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Having the know-how to deliver powerful learning experiences really well requires real skill. Unfortunately almost no trainings teach you how to design and facilitate training experiences. Most trainer trainings focus on stage management, state and basic nesting, yet few show you how to actually take whatever material you have and organise and present it in a way that ensures your participants really get the most from it. And those trainings that do cover training design to some degree typically focus on the 4MAT fixed system of presenting information. Yet if you have ever watched Richard Bandler teach you know Richard doesn’t follow the 4MAT system. Up until now there has been very few good resources to learn how to design great trainings.

But that is about to change for a lucky few.

If you would like to learn how to design and deliver a programme that is not only entertaining and interesting, but also provokes lasting change and profound leanings then the upcoming training programme by Michael Breen will be of great interest to you.

It’s called Training Mastery: Design & Facilitation and is happening Thursday November 18th-20th in London. I recorded a short video with Michael below to have him explain more.

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To find out more and to book, click here.

Michael is going to be covering the best of NLP processes for training design and facilitation – so if you are a public communicator, trainer, or someone who would like to be know the magic NLP training stuff that is not in any books, CD’s etc, then I’d highly recommend you book yourself onto this training course. It will be three days of training magic that will transform the way you approach and deliver your trainings and give you the strategies and tools to create superb learning experiences.

Click here to find out more.

If you have a question on this course or any of the above then you can submit a question here.

[Note: You do not need to be a certified trainer to attend this course, this is an open masterclass to all who are interested in how to do great training design.]

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