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Update All Winners For This Competition Have Now Been Contacted.

Richard Bandler, the co-creator and creative genius behind NLP is coming to London on October 13th and you can be one of a small group of people who get to see him free as he talks about the “The Technology of Success and Happiness”.

Tickets for the 2 and 1/2 hour event are £50.

To be in with a chance to win a free ticket simply leave a comment below describing how using NLP has changed your life or how you personally have used NLP with yourself or others. The more detailed and colourful the better.

I’ll personally be reviewing the replies and will award tickets to the best 17 entries. Competition closes Friday and winners will be notified by email if you’ve won.

Thanks to the great folks at Alternatives for making this possible.

The event is happening on Thursday the 13th of October between 7PM and 9PM in central London. Full details here.

Richard is an incredibly gifted speaker, teacher and master of how to create change.

Enter your comment below now to be in with a chance to win.

34 Responses to “Win a FREE Ticket To See Richard Bandler Live in London, Oct 13th 2011”

  1. Barum Says:

    Apart from the usual elements of understanding people better, having better relationships and being able to feel in control of life the biggest thing is around eating salads!

    I came away from my Prac course with a desire to eat salads (which i had never previously be interested in or liked!) rather than unhealthy foods. 8 years later and I’m still loving salads!

    A very personal one but a massive one for me!!

  2. Ayman Says:

    I want to see Richard Bandler Baaaadly 🙂

  3. Chris Baker Says:

    I was approaching 60, deep in debt, had my own brainchild business stolen from me and lost my house. I had crippling arthritis, psoriasis and high blood-pressure and couldn’t see any point in going on.

    I found the most unassuming, annoyingly relaxed and expensive therapist who changed my life in 50 minutes, which makes him the best deal ever!

    Although many of the conditions above are still with me, I have a highly paid job, am building a new product and business which far exceeds anything I’d dreamed of doing before and believe I will live forever (so far so good!). Not only that I am far happier than I’d ever thought possible!

  4. Trudy Keating Says:

    NLP has changed my life completely. I’ve gone from being a person with no confidence to being able to tackle so many things without hardly any bother whatsoever.
    I live in France and over the past 18months I’ve worked in 16 schools and I’ve got raving reviews from every school.
    My passion in life has always been singing. I’ve gone from not being able to sing in front of anyone to going to Cardiff and auditioning for the xfactor in April this year. I didn’t win but I didn’t feel disheartened I took it as feedback and I am booked for private singing lessons in Toulouse in September with a singing specialist to improve on my vocals. I could go on and on on how much I’ve changed for the better and I love the new me. I wish I had learnt about NLP earlier in my life because I know I could’ve been enjoying life so much better for all those years. Lacking in confidence was a big hinderance in my life and for so long I wanted help but until NLP anything I tried didn’t work at all.
    Also, I don’t worry about anything anymore and am always so surprised how things just work themselves out by themselves.
    I’ve started to tell so many people about NLP and I’m always explaining how I’ve changed and much better I feel on a daily basis. I’ve given my books to friends to read and really go on at them to give it a try.

  5. Pat Says:

    NLP has made such a difference in my life, with family, friends and in working with Crisis intervention.
    The people I worked with will be the best to tell you what it has meant to them! I just got all the residuals!!!!!!!!


  6. Catherine Cunning Says:


    I use NLP in a very practical and measurable way in my work to model success in business, sport and in the music industry to motivate individuals to raise the bar and achieve what they may have previously thought was outside their reach, continually mearusing and evealuating performance to raise the profile of the value of NLP in business.I produce and record Psychology of Success Programmes for business directors, elite sports people and musicians to make it more interesting, using the power of music to change states and install positive message in the sub conscious through the use of hypnotic voiceover to future pace the desirable outcomes for a twelve month period.

    In the last couple of years I have enabled a company director to become Director of the Year and improved profitability in another business by 37% in a twelve month period.

    I have a passion for personal development and challenge myself to share how I use NLP to overcome my own personal challenges in life, in my work with other people.

