NLP Applications

    NLP Applications

    The Opportunities to Apply NLP In Everyday Life Are Nearly Limitless.

    One you get inventive with the tech and learn about it's many applications...

    Two Priests. One Smoker & A Magic Wand.

    A young clergyman joins a seminary to become a priest.

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    You'll never guess who is happier - The Amish v America's Billionaires

    Who do you think is happier, the top 400 richest Americans or a group of Amish?


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    Simple Technique To Become More Successful

    There ain't no success without it.

    A skill held highly by...

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    The Donald - Potent Language & Pseudo Logic

    He's turned things upside down. Yes, this is HUGE.

    OK, it's not as H-U-G-E as in Scientist's discovering gravitational...

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    Get A Grip on Reality, Really!

    I was reading a story on Sky News recently, under their Strange News section about

    "Britons are losing a grip on fact and fiction" where almost 1 in 4 of a recent survey thought Winston Churchill never existed and it got me thinking … How...

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    NLP Applications

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