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Michael Breen and I have recently completed a new teleseminar training on one of the most useful and valuable skills in NLP… being able to create change entirely conversationally (i.e. without the use of overt NLP techniques).

Click on the picture above to find out more.

The fact is many students people have studied sleight of mouth and have learnt about change techniques YET aren’t able to use the wonderful tools of NLP easily in NORMAL conversations at work, at home, with your friends or clients.

This training helps address that.

It covers:

  • How to translate overt NLP techniques into conversational change patterns
  • How it’s possible to generate ALL of the sleight of mouth patterns from the Meta Model & Framing Tool
  • What are the attitudes & beliefs of master conversational change agents that transform how you interact with others
  • How to do change work when working with family and friends (so the welcome your help and the results)
  • Outlines the 4 models are essential for doing elegant change work
  • And much more
  • So check out this new training resource here.

    Michael shares distinctions and advanced NLP material never talked or taught publicly before.

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