    Best wishes


  7. mark Peters Says:

    Nlp made me quit my job! I both blame and ultimately thank NLP for helping me wake up and run my life.

  8. Mark Gosbee Says:

    Before I discovered the transformative power of NLP, I was an unhappy admixture of half-ferrari/half-pit-pony – high-performance potential and hard-working but ultimately half-blind to the opportunities that seemed to land at other people’s feet. I boasted a first class honours degree from a good university and held down a good, if uninspiring, job and yet I felt there was something missing from my life. I couldn’t put my finger on it; deep down a life of quiet despair. This wasn’t the life I wanted to live.

    I attended a weekend personal transformation course in NLP and after wrestling with demons over that weekend, emerged with that missing ingredient from my life: passion.

    Yes, it’s true; looking back (and hindsight is a great teacher, if not without a sense of irony) I had been sleepwalking through my adult life. My sense of direction was simply that, without a sense of purpose. My brief flirtation with NLP had dealt with so much excess garbage that had been emotionally weighing me down that I felt lighter; when things did not go as I had expected, they became learnings for the future and not the failures that stopped me from uncovering my passion.

    That weekend spawned an incredible transformation; having studied four degrees, I felt I had ‘done’ studying for good. Not anymore. Academic book-learning gave way to a new, vibrant, experiential learning and I began investing my time into developing myself, without relying on companies to make me beg for training to make me better at doing the job they hired me for.

    NLP gave me a taste of mastery of my destiny; as captain of my own ship once more, I would like the opportunity to attend and thank Richard Bandler in person for donating the benefits of his researches, so that people like me might live the life they meant to lead.

  9. Sheila Day Says:

    This is a short and sweet story of how I used NLP to change someone’s life. Many things that stuck in the forefront of my mind,when I did the Master Practitioner training in 2007 at Earl’s court.

    One was, Richard was saying how he visited a centre for asthma and “even the staff were wheezing”. I was interested afterwards to hear that Jeremy Beadle had died of Leukemia after spending years of fund raising for the charity.

    I have a freind who has been married to a bully for 30 years. He appears to have devoted his life to putting her down and making her feel insecure. (poor george he was desperate for her not leave him). She was particularly embarrassed about what she described of as her “rugby player legs” She always wore clothes that covered them and whenever her husband said publicly (which was ofetn) “I’ve got better legs than you” (of course he didn’t) she would reply “I know you have”. How ridiculous is that? He’s a man!
    Anyway I did work with her on self image and self esteem and she could see that “big legs” did not equate to “bad legs” or unattractive legs” Her legs have run a marathon with her 3 times in the last 10 years!
    She has now left her husband and her skirts are getting shorter all the time. Bizarrely her legs are now noticably slimmer-I have noticed it and she has too but thought she was imagining it! I wish I had photographic evidence of this and I swear it is true. I mailed this story to John La Valle and I loved his response “She should have kicked him with those legs!”.
    I love NLP!

    Sheila Day

  10. Marlene Says:

    I don’t have much experience with NLP so far.
    A while ago I found an article about what was called “Swish-technique”.
    Ok, I tried it and a few minutes later I had gotten rid of my life long dog phobia. That’s amazing.
    I definitely will go on with learning this incredible NLP. And of course would be happy to win a card and come to this event. 😉

  11. Paul Says:

    Wake up and start living… NLP, the alarm clock for starting to live your life.

  12. Cormac Says:

    i went away from my prac and took the tools to download the learning strategies from top achieving students. I taught these strategies to under performing students, students who were failing badly and got dramatic results, not only in their results, but in their confidence, motivation and self esteem. i had one student go from 7% to 70% in less than a week!

    I put this research adn results together in my university thesis and got that published by the Innovation Taskforce Dept of an Taoiseach (along side microsoft studies, cambridge university and other large academics and corporates)

    I then used my contacts and network from the nlp community to put on a large event for exam year students, helping them with all the major aspects of their exams, from sleeping patterns, to exercise, to time management and motivation. I got to share the stage with a presidential candidate, an international health and fitness author and a master trainer of nlp.

