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One popular theme has to do with NLP and mind control. In this video I talk about the ideas of NLP, mind control and share several ideas that any parent can learn to help wire up new desired behaviour in your kids.

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6 Responses to ““Can NLP be used to mind control children?””

  1. John Panache Says:


    I use NLP with children to help them to be better at communication.
    Also NLP is used by me to help kids to stand up for them self when there are bullied. Mind controle is some idiocracy created by moneymakers… but a person of authority is able to influence a child with posthypnotic suggestions.
    So can we mind control kids in a negative way yes. When the child acknowledges the person who brings the message as a authority figure they will take that information in.

    Best Regards,

    John Panache

  2. RM Says:

    If anyone needs to mindcontrol anyone, maybe they should look inside themselves first. What is it about yourself that feels you need to control anyone. What is missing? What is lacking in your psyche that requires you to have the desire to control anyone. Most likely a lack of something. Look inside first. if you are comfortable with who you are, then you resonate and attract to you authentic, congruent souls. A much better and ecological way to do life.

  3. theresa Says:

    Hello, I am very intrigued by the way NLP can help others to overcome an obstable or change behaviors.

    I do have a question. My daughter is about to marry a guy who is ADHD. He blames everything negative on the way he was raised as he came from a very dysfunctional home. He lost his mom about 5 years ago and is dealing with all of that besides being a little cognitively slow. He is bright in areas to manipulate people, it is just that he isn’t able to figure things out and think of the consequences of his behaviors.

    He needs to save money for the wedding. He has not done well in this area at all. My husband and I show him that it isn’t always how expensive something is, it is about the need or not the need to buy something. He buys things left and right and doesn’t seem to understand why he can’t save money but blames it on his car needed to be fixed, etc.

    We are gritting our teeth, but we have no guardianship for our daughter. She too is a little cognitively challenged.

    I have studied some NLP but was wondering what your take is on the situation to help this young man become more responsible. He doesn’t clean his messes, he leaves things as they are for the most part instead of putting things away.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


  4. Tom Says:

    Hi Theresa,

    Good question and one that I suspect will resonate for many people. The short answer is… it is his path and he sounds like he has habitual ways of behaving that make his current behaviour totally fine by him. So as much as you may want/wish/hope that he would change, he may not.

    So what can you do:

    First as paradoxical as this may sound – become OK with the idea that he is the way he is. That what you are describing are your problems not his. If you can do that you can release alot of unwanted stress and perhaps create the kind of relationship where you are able to influence him directly. No one likes people busting their chops all the time. That said, sometimes that is exactly what is needed.

    Next, if he doesn’t clean his messes, leaves things as they are, doesn’t save, spends like it is going out of fashion and basically doesn’t take “responsibility” for his stuff… then why should you?, or your husband?
    And if you aren’t why care?

    If you say “because my daughter is about to marry this guy…” then find out how you can accept that your daughter is making her own choices, and although the likely consequences might be hard for you as a parent to swallow, she is the one who will have to live with them and perhaps she is OK with that. Does she see his behaviour the same way?

    Thirdly, regardless of your son in law to be past history, the quick and fast way to create change is change the circumstances and environment that a behaviour occurs. Human being habituate to the familiar. So make the environment/context/trigger unfamiliar and you won’t have the same response occur. Interrupt his pattern anytime you see it is about to occur or create the context where his habitual responses can “run”.

    I can’t promise that any one technique will result in him becoming more responsible, this is a much bigger topic, but what YOU can influence is if you and your husband will be enablers of specific behaviours by him when he is around your house etc.

    Unfortunately if he has been getting an “easy ride” from you etc then what motivation has he to change if everyone else will take care of his problems? This also extends to include your daughter’s “carrying” or not of him. With respect to losing his mom, of course life events like this can and often are big traumas for people. Yet we all lose our parents, loved ones and in fact just about everything we have through this journey of life. No one is spared of this. And so if you are making excuses for him or permitting certain behaviours because he lost his mum sixty months ago, maybe now is a good time to stop it! I don’t know the history about that situation or how it is one of the first things you bring to mind when you share about him now, but you can’t expect a different result if you enable someone to continue to replay the old patterns over and over again – get the same emotional pay offs – especially if it negatively impacting you and others. So the take away lesson is – are you making excuses for him?, or willing to tippe toe around something that happened five years ago. Sure we may never get over the loss of a parent, nor are we required to, but that doesn’t mean that we spend the rest of our years thinking about it and using it as a reason why life sucks or that one can’t do/have what they want.

    So in closing… perhaps it is time to see him as he is, decide how you want to be and get clear on what you will and won’t enable around him. There is a world of opportunity to create a harmonious relationship here, even when there is apparent conflict between how he acts and how you want him to.

  5. Tyler Carnegia Says:

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  6. Tim Baber Says:

    NLP…the early mind control historical connection was never broken by time or death.

    “Somewhere recently in the early morning I found a website on mind control suggesting the whole protest movement was of course hollow here and of course “arranged” abroad, now was it by the CIA or the NSA? I do remember saying in the pub later the system was similar to Monarch Programming..a usual suspect according to local historian Tim Baber’s research on the Alice in Wonderland Theme Park..but this is something new, swaying generations or populations, not just a laboured few..hence the NSA being implicated…(er…o
    n a website in the early hours). Google NSA and “sneeze” for clues as to why you can’t believe even what you think nowadays.
    Johnny English had the right idea, with humour you may remain unswayed?”

    The local Bournemouth Daily Echo published that on their website 13.12.2011
    That was unusual, NLP or even dodgy mind control rarely get sexed up unless you do that yourself. So here goes, a world scoop if I had a photo or proof.

    I claim Mengele was in Bournemouth in context and poked me in the throat in the Newsagents at the Lansdowne opposite the college library where I was researching intensively the very subject I later learnt he was considered the Father of….
    ( Monarch Programming…it is more for civilians) And look out for the more modern versions coming your way….not quite fully cooked in my humble opinion.

    Happy to elaborate my claims…but evidence is all supposition.
    And having attracted this and other attention I at least feel safer than if I was a lone character assassin. Actually Mengele in person chuckling and smiling through those two front teeth seemed happy enough but the deep deep lines on his cheeks suggested he was regularly in pain…either to stay on top in a trauma based system, facing the two spine/bone diseases he had or perhaps he was so proud of the finessing he could combine with an otherwise crude trauma based system.
    Personally I think he was the puppet of a Western intelligence agency. He had been conned into becoming …an ipsimmus….. being a “clear” or “blank amoral mind” achieved in the old ways or who knows. maybe his own system, anyway he had fallen prey to a Government but one ignorant of many inductees before 1973 when Helms destroyed the records so he had at least that use.

    Oh, and a gypsies warning to be careful with whom you associate.


    Tim Baber

    This below is my unfolding or extant corpus of knowledge in the past . The NLP significance is unclear to me (only did a day course and the guy I was doubled up with went home disappointed , he said “he was only interested in the big picture”.
    Well, NLP people should be aware one or other of the two founders ( I have the book, but, hey, why be competitive?) was ex intel , not that that means anything, they get there in the end, anyway, whatever precautions you might employ .


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