated Ideas On Modeling In The 21st Century)

Once you join you'll also get immediate access to an an exclusive 89 page report called "Lifting The Curtain - Deep Insights Into NLP Modeling" where your mind will be forever changed regarding what you need to do be able to model anyone.

Inside this exclusive 89 page report entitled "Lifting The Curtain: Deep Insights Into NLP Modeling", I have Michael cover:

  • The big flawed assumption many NLPers make regarding NLP training & modeling with NLP

  • Discover what are some of the key knowledge areas people who desire to become executive coaches need to know about

  • Find out why many people's NLP looks and sounds the same as everyone else (and what to do about it)

  • Learn about Michael's unique approach to modeling (numerous brilliant gems of wisdom for any NLPer)

  • And much more


4 Hours Of Expert Answers To Common NLP Questions

In this four volume training module, join Michael as he takes you by the hand and guides you through many of the most common questions students have submitted on how to become really good with NLP.

You'll hear Michael share his strategies and 25+ years experience on many areas like:

  • How to develop mastery with metaphors

  • How to work with people who are suffering from cross motivation also known as "inner conflict"

  • How to overturn out-dated ideas about NLP processes and personal development so

  • How to transform the way you think and use this profound toolset so it works more effortlessly

  • How can you use NLP to develop financial security and a fulfilling life

  • And much, much more.


Expert Interviews With TEN Of The World's Leading Master Trainers Of NLP (Including Dr. Bandler)

Ever wonder what the world's leading NLP trainers know about NLP? Modeling The Masters delves deep into precisely how ten experts got so good with NLP and includes a rare and quite personal interview with Dr. Bandler.

Past customers have LOVED this program, as it gives you a unique insight into the mind, processes and habits of many of the very best NLPers working today.

Each month within the first ten issues of the program, you will get to download an expert NLP Master Trainer interview. This is an awesome program by itself, and you more than nine hours of highly rich answers, over 100 questions from ten of the world's leading NLP Master Trainers.

Watch & Learn As Two Leading NLP Masters Deliver Double Hypnotic Induction Group Trance Demonstration

Trance is the playground of many NLPers, and in this special video bonus you will watch a review on anchoring along with an expert demonstration of double induction from Master Trainer Owen Fitzpatrick and Brian Colbert.

Owen and Brian are Ireland’s foremost NLP trainers and authors of several highly successful books.

"Going Beyond The Modelers Edge"

Expert Interview With Charles Falkner

Ever wonder what happens when two leading master trainers in the field of NLP get together and talk "shop"?

Well now you can know exactly what goes down as you listen in as Master Trainer Michael Breen interviews fellow Master Trainer Charles Faulkner (co-author of NLP: The New Technology of Achievement) about his latest work, modeling and why some models still being used in NLP are way outdated...

Video Answers To Your Most Pressing Questions....

OK so you're ready to start your virtual apprenticeship in NLP. But you are wondering "Can I get answers to my NLP questions?".... Of course you can!

Every two issues Michael and I record VIDEO answers to your questions. In fact there is over 7 hours of video and audio responses from Michael to member's questions waiting for you inside the training portal. This is an awesome resource, and will allow you to ensure you get access to the mind of one of the world's best NLP trainers.


Episodes with Michael

And if that wasn't cool enough, you'll also get to hear direct from Master Trainer Michael Breen as he shares deep skill building content, learned from the field, inside our exclusive 'Episodes with Michael' monthly audios. Each new episode is jam packed with ideas, strategies and tips to help you take your skills to the next level.

Right now you can enjoy all these exclusive bonsues at no extra cost when you sign up today.

To Review Then

Let's do a quick review so you are crystal clear how exactly this program works:

  1. Each month you will get access to specific issue for that month, which will be an intensive content rich session with Michael, where I will also be asking him occasional questions regarding that topic for your benefit.We spend the first three issues getting up to speed on foundational but essential skills and then quickly start getting into mastery of all the core NLP skills, underlying principles and advanced NLP topics, which special focus on language, strategies and the Meta Model.

  2. You will get a full word-for-word PDF transcript so you can dive into every detail of the training and examples provided.

  3. You will receive a special 15- 30 page PDF document that contains key learning points and typically three practical assignments that you will do during that month. This is the output phase .. .where you go and put into action what you have learned and "bed in" the key skills we want you to develop and increase for that month.

  4. You will get access to SEVEN Bonuses... USD $797 worth of exclusive bonuses. Specifically:

    1. 100+ NLP Training Videos

    2. Deep Insights In To NLP Modeling - an 89 page report on NLP Modeling like nothing else you've ever read...

    3. Expert Interviews With TEN Of The World's Leading Master Trainers Of NLP

    4. Video Demonstration Of Double Hypnotic Induction called "Attitude is Everything"

    5. Going Beyond The Modelers Edge - exclusive interview with Charles Falkner on Modeling and his latest work

    6. Exclusive 'Episodes with Michael' where you'll received additional strategies, ideas and skills based training to take your mastery with the toolset even further.

    7. Finally you also get access to a growing content of exclusive videos in the members area, including special video responses to members questions and additional videos from live workshop material of Michael and other relevant sources.

This really is a powerful step-by-step skill building NLP training program to ensure you become really good at NLP. Where you graduate far beyond the status quo of "techniques based approach" to becoming a highly skilled agent of change, power and influence. Just like my own skills transformed when I made my own personal "breakthrough" so too will you as a ongoing member of this club.

When you get what this program has to offer .. you can take your NLP skills and will apply them naturally and effortlessly in your every area of your life and enjoy much greater results..

How Much Does This All Cost?

OK, if you have read this far then you know you are interested in the promise of this program and you can see that we mean what we say when we REALLY want you to become highly skilled with the technology of NLP, quickly, easily and in the MOST cost effective way possible. And we are about to live up to that.

Before I get to the price, I first need to say: Right now we are in the public launch phase of this club and so the price below is only for a limited period and can change without notice.

This monthly audio sessions with Michael forms the core of the club, but the club is constantly evolving. We are tweaking and adding more value on an ongoing basis and naturally the cost may increase.

If you were to approach Michael today and request to become part of his one year exclusive academy mentorship program it would cost you USD $23,000 per year.

The last time Michael ran the closest thing to this program (the 1 year training program) it cost delegates USD $5,900.00 a year.

But I'm not going to ask that you pay even one thousand dollars..


And although it's true that; all the bonuses in this program total value is USD $797.00; that this program offers an unparalleled depth and breath of training in NLP; and is lead by one of the world's foremost NLP trainers you aren't going to pay even five hundred dollars to join.

Because for a limited time you can join this program for just....

USD $59 Per Issue - That's It!

Over a 12 month period that is the equivalent of a little over USD $1.93 a day to get really good at NLP!


Getting truly skilled at NLP has never been so cost accessible.

This first and ONLY program of its class is a bargain at any price, but at this price, it’s the best investment you will probably make in training and skills development ever.

So join today to get started.


Note this offer is limited and can be withdrawn or changed at any time, so sign up today to avoid disappointment.



    Don't Decide Now .. Try The Platinum Audio News Club For 30 Days Risk Free

    I’m so sure that you will love this program that I’m willing to do something that might seem a little bit CRAZY…

    For a limited period I'm going to give you a full 30 Days access to the club entirely risk free ... we want you to throughly feel you are getting way more in return than the small investment you make to join this elite 'virtual apprenticeship' in NLP.

    Simply click on the "Add to Cart" button below, and you will be taken to Paypal where you will be asked to enter your details. You will be charged JUST USD $59.


    Here's how the zero risk works for you: If within 30 days you feel that the club isn't for you for whatever reason then you can simply contact me and I will give you a full refund and you can keep the first month's material, absolutely free. I can't get any fairer than that.

    What happens after the first month?, well if you are happy to continue then our systems will bill you each month for JUST USD $59. And as always if you become unhappy at any time or for any reason you can cancel you membership immediately.

    NLP Times is committed to delivering you world class NLP Training, each and every month, just check out a sample of other members feedback below.

    To Sign Up Now Simply Click The "Add to Cart " Button Below .

    Checkout with PayPal

    By Submitting Your Order You've Acknowledged and Agreed to the NLP Times Customer Agreement

    Or Sign Up For The 1 Year Program And Enjoy Exclusive Additional Benefits

    If you are already decided that this program makes sense for you then sign up now to the one year membership in this program and enjoy twelve issues for the price of ten for just USD $590.

    (Currency calculator here*)

    Simply click on the "Add To Cart" button below, and you will be taken to Paypal where you will be asked to enter your details and charged USD $590 and will instantly have 1 years membership. At the end of one year, if you are happy our systems will renew your subscription. However if you are not happy at any time or for any reason you can cancel you membership and you annual membership will not be renewed.

    To order your one year membership today, simply click the Buy Now button below.

    Checkout with PayPal

    By Submitting Your Order You've Acknowledged and Agreed to the NLP Times Customer Agreement

    Here's to you becoming dramatically more skilled with NLP.


    P.S. There has never been an easier, more cost and time effective way to truly get really skilled with the technology of NLP, sign up today to have are renowned master trainer teach you the skills and principles of NLP that drive all the techniques.


Read What Others Have To Say:

MichaelThis is by far one of the deepest and most profound learning experiences for NLP. Since many prac and master prac courses stay on the basics (mostly because of poorly trained trainers) this course goes in great depth in areas such as language, state, sensory acuity etc while still keeping it based in "reality". Michael transfer the information to the student while using the same patterns that he is teaching congruently. I am very happy to be a part of the Platinum Audio news club as it helps me reach new levels of understanding and in time, competence. Many thanks

Patrik. Stockholm, Master Practitioner,Sweden


I've spent hours upon hours accumulating information and knowledge about NLP from various sources. I enjoy how when I listen to Michael I bring together old and new knowledge and with highly practical exercises I "get it into the muscle" as you say. This structured training program is exactly what I need at this point in my life. Thank you!

Eli Neegaard, Master Practitioner

Osla Norway


I've been studying NLP and hypnosis for about 5 years by myself. I'm 22 years old and coming up with a couple thousand dollars for courses is just not possible for right now. The one thing I had massive confusion about is, the overall structure of communication to reach a goal. I just didn't get how everything intertwined and weaved and layered ever so appropriately. Particularly in Sleight of Mouth, I was absolutely hopeless.

After listening to Michael speak about how and when to use particular tools, I now have a firm grip on how the language models are all connected.This has changed my ENTIRE experience when I attentively listen to any one person speak.

The patterns become obvious and the reason WHY they are present becomes even more obvious. Learning that is the foundation for any persuasive communication or change work. Thanks again for continuously clarifying on more and more every time I listen!!

Sean Patrick McCleaver,

New Jersey, USA


I would like to say a HUGE thank you to NLP Times for providing the Cutting Edge skills available to me. I have had previous training in NLP and found it to be very useful. However, I now feel that having experienced your materials I have greatly enhanced my learning.

From when I signed up to NLP Times, I have found the level of communication to be excellent and I get any queries answered very quickly - first rate. The materials are available to me and I can download them quickly and easily. All in all I think you offer a first rate service with materials and communication, and that includes the support offered. Superb

Michael and Tom are doing a phenomenal job in creating and delivering leading edge NLP skills in a way that no other trainers are doing. I have now changed the way i think about my own communication and also how I pay attention to other people's communication, as a result of this method of learning. I am expanding my knowledge and skill base so much faster than i did from attending other NLP trainings

Bernie,Licensed Trainer of NLP,

Southport, United Kingdom


I'm enjoying the course and learning a lot. I'm getting more of a sense about how NLP fits together and getting really useful stuff to use in my life.

Andi, NLP Practitioner,

London,United Kingdom


Michael and Tom present important subject matter with a unique perspective

Fred Hensel, Master Practitioner, USA


MichaelI started studying NLP at about the time that Michael Breen did, and have trained with Richard Bandler and many of the early NLP trainers (e.g., Robert Dilts, Annie Linden, Wyatt Woodsmall, Tad James, etc.)

Michael generates fresh insights and ways of using the basic and more advanced tools of NLP that are useful for beginners, experienced practitioners, and ones like myself who have gotten a little rusty.

Larry, Las Cruces, New Mexico


One of the things people interested in NLP often wonder is where they can get high quality training at a reasonable cost. Look no further than the Platinum Audio News Club. I can't tell you how much I look forward each month to receiving the latest installment of Michael Breen's expert instruction in the deeper mysteries of NLP. These are secrets I haven't been able to find anywhere else, and as a member of the Club, I can learn them from the comfort of home!

Aaron, Master Practitioner, USA


Great job! It shows a lot of work and effort. I look forward to every issue and have already incorporated many of the techniques. Thank you

Stan, Master Practitioner, Florida, USA


I've known NLP Times for a while now, I appreciate the ability from Michael and Tom to step out of the box and put an effort to really help people to improve the skills..and addressing the limiting issue's in the process.

They know what they are talking about.

Jos Tobben, Coach, Netherlands


The Platinum Audio Newsletter has taken my tools to a whole new level. I could listen every day. In it Michael and Tom provide easy to understand tools that have real world usefulness.

DJ Prichard,Licensed Trainer of NLP

& Practitioner of DHE & NHR, USA.


MichaelI am a Licensed NLP Trainer by the Society of NLP. I've trained with Dr. Richard Bandler, John Grinder, John La Valle, Paul McKenna, Owen Fitzpatrick, Kate Benson and others. I give NLP certification seminars in Greece and Turkey. I've attended many seminars, read lots of NLP books and bought many educational DVDs online. I believe that learning NLP is a lifelong quest.
While admittedly there is no form of training that can completely substitute a live NLP seminar/workshop, I consider my Platinum Audio News Club monthly subscription to be of extreme value.

Every month Master Trainer Michael Breen and Tom O'Connor explore in depth foundational NLP topics with a unique perspective, in a precise, real-life practical and FUN way. When I listen to Michael and Tom, I experience many revealing "Aha!" moments and take my word for it, it's hard to find such high quality training out there.

Michael has a radical and revolutionary way of approaching (even the most) "basic" NLP subjects and that really widens my horizons of understanding and practicing NLP, each and every day. I fully recommend the Platinum Audio News Club to anyone who is interested in studying
NLP, beginner or veteran.

Konstantinos Bimplis
Licensed Trainer of NLP, Greece


Just 3 issues in. true knowledge, simply put, no jargon forests here. Clear path's laid out and plenty of practice steps to be taken. Many thank to you both.

Paul, NLP Practitioner, Switzerland


I think the club is excellent. The monthly content from Michael and the master class MP3s brilliant and more importantly, practical and useable in all situations. Also, the regular articles from Tom really help to pull it all together and keep it 'real'.

- Mike Holland, Master Practitioner, UK


I just wanted to thank you and Michael for the great stuff you've been giving us in the Platinum Audio Club! Every month there's more fascinating and useful material, and it's building into something very special. I'm just going back over the issues so far for the second time - each time I find more in it!

For example, today working with a new Head teacher coaching client, I took him
through the motivational strategy material from issue 7 (where it's beautifully and clearly laid out, and has that touch of exasperation from Michael that feels like a gentle kick in the pants to get on with it!)
I showed him how and when he was using the strategy naturally, without being aware, and then how he could use it deliberately... and he took it, ran off with it, and instantly applied to another two issues he wanted to work on... Result! A very happy client!

That and Michael's '5% extra everything' rule added a real extra zip to today's
session... Thank you both!

Anne Waldon, Master Practitioner, River Dragon Coaching, UK


The Platinum Audio News Club provides an online apprenticeship for mastering NLP. The monthly issues progress in an incremental fashion, with skills building on skills, creating an integrated skill set...

Michael and Tom present the material in a manner that promotes new learning and often challenges old preconceptions.. it is an excellent product and is backed up with great customer support from the NLP Times team.

Sean Adams, Master Practitioner, UK


Michael... the Platinum Audio News Club connects all of the dots, fills in all of the blanks, and enables real mastery in NLP. I have relearned basically everything since I started training with Michael. Now it all makes sense and creates a coherent whole. I know the principles and I can apply them as needed, instead of having a set of techniques.

Janne, Licensed Trainer,Belgium


We're going into the topics I've longed to learn since I first encountered NLP. I haven't found anything else even close to this quality of information.

Brian, Master Practitioner, Nova Scotia, Canada


I should have dropped you a note some time ago!! Just to thank you for the whole Platinum Audio News Club [PANC]experience; a must have for all those who are really keen to master the art and the skills within the umbrella of NLP – it certainly fills in the blanks and gives an all round perspective with many AH HA moments arriving fast as you listen.

I would recommend NLP TIMES and The Platinum Audio News Club to all who are seriously interested in hearing and learning from the TRUE MASTERS and actioning with elegance and confidence in a conversational manner.

... The Platinum Audio News Club is a must have toolkit for all who are seriously wishing to give NLP the respect it richly deserves in all environments.

David Yeoman, Master Practitioner, Roots Shoots Fruits, UK


I love the Platinum Audio News Club!!! At last a stunningly cohesive and charmingly engaging program that excels at uniting the seemingly disjointed aspects of NLP - the Meta Model, Milton Model, Submodalities, Slight of Mouth, TOTE, Goals etc - into a magnificently accessible unified approach. Before the News Club all this NLP 'stuff' was just overwhelming - tantalising in offering unprecedented potential for changing lives, but nevertheless hugely overwhelming.

Not one News Club edition has been dull, mystified in complicated jargon or obscure in it application. Every edition has been crammed packed with sparklingly clear insights and ways to make quantum leap forward in practical skills acquisition. Tom and Michael have created something amazing. The club has opened up worlds of possibilities for me and I feel that at last I'm firmly on the road to establishing skills that my previous years of NLP training has only alluded to. Tom and Michael, thank you.

Tony Rollings, UK


Improving at NLP requires practice. The great thing about the Platinum Audio News Club (PANC)is that as well as offering great content and support from Michael and Tom, it is designed around practice, practice and more practice.

I found myself looking forward eagerly to each monthly issue as my knowledge and understanding of NLP grew through regular teachings reinforced by frequently demanding sets of practice exercises. As a certified Coach I would highly recommend PANC to anyone who wants to develop their NLP skill set and take their coaching abilities to the next level and beyond

Richard Cullen, UK



MichaelThe Platinum Audio News Club has helped me realise how integrated NLP's approach to language is. Thanks to Michael's mastery of what seem to be different components -- Meta Model, Milton Model, good questioning, etc -- I have a renewed appreciation of the clarity that under pins what too many people make complex. Hint: people only make things complex when they don't understand what they're dealing with. Michael gets it.

Adrian Reynolds, UK,



I've studied NLP for about 8 years. I've done a few trainings and read many, many books on the subject, but wouldn't describe myself as massively skilled in the area. In each newsletter of PANC I have had a eureka moment where the clarity of Michael's delivery has finally integrated a number of things for me.

I think that the training very accurately reflects the marketing messaqes and I'm loving the newsletters. The delivery is just head and shoulders above anything else that I have seen and read out there and you work very diligently to make the experience of being a member into a rich and quality experience.

John O'Neill, Warrington, England


The Platinum Audio News Club is an invaluable and almost limitless resource of information to improve your world. Tom and Michael go above and beyond what I expected.

Jim Conway, USA


We're finally going into the topics I've longed to learn since I first encountered NLP. I haven't found anything else even close to this quality of information.

Brian, Nova Scotia, Canada


You think you know everything about NLP? Nobody could teach you more? Forget it. This is the program where will bring you the first time the full picture what is NLP. With every issue Michael creates this atmosphere like sitting in the living room with a fireplace and he shares all his great insights with you. Step by step he re-creates the understanding on NLP and put it down to the principles.

Tim, Germany


The Platinum Audio News Club has really put me in the driving seat of my life. This will de-mystify NLP once and for all. Once you've decided which way you're going it's like the best road trip you've ever had, with an array of an insights and experiences along the way...

Make sure you buckle up - Michael is one hell of a co-driver!

Matt Lomax, UK


PANC is a very good value if you want to learn Michael's particular spin on NLP which is for the most part geared to business applications and low on the woo woo factor. I haven't come across anyone that offers a superior product. Outside of having an in-person coach I don't think it gets much better than this. The meta modal approach and framing tool alone are worth the price of admission. I used the techniques for the most part on myself and am happy with the results. Was I reborn in a blissful flash of of white light and knew that I was destined to save the world from itself ? Nope, but I was made aware of many things that had remained hidden from me for quite some time and for that I say thanks Michael and thank you Tom.

John Timberlake, USA


When i came into the Platinum Audio News Club with just Practitioner training a year ago, i new such a minor amounts of NLP considering the big picture.

Almost a year later I'm learning at a Masters rate. A three week masters course doesn't make you a master because the paper says so. The paper says your a master, now you have to prove it by immersing yourself into what NLP is really about and really has to offer. Something you can't learn in a 3 week course, it's constant and ever evolvin.

The Platinum Audio News Club provides you with just that evolution. Best decision i've ever made.

Randy Degray , USA


This is the only NLP training program I have found that so effectively integrates all patterns of NLP. Michael Breen is the British Bandler

Alex, USA


NLP Times is one of the deepest NLP stuff on the market and beyond...

Hagai Sofer , Israel



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