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Its been a while since my last post on Marketing Mindsets but this one seemed appropriate given the time of year…

As part of my marketing education I am on a number of marketing newsletters.  I like to study what people send out, the copy they write, how they promote products, their sales letters etc…. 

Its a great way to learn as I am on the lists of some of the best marketers out there  – I can then use my version of modelling  – or as marketers call it  – swiping!

However, that is not the point of this post.  Coming up to Christmas  – nearly every single one of these marketers has given their lists a gift!  Sometimes its a free report, sometimes a huge discount, a free software tool…. the list goes on!  Each time its something of value and something that is useful to the reader.

Which brings me to the marketing secret  – Giving Value!

Giving value to your customers does two things :

(1) It helps build trust and strengthens your relationship with your list.  This is important because if your list doesn’t trust you  – you will find it very hard to sell anything to them  – let alone your own products.  Once they trust you , have a relationship with you and know that you provide value – your life as a marketer becomes a whole lot easier.

And (2)  – here is the marketing secret …….  you want to give them so much FREE value that they think  – if he/she is giving me this much free value what must their products ‘that I pay for’ be like!!!

This is what you want your customers to think!  Its a great position to be in and helps you transition your list of potentials to paying customers much more easily.  This works especially well if your product/course has a high price point!

(Obviously, it goes without saying – you then have to deliver on your actual product that they are paying for.)

I see so many people that only communicate with their lists when they have a new product or a new course to sell.  That just doesn’t work anymore.  We live in an information overload society these days.  

If you only communicate with your customers when you want to sell them something they will categorise you in the same bucket as the thousands of other people selling them stuff.

If however you have spent time and effort building a relationship, giving them valuable information – they remember you!  They will then take the time and effort to read about your course and product and potentially pay to attend!

Make sure you get categorised in the ‘this person is worth listening to’ bucket and not the ‘ here is another thing i want to sell you’ bucket.

So an action for you in the next few weeks is to think of something you can give to your list that is of value TO THEM.   Remember, always think in terms of the client.  While you may find a free report on the intricacies of fuzzy logic and mathematical algorithms fascinating – your customers may hate that.  Give them what they would want NOT what you would want.

So anyway – in the next few weeks  – give them something of value for free as a way of saying thank you for being on your list.   These are the people that support your business and you want to build a relationship with them. 

But don’t let it end there  – keep giving them valuable information on a regular basis and notice the difference it makes to your business.

It will do wonders for your relationship with them and is a great marketing mindset that will serve you well as we continue this series of Marketing blog posts.


2 Responses to “Marketing Secret – Giving Value”

  1. Devin T. Says:

    I love what you had to say. It’s so true. I figured this out before I read up on writing copy. Here’s how: when you offer free food at a committee meeting…EVERYONE shows up.


    You call it added value, but it’s more about getting people motivated. Incentives. Don’t you think?

    ,Devin T.
    VestRite Internet Practices

  2. Vik Says:

    Hi Devin

    I think it depends on what stage of the marketing process you are at. A lot of people use free reports at the beginning stage in exchange for emails for example.

    However what i am proposing is giving value on a continual basis to your list. In this way you build a relationship with them so that when you resommend a product of yours they trust you.
    Its a very different mindset to using incentive on a one off basis.
    But like you mentioned it is a very effective strategy. So depending on your stage of the marketing process it can be viewed as incentive or relationship building.

    Glad you liked the post!

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