    I also used my skills in communication to persuade one of the largest irish banks to sponsor the event (this is during the worst financial recession ireland has ever seen and when the mantra was that banks were not handing out anything) i used nlp to realise that people beliefs may not be true and to just go for it.

    I then took that same learning strategy and have spent the last 6 months building an interactive iphone app so that students around the world can finally be shown how to learn effectively for exams.

    I was also approached by soneone i met on my prac course to work with her program helping neglected teens in foster care develop social skills and communcation skills. It’s one of the most successful programs for foster children in the world, and the program director, knowing the benefits of NLP asked me to join the clincal team and work intensively with teens with severve behavioral problems, alongside behavioural psychologists, social workers and psychotherapists.

    NLP helped me personally complete a marathon and is the basis of the company i run HEADCASE, which is about helping young ambitious people stand out from the crowd, get noticed and make an impact.

    So, thats how nlp has impacted those in my life, personally and professionally.

  13. Sorin Says:

    I am from Romania and since I met Richard through his videos my life changed completely. I am on my way for being a certified trainer and I dream to meet Richard since 3 years now! Well, also meeting you, the team from NLP Times can be also a grea pleasure to me…

  14. NLP Dancer Says:

    It’s always nice to see Bandler show how simple it is to be happy.

  15. Stefan Sebastian Says:

    Dear friends,

    I started learning NLP since I was born but in HighSchool I found out what and how I was doing it and that somebody named it NLP. :)) actually … then I found out how to be more and more structured and precise in the patterns I use. That information completely changed my life. It became part of me. I can’t not know NLP, or not apply it naturaly in any aspect of my life.

    I can remember now how one day in the HighSchool period I just went on torrents and saw “Persuasion Engineering” by Richard Bandler and John La Valle and said 2myself “hmmm this sound very interesting” Download.

    Shortly I made a collection of 40gb of material and each day 5h/day, home, school, on the road…just listening, learning and practicing. Every conversation I had became great opportunity to learn, to practice. My life questions just received answers, my greatest fears became my best playground… more and more clarity, self stability, self trust !! It was like somebody said – “yeah man you are right of your “not apropiate behavior” – trust you inner self – trust life is supposed to be happy and free – trust you are free to create all the bliss you can imagine – don’t do things to please others just do what you feel even if others fight you badly to stay exactly as they are and try to drag you down to not even think of change”

    I can’t say I helped a few people cause firstly I helped my self – I know I have at least one client for the rest of my life – ME.
    Changing myself, the patterns, my vibration I naturaly will be the change for others…so for me NLP is a state of being. I am helpful to anyone I meet because of how I became.

    In 2008 as I worked for a bank, my colleague made a bank credit to buy a car and in that moment I said “wow I didn’t think of that…woow….I can lend money and go to Richard Bandler” – and so I did :)) in Edinburgh @ NHR 2008. Amazing !! Blissful !!
    2008 to 2009 I worked as a Helpdesk Officer and with other 2 guys we responded for all IT issues in the whole country. Boy let me tell you this guys were scared, some pissed off, some had no more life purpose… so first of all I had a loooot of opportunities to apply and practice daily the skills NLP offerd. In a few month I received calls from people to “just say hello because they just love to talk with me….they everytime feel great after talking to me.” By the way the IT service was really bad before me & other 2 got hired because old guys were always thinking “these people are so idiot they can’t use a PC…oh look another asshole calling – what do you want?!”
    But…I had one of the best time of my life there since after work I felt so much joy, love and connection with all there is, so much vitality that I could have worked 20h and don’t get tired 🙂
    Thanks to Richard Bandler and all that followed strongly to rise the level of consciousness. I know he meet a lot of resistance when he started this totaly new way of relating to what seemed ‘big hard issues’.

    Thank you TOM for this great place full of NLP resources that you’ve put together so professionaly!!

  16. Reza Baharmast Says:

    Thanks for the generous offer. Shows that you really care.
    experiences with Richard are never the same.
    Always teaching, always pushing the limits.

  17. José David Cruz Says:


    Practicar la PNL y haber tomado mi certificación como Practitioner en PNL avalada por Richard Bandler me han llevado verdaderamente a otra dimensión y mas allá, he logrado generar cambios no solo en mi forma de vivir sino generando cambios en personas a quienes han estado cerca de mi y han logrado cambios fundamentales en su plenitud, creencias y nuevos estilos de vida. Abandonar el habito de fumar sin esfuerzos y para siempre es uno de los logros mas espectaculares obtenidos a traves del uso de la PNL.
    Tambien tengo una nueva vida, vivo en el lugar que deseo y alcancé el trabajo que siempre quise alcanzar en mi profesión, aun despues de mis 55 años.

    Sería increíble poder asistir al evento de Richard Bandler !!

  18. Harry Bishop Says:

    Hi there the reason I got into NLP was not because of me it was actually because I friend of mine committed suicide. I was studying counselling skills at the time at Aberdeen University which I felt didn’t really help people it just kept them stuck. I was so upset at her death to me it was such a waste as she left a two year old child behind Elif that was so so hard to come to terms with & I was constantly having to try & keep her on an even keel.
    Her partner was a GP who was also a registered psychotherapist who was playing with her head. He was struck off it was in all the national papers, party because of his relationship of impropriety & the embarrassment to the BMC.
    I had been to see Richard previously when he did an evening with Richard Bandler & Robert Anton Wilson-Smith & was impressed by them.
    A couple of weeks after Urlkus death I woke up in the middle of the night 3am to be exact. I phoned the bank & asked them for a loan they gave mebthe loan. As I was skint at the time I hitched hiked from Aberdeen to London which is about 540 miles.
    I had a great week with Richard Paul & Michael met some great people, it was an amazing experience which changed my world forever.
    Ten years later I’m still doing NLP working in three different areas Business Sport & Therapy.
    The reason I did all this was to put some goodness back into the world so her life wasn’t in vain…. We still miss you……. :-(((

  19. Lucas Says:

    I am just starting to learn about NLP and know that my life has made a turn for the better. This will be a very valuable experience in my climb to the top!

  20. Lozza Says:

    I attended an NLP Course 5 years ago which changed me in many ways and allowed me to cut out the negatives holding me back and re-inforce the positives that would propel me forward with purpose. I saw some incredible transformations during that training and witnessed some unique life changing moments.Dr Bandler held a presence that I have never experienced with any other trainer/speaker and I would feel honoured to be able to hear him again in such an intimate event 🙂

  21. Teodora Says:

    It made me better person, gane me some really good friends, helped me out of troubble, walked me over pain. Revealed me more consciousness, and made me ask fore wisdome. It stretched my understanding and listening levels really high.

    And we just started our walk together..

  22. daniela anisei Says:

    It gave me more control over myself and my relationship with others, as well as beeing able to have not just a simple conversation with my friends, but also give them some sort of advice, focus on the conversation and see beyond words, listen to what others have to say more carefuly. I have been recently through a tough time in life, and NLP gave me a new perspective and I am still discovering new ways of understanding people and myself. I personaly think NLP is a great tool and it can become a way of life, in finding out our limits, remove them from our inner self, and do whatever we want to do in life, live the dreams, not just dream them.

  23. Essie Rewane Says:

    I attended a six week NLP course spread over 6 hours exactly two years ago. I already knew the basics of NLP, but this was mind blowing and fulfilling. I was able to achieve a lot more than i expected in terms of results, money,confidence etc with the network marketing company i joined at the time.

    I also learnt how to figure out the sensory modalities people exhibited and this made it easier generally in work and life. I began to realise that i felt more relaxed in difficult situations and once i built a rapport with people, i found myself sometimes knowing what they wanted to say.

    I would really love to be at the event.

