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Grilled beef steak

Change can be very easy.

Twelve years ago I decided to try an experiment.

I made up my mind to become vegetarian, one late
winter’s evening.

To change my entire eating style and tastes.

Problem was up until that point I pretty much only
liked two types of vegetables.

Didn’t know much about cooking.

My favourite meal with a perfectly cooked steak
fillet, fried onions and mash potatoes.

Washed down with a nice cold drink.


The pleasure that can be had from eating a perfect
meal is hard to describe.

But when you think about it… you know when
you’ve had that lovely dining experience and you
want to hold on to every taste. You inhale in the
smell of the food in front of you and happily “dig
in”, in anticipation of the forthcoming delight.

Eating a medium rare sirloin steak fillet – was
that for me.

Totally loved it. Had been a meat eater my entire

All my family and extended family were.

In fact I couldn’t think of one person in my
family who was a vegetarian.

So they were taken back when the heard I’d
“suddenly” become vegetarian.

Some friends (through no fault or awareness of
their own) almost went out of their way to try and
undo the change.

Some folks got argumentative – “How could you
become vegetarian, you wuss?” they would tirade
and try an attack the underlying reason why I
decide to make such a dramatic change in my life.

The more at ease with my choice I was the more
pist off they became. It was almost like my change
was an insult to their way of being.

Others became fearful and would say things like:

“Are you not worried that you will become

“Are you not concerned that you will miss out
on key nutrients?”

“There is no way you are going to be able to
get enough protein!”

“Making the change that fast is dangerous!”

And many others.

They were really good hypnotic suggestions… if I
choose to adhere to them.

Yet the change stuck.

If fact going from meat eater to vegetarian was
one of the easiest things I’d ever done.

Once I decided and had made up my mind that this
was how I was going to be (for at least six months
so I could test out the benefits and consequences
for myself) the change occurred easily.

The switch was digital – it occurred in an

Required no pep-talk or staged intervention or
belief change approach.

It completely changed my life.

I choose to be vegetarian for seven years and then
decided to make another modify my life again so
I could be in the best shape of my life.

Change I believe can be this easy for most people.

It starts when you decide with whole body
congruence that “I am doing this”.

Yet it goes beyond making a decision, it’s a
pro-active choice.

You choose to decide to live life in a new way.

Your body complies.

You get with it.

So what’s all this got to do with NLP?


When you track what I’m pointing towards and
become curious (just like I did when I later
reflected on how I’ve used this state again and
again to make major shifts in my life).

Become curious as to what occurs when you,
make up your mind?

How does it feel? Where?

How do you create it?

Represent it?

Code it in your brain and body?

Discover this and you can save yourself YEARS of
personal development work.

You can make changes easily.

You can annihilate tough challenges mentally
inside… before you ever win “outside”.

Life becomes easier. Fun. More enjoyable and

Become really good at accessing and evoking this
decisive state where your mind and body “get with
your goal” instantly and you find yourself
naturally doing more of the things you want to do.

Free of fear.

Once you’ve habituated your mind-body to acting in
this way; you don’t need to pep talk yourself. You
don’t need to find ten thousand reasons why you
want to do XYZ change. Your mind and body is
locked in on the target outcome and you act.

You choose to decide. You see yourself performing
the way you want to be. You step into that
experience. Feel it permeate throughout your body.
Let the good feelings spread all over. Bring your
focus back onto the present. You take action to
make whatever you decreed will happen, happen.

It really can be as easy as that.

This isn’t something that only some people can do.
I believe just about anyone can learn this.

Start with what is already working when you are

Figure out HOW that peak state/strategy works for you.

Then cultivate the habit of accessing it and usingit.

Start with small things. Work up to bigger goals
and tasks.

Get good a conditioning the ‘muscle’.

Apply the NLP sub-modalities model to
pattern how the coding process works and use that
to evoke the desired new behaviour response in

Test it out. This works when you do it the right way.

Change becomes easy.

Every time I’ve made an important decision like

* deciding to get married
* start a family
* start a new business
* sail the channel
* jump out of a perfectly good plane
* climb challenging mountains
* complete a marathon
* paraