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Will Durant once said: “Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.”

I really like that definition. It sums up that education is an ongoing process, that the smart student is always realising there is more to learn, more to be discovered…

Like how to apply NLP in a business without all the NLP jargon, which is something many NLPers seem unable to do. Not because they didn’t have lots of NLP training, but rather because the manner in which the learnt the technology.

You see it’s no secret that human beings love instant gratification and step-by-step procedures to follow. It makes it much easier not to have to think. (And not thinking isn’t necessarily a bad thing).

However not thinking does come at a cost… not knowing how the technology really works.

So many students:

  • Don’t know how to use NLP easily in the business environments.
  • Don’t know how the TOTE model, sub-modalities, strategies, the Meta Model etc all link up to create one coherent model.
  • Don’t know how to create change or persuade a client, boss or vendor conversationally.

And that kinds of sucks.

(Think about it, if you spent a lot of money on traditional NLP trainings wouldn’t it be nice to be able to use it in the environment you spend at least 8 hours a day in. I know I would.)

So the question then becomes…

Is it possible to use NLP in business without all the jargon?


Is it possible to learn how to do much of this without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars/pounds/Euros?


It all starts with just a few changes…

  • A few changes in the thinking heuristic you use…
  • A few changes in how you go about formulating your goals…
  • A few changes in how you act in business contexts

And that’s what our new course an Introduction to Using NLP in Business is all about.

You don’t need to restart your training. You can build on the skills you already have and go much, much further.

And if you are entirely new to NLP this course will be a HUGE benefit to you.

To find out more… click the image below – we are currently offering 50% off for a 1 week period.


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