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We’re about to enter 2012 and say goodbye forever to 2011. So I wanted to share some ideas and powerful questions to consider in order to make 2012 better and more successful than all the others.

Tony Robbins famously says “Success leaves clues” and it does, but you need to know how to look for them. This is one way.

A lot of time we all get so busy that we forget to spot the clues and track when something we are doing is working and so should do more of it, or when it’s clearly not and so it is time to pivot and do something else.

The following questions are designed to help you close out strong on 2011 and set yourself up for a great 2012.

The entire process is built on one of the most overlooked but key areas of getting good with anything – frequent self reflection. When you use a solid reflective process on yourself daily as something which you then use as input to modify your behaviour you can’t help but become better.

11 Questions To Change Your Life:

OK – so the first question is:

What went really well in 2011?

What did you accomplish, experience and achieve that was significant to you both personally and professionally.

Write each one down and take a moment to re-experience each and every one. What are you seeing, hearing and feeling as you notice that now?

And you can let those good feelings sink in and celebrate in your mind what a cool, fun, brilliant achievement you made happen or experienced.

Take a bow, because that result you achieved was awesome.


What didn’t go well in 2011? What were your biggest disappointments, frustrations or failures?

List them out.

Notice that regardless of how big or small there were, you are still here and even though it was a result that you didn’t want, you are going to benefit from it.

So ask yourself:

What did I learn from that experience?

Again go through each disappointment or perceived failure of 2011 and write out what you learnt from that so you benefit from it.

And remember the objective here is to identify a lesson you can use to take you forward in to 2012, not to use the stuff to make yourself feel bad.

In NLP, a core presupposition we hold is that people make the best choices they can given their map/model of the world. Which means that even if that situation/result sucked and was completely other than what you wanted, your thinking about the situation then, led to your choices being the right thing for you to do at that time.

So rather than feel bad instead become curious about where your map/model of the world is out of sync with the reality of that situation. And update your model of the world!

When you get into the habit of tracking and externalizing your thought process, you will very quickly identify mis-takes that can be corrected and errors avoided and so be way more successful in any area of life.

OK so you’ve got your big wins and big lessons from 2011, now ask yourself:

What do I need to do differently in each important area of my life in order to get more of what I want?

We are all creatures driven by habit. We all have areas where we are blind to certain habits (good and bad) that are affecting the results we experience.

So take a moment to think through each key area, goal that was important in 2011, review the lessons you’ve learned and then answer:

  • What do you need to do more of?

  • What do you need to do differently?

  • What should you stop doing altogether?

Write your answers down and take time to properly reflect on each one.

Then setup conditions as you start 2011, so those desired behaviours show up in your life. And you’ll be off to a great start.

And if you have a list of goals that you didn’t do anything on in 2011 then decide if they are really for you or if they are just old thoughts that you can get rid of. You are not required to pursue or achieve every goal you ever thought of.

Use this time to write out all the things you are not going to be doing in 2012. Think of it as your “stopped doing list”. It will clear up a lot of mental energy and kept you focused most on what you want.

Lastly think about what are the top 3 results you want to create in the year ahead. Write them down. Then ask yourself:

What’s my most important result I’m committed to in 2012?


How will my life be better, different when you have achieved this goal/result?

The secret here is to fall in love with the end result and make it so juicily compelling for you that you are unreservedly compelled to take action. The thought of it just calls out from you the desire to move yourself to action.

A lot of the time in personal development people say you need to have huge pictures or tons of adrenaline going in order to get motivated to act, but that’s not so. You want to evoke the state of action not feel like you have to force yourself to get motivated. Make sense?

For example, have you ever had an idea you fell in love with?

Like lately perhaps you can think over Xmas if there was that one special gift you REALLY wanted to buy, you know the one, that special thing you couldn’t wait to get your hands on, and just the thought of it send your heartbeat racing and you couldn’t help yourself from thinking about how wonderful it would be to have and frequently found yourself daydreaming all the ways it would benefit your life and how useful or whatever it would be when you had that special something?

Everybody has got something like that, for guys it might be technology or toys for girls it’s often designer bags, fashion or that really beautiful (and expensive!) piece of jewellery. Whatever – the thing is if you have this kind of compelling response where it leads you to take action your brain-body already has an effective strategy onboard in order to motivate yourself to take action… effortlessly.

And that’s what you want – to have this number 1 goal/result you are committed to achieve in 2012 be like a big drooling movie that you have GOT TO take action on and when you do you feel great and the more action you take the closer it becomes…

As an NLPer I suggest you use the sub-modality contrast pattern and anchoring to identify and track the clues that made it so compelling and juicy for you and link it to the goal you want to pursue.

There’s a lot more that could be said on this but that will give you some ideas for now.

So go write out what you are most compelled to achieve in 2012 and go through the process I outlined.


What is the narrative and perceived limitations you are going to have to give up?

Achieving the things we want can often be easier than we think but people often get trapped inside their story about why they can’t have it or don’t have all the resources they need. Some crappy internal dialogue rears it’s head and instead of saying what that hell and shut up, we listen to it like it was the great Oracle from the sky, that’s always right… when it is NOT.

Identify what has been your story or perceived limitation in 2011 and decide to give it up. Even if it is a legitimate significant obstacle you’ve got to overcome; shift your thinking to overcoming it by some other way rather than giving more energy to the thing you don’t want.

In closing…

The thoughts you hold affect your actions – if you’ve got a bunch of limiting thoughts (also known as limiting beliefs) that cause you to play small or go for less than what you want, then take a moment to jettison that thinking.

There are lots of ways to do this, but one of the most useful is simply challenge ever statement that you hear that negative internal voice make. Become the ultimate skeptic of your critical inner self in areas where you are holding yourself back.

Eventually when you take this approach on a limiting belief it will metaphorically crack and can’t stay true anymore. The doubt stacks up and it can’t take it anymore. And you as you are doing that start filling in gap with all the ways about how you are capable and able of achieving the things you want.

Science may never prove if we have unlimited potential, but I believe we all certainly have far more potential than what we’ve expressed so far.

Wishing you a great 2012.

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