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I really wish for you to have success you desire. However you define it.

I love hearing about people who’ve made their goals and dreams happen.

Regardless of size, I know they had to overcome challenges.

Pushed beyond limitations. Often conquering significant obstacles.

It’s what makes the human race great.

The willingness to set a meaningful ambitious target and not yield.

To stay the course.

To declare to the world this is how things will be.

Then pursue that goal with energy and dedication.

Men and Women around the globe are waking up this morning and doing just that.

Do you count yourself amongst them?

Next time you find yourself pondering or feeling a bit low or are looking from some inspiration.

Look up.

220 miles above the earth is something truly remarkable.

Our planet’s International Space Station.

On a clear night you can see it move as a slow moving star across the skyline.

See example below:

Amazing to think that human’s are “out there”.

Every 92 minutes it orbits the earth. 5,700 trips a year.

Six human beings are up there right now doing something extraordinary.

“Opening the gateway to space… for all humankind.”

And BOY do they have some VIEW!

And a beautiful message for all of us.

Watch this awesome time-lapse video from the crew.

It’s hard not to be moved or inspired.

Further Up Yonder from Giacomo Sardelli on Vimeo.

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