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One of the key secrets to successful marketing and sales is to educate your clients. Many businesses in our field ‘tell’ their clients what their coaching/seminar/cd is about. They don’t show and educate their potential clients.

Most prospective clients won’t have a clue about what you do – taking the time to educate and show your clients what you can do and how it will help them is one of the most effective marketing strategies you can apply to your NLP/Hypnosis business.

Have a look at the difference below:

“Do you want to become more confident, contact us now for a one hour coaching session.”


“Using the latest cutting edge technologies of Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming, a certified and highly trained practitioner will work one on one with you for a full hour. During this time he will train you on how to use powerful visualisations, show you how you can apply your mind to increase your confidence in any situation and guide you through innovative hypnotic techniques to ensure you maintain and grow in confidence day by day.

Click on this link below to experience a 5 minute hypnotic confidence booster, this will give you an idea of how powerful our system is.

In fact we have used this system on hundreds of people with phenomenal results….. etc etc”

Do you see the difference?

If it was me I would also give away a free report or have a web page where the client can read all about NLP what it is and educate themselves on how and why it works.

In a world where you are competing daily with hundreds of other businesses – education based marketing is one of the most powerful strategies around. It helps build trust in your prospective client. You are giving the client value before they have even contacted you and this will ensure they remember you.

So take some time this week – go back to your marketing material / websites and identify if your telling or showing. And then make the effort to improve your marketing by picking just 2 areas where you can show and educate your prospective clients.

I guarantee you will notice the difference.

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  1. Joel Says:

    Thank you so much for taking some time in order to create “NLP Marketing Tips”.
    Many thanks once again -Kristi

  2. Alonzo Says:

    This is certainly the 2nd post, of yours I actually went through.
    However I love this specific one, Horizontal Blinds “NLP Marketing Tips”
    the most. Thank you ,Dustin

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