  24. Nine Says:

    Have you ever felt that someone should get a free ticket?

    I’m kidding.

    I personally believe that “seeing is believing” is one of the biggest lies ever told in our society. It’s actually the opposite isn’t it? Believing is seeing. Our beliefs shape who we are as people and the world we live in; and NLP has changed my beliefs. The way I see myself, people, and world is completely different now. I suppose this means I don’t technically qualify, since instructions said to describe how using NLP has changed your life, whereas I’ve been more so living an NLP lifestyle. What was once a tool is becoming just a way of living now and it’s amazing. I think looking at the number of comments on this post compared to the others shows how thrilling something like this would be for anyone, but I’m 21, and I’ve already been exposed to NLP, regardless of results, I’m pretty happy.

    I am waiting on some new youtube videos though.

  25. Bruce Says:

    The first experience I had with NLP, I had no idea that it was NLP, but frankly I didn’t care. I was on the side of a Canadian mountain, my tibia was broken and sticking out through my leg, and I was in a giant vibrating ball of pain. Pain was everywhere around me like snow in a blizzard, and any search for a way out looked helpless. The first person to by side sat at my head and simply spoke to me while qualified help was on the way. I have no idea what he said, but I clearly remember the image, of sitting in an American diner, I was at one table, and my vibrating ball of pain was sitting at another table, at the other end of the diner. Later that week, after the Morphine had worn off, I wondered what the hell he said to me, and moreover, what was it that I did inside my head to control that pain. Because while I held onto that reality, I could lie completely calm and quiet in the snow. And even when they had to yank my leg down to get the bone back inside so I could be put in a stretcher, I was disconnected from my pain. I didn’t own it.

    I set about discovering what he ‘did’ to me and found out it was based in NLP. That experience showed me in quite a dramatic way that our reality is a lot looser than I thought, and isn’t at all connected to anything that could be considered ‘real’. I wondered, if NLP could do that, what else could NLP do. Well, that was not a good thing to wonder if I didn’t want to go down a huge highway of self-discovery and be inundated with all the demystifying of the magic of what we do underneath our perception, or if I didn’t want to learn how responsible I was for what happens in my life and the meaning I take from it. I always thought that something happened and I decided whether that was a good thing or a bad thing. Without NLP I would have never guessed that my involvement with that thing began a long way before that.

    My life is now based around NLP. I see clients one on one and help them realise that overcoming their problems are but one reality away, and if you’re going to choose a reality, why not make it a good one! I work with children in the hope that they might learn what I learnt on that mountain but not have to wonder half their life to learn it. And I am beginning to teach what I know now to, to turn as many frogs into as many princes as I can.

  26. Naomi Says:

    I’m on a mission and it is this…
    To introduce to people the incredibly valuable and worthwhile principles of neuro Linguistic Programming.
    As a practicing mental health nurse in the NHS it is a field of study that is grossly under recognised (at a guess because it suggests that change is always possible and can be done without the aid of doctors and major pharmaceutical companies) however the tips and techniques and the approaches I have been implementing in my one to one work are proving to be effective.
    There are so many aspects of it that I also use personally and from the beginning of my nursing career, always stated that I would not reccommend something if I could not see how it may be applied to me…I am as my clients are human after all.
    I had discovered NLP many many years ago when going through my own difficulties but did not know this was what I was looking at, when the timing was right i rediscovered it again, have trained as a pratitioner in the art and science of NLP and am moving to towards furthering this skill base.
    This is truely a great approach.

  27. J Cameron Says:

    I met Dr Bandler in Orlando in 2008 at Design Human Engineering. Unfortunately I was not able to utter more than a basic ‘Richard Bandler’ when he came over to say hello. What a dumb thing to say! But truth is I was in awe of the guy back then and I’m not sure I had any better words to say at that time in those circumstances. Needless to say the conversation was brief, and with many people there yet to meet, Richard said hello, delivered a brief anecdote and moved to the next group. But that week in Orlando was to this day one of the best weeks of my life. I don’t think I ever laughed so much, relaxed so much, and enjoyed learning anything ever so much as I did that week there. Met some fantastic people, and learned some powerful techniques for turning imagined goals into realities. Indeed that was some part of the purpose of my visit on that occasion. Can DHE and NLP really offer tools for success? I decided to test this question by accepting its positive conclusion and trusting the entire process of the training that was being delivered there. Before I left Orlando I had resolved to give myself a seemingly impossible challenge to test this technology, since if I could use this framework for (‘impossible’) success outwith the activities of the training, I could truly trust that it would work for anything. I was not disappointed!! Next to the hotel where the seminar took place was an IHOP diner. I ate there most evenings as I reflected on the days work. In that diner there were solitare puzzles on the tables, which I enjoyed playing and couldn’t for the life of me complete. According to the puzzle I think it said that if you could leave one peg on the board this meant you were highly intelligent, and if you could leave 10 pegs, you were a genius. Ok, it was a bit of fun. This seemed to me like a good candidate for an ‘impossible’ success that I could test the tools I’d been taught to incorporate into my day-to-day awareness. The night before I left, I decided to programme various states and modal operators into my imaginary control panel, determined to test whether the good time I’d had learning had really been worth it. I lined up the various modalities and sat there playing the puzzle over and over, each time I ‘failed’ I refocused my intent toward succeeding, testing out various states which kept me motivated and creative while directing my consciousness toward obtaining the more modest goal of leaving one peg on the board (‘highly intelligent’!). I had ordered steak and chips (about the healthiest meal on I-drive – with a salad on the side!), and continued to play, until all of a sudden a pattern emerged and bang, I could solve it every time. ‘Highly Intelligent’!!!??! wow! I was most impressed with myself, and at that moment I had a rush of absolute conviction that what I had learned was utterly remarkable and causally effective. What an incredible moment. I went on the next day, in the morning before my flight home, to leave 10 pegs on the board, and from there I returned home assured I could do anything. Since then I have found love (a girlfriend I almost could not have imagined would be better suited to me), written a PhD, increased my income, overcome some negative elements in my life, become happier. There was even one occasion where I had got on a 2 hour train journey only to realise that I’d left the tickets in my dad’s car. I had no further cash on me and so decided to see if my 5yo son and I could become invisible for the next two hours to save having to buy another ticket or go through laborious explanation and negotiation with the conductor. The conductor walked by our table on the journey back at least three times, never once asking for a ticket! while checking those of others on his way. We got to our destination inevitably without any fuss. It is interesting at least that this occured. Nevertheless, I am certain now that to focus your mind in certain directions for certain purposes with all internal senses focused in the directions of success gives you as an individual all the best possibility of arriving at the ends you pursue. So, to that end, I say a very kind thank you to Dr Bandler above and beyond any awe i have for him and for which he is truly merited. I would be delighted to spend any time in his company, and I wish all the very best to those who are lucky enough to do so, that they find what it is they need to find to make a difference.

  28. Tommy Says:

    I have learned that I am 100% in control of my inside world and only I can manage how things effect me.

  29. Vojko Says:


    I’m in Ninestar KI astrology. Having some seminars at my friend, she offered me NLP seminar for ‘pay back’. I remember my first year. Firstly I did not believe any of it, later my ego told me, that this is manipulation. I was intrigued enough that I have entered second year of NLP and this was the time Richard came in my life. Superb. Now I’m changing my life toward my goals consciously. I’m 53 and I’m younger than at 23. NLP is great tool. The best is, that now I’m able to recognize other tools from round a world and use them for helping people and myself.

    Thank you Richard.

    Vojko J. Kalan,

  30. Johnson Says:

    Application of NLP changed me in my communiction,Confidence, Counselling skills.
    I use the skill in my therapies, Training sessions and Mentoring.
    More result oriented tool.


  31. Julie Says:

    NLP changed my life and allowed me to show others how to create their own changes too.
    I had a debilitating health condition during my training and I left without any pain or discomfort in my body. I could never remember feeling this relaxed and in control of my life ever. I sat on a bench on the way home and cried and cried tears of happiness and joy. Years of being in pain and discomfort and restricted had just disappeared. I cried for all the years I had lost to the condition and cried because no doctor had ever told me there was a way to get better.
    I decided that I would share this knowledge with as many people as I could and share the idea that your mind controls your body and health.
    Once you consciously experience a change in your body that has been created by your mind then you know that it’s possible and the opportunites become endless.
    My most amazing result came today. I am working with my first client with fertility who was unable to conceive as she had tests that showed she was post menopausal. Over several weeks she managed to release her fears of having a baby and her body started to ovulate again. Today she has told me she is 8 weeks pregnant !! Wow. I feel truly blessed to have witnessed this change.
    I imagined I would help people with NLP and my confidence grew as changes took place with others but todays news does seem pretty amazing. I trusted it would work and my client imagined it happening. Simple really 😉

    I would love to win the ticket to see Richard Bandler . I know my skills I have are the tip of the iceberg and I would like to have the chance to watch this mans amazing energy at work.

    And as I imagine receiving your e mail announcing that I have won the ticket I feel ………….. :)))

  32. Kelvin Says:

    I was lost and looking for meaning in my life when I Stumbled Upon Nlp I had no money,no job ,poor health and my relationships were non existent.. NLP gave me confidence to be my true authentic self,to communicate effectively with others to build relationships and help inspire other people. It showed me that my past did not equal my future and that I was somebody with immense power,love and dreams that I could achieve. Change personal History changed my life by freeing me of the pain and guilt i faced when a close relative died. I was free…Its helped me loose over 2 stone,inspire others,and brought me inner peace through techniques such as anchoring,language patterns and patter interrupts. I also broke through fears by doing a glass walk and fire walk all of which have served me well in terms of the power I possess and others as well.

  33. Arthur Says:

    NLP has changed my life in the way that now I am able to program my brain, the first thing that had an impact on me was anchoring. now I am able to change the the situation so that for example anger cannot affect my performance at work. I directly switch my brain to the memory of good times and with that I remember my mission at work and avoid regret. another thing is conditioning a new pattern. conditioning has helped me in pushing my limit. this has started when I saw the phrase telling me to link new behavior to pleasure and old behavior to pain. this has been the trigger to change for me and now I have started new businesses and when I work I don’t get tired easily because now I know that every time I increase my energy slowly, then what was difficult becomes easy with time.
    another thing that touched me was this saying ” a mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to it’s original dimensions “. with the lesson I had here, I know now that I have to try thinking everyday in a proper manner.

  34. Maria Says:

    There was a time in my life that I used to wake up everyday with hatred towards myself and everything around me. It was as If the world owed me something, but at the same time, I was not worth enough of the good things that life had to offer to me, I felt utterly depressed and couldn’t care less about my studies. At univerity, in a psychology class, we saw different mood disorders and since then I was classified as ‘dysthymic’ by my classmates. I also have a hearing degenerative condition, which also reinforced this feelings. Or that I used to think. Invited by a friend’s friend, I started the NLP practitioner course in Mexico city, and travelled each saturday 10 hours (5 to go and 5 back) each saturday for 8 months. The first day of class before going I was thinking ‘I must have been crazy to do this!’ but after the session I was thrilled an excited,as I haven’t been for a while! Learning about the way one processes the world and gaining tools for a better understanding of it was really interesting and useful to me as all the excercises we practiced on others and on ourselves. One day I was driving with my mom back from Uni and she said: “You are smiling!!! Did anything good happened?” I replied that it was as normal and boring day as usual, but I was indeed feeling happier. I started being more cheerful, accepting myself (including my hearing sickness) and also healing some events from the past. I wrote my tesis on the effects of NLP on teaching and learning and I finished the NLP course almost at the same time as my BA, feeling satisfied with myself, my life and thankful for the people who were in in it, and thankful, of course with NLP.

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