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Note from Tom: This is a special guest post brought to you by Don MacNaughton. Don is an expert in how to create high performance in yourself. A practitioner of NLP, Don has worked with Olympic athletes across numerous sports, international teams and executives in billion dollar businesses.

In this post Don talks about the laws of performance and how to discover the high performance champion within you. Be sure to check out the book resource he recommends a the end, if you’d like to learn more about the laws of high performance.


The relatively modern science of sports psychology only became recognised as a science in the 1920s but its origins also date back much further in history to the healthy mind, healthy body philosophies of the ancient Greek and Chinese civilisations. Mental skills training is recognised today as playing a key role in helping competitive athletes to achieve their full potential in sport and the techniques used to enhance sporting performance are now also used to equally great effect in other areas of life.

The Laws of Performance are the result of my findings after many years of experience working with not only elite athletes but also sportspeople and businesspeople from all walks of life and at every stage in their careers. The Laws are the guiding principles that I have found to be effective in helping those I work with to perform to their ability and create their own success in life by reconnecting with what inspires them and motivates them to keep moving forwards, onwards, and upwards as they turn their goals into their realities.

Much of what we learn through an understanding of the guiding principles is are sometimes simple principles but not always easy to execute in todays high pressure, fast paced world! We all inherit or develop certain beliefs about ourselves as we go through life. We all think we know who we are and what we’re capable of but do we really know?

Many of our long-held beliefs are sometimes not actually based on anything real at all, they are merely our perception of what we believe to be real and yet we allow those beliefs to rule our thoughts and influence our actions. We all already posses a built-in guiding voice of intuition but the majority of us have simply lost the ability to tune in to that voice or to believe in what it tells us. By gaining an understanding of the Laws of Performance, you gain an opportunity to play the game of life at the highest level. When you connect with the things that you feel most passionate about in life, you tap into your own inspirational energy source; a powerful and motivational source of energy that drives you towards realising your full potential in whatever you choose to do.

The Champion Within

In sport, its now widely recognised that champions become champions from within and the key to realising a top performance is to develop mental skill alongside physical skill. Getting to the top of your game takes undeniable physical skill and ability but staying at the top requires an equal degree of mental skill. Tennis champ Andre Agassi is a great example of an athlete who had the physical skills to outplay most opponents but early in his career he lost the matches that really mattered. It was not until he developed his mental skills to match his physical skills that he was able to get back into his game and to realise his full potential. The connection between ancient world wisdom and modern world sports performance is therefore the phenomenal power of the mind. Finding your success in sport and in life is all about finding your passion. Successful people do what they love and love what they do.

To succeedYou need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you – Tony Dorsett

Top performers are inspired performers, they are all passionate about what they do. So what inspires you? Each and every one of us has within us our own source of inspiration as we are all inspired by the things we feel passionate about. To find your inspiration, you need to connect or re-connect with your passion.

Champions become champions from within: champions know who they are and they know who they want to be. They use the inspired energy of their passion to keep practicing the physical and mental skills they need to realise their ambitions and become the best they can be.

Believe in the Champion Within

We are all who we believe ourselves to be and our circumstances are simply a reflection of who we believe we are. To become a champion, you must believe that there is a champion within you. Success is a journey and not a destination so getting to the top of your game is as much to do with wanting to play as it is to do with wanting to win. Getting to the top is going to take dedicated effort and its always going to be easier to do something you want to do and love to do rather than something you have to do or should do. Many champions in sport use the words driven or compelled to describe their feelings and their attitude towards succeeding in sport and they almost always refer to the fact that the buzz they first felt through taking part in their sport has never left them. Thats the key to success right there: win or lose, the motivation to keep playing remains the same. When you believe in the champion within, you are able to maintain your positive belief in yourself and your abilities even when the going gets tough or when things are not going your way. Its not winning every game that makes you a success, its learning from your losses and taking the positive lessons forwards with you.

If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning – Mahatma Ghandi


To find out more about Don and check out his new book click on the links below:

New book: The 12 Laws of Performance with added Launch bonus is available 1st August

Or go to for Don’s Blog or for information on High Performance Coaching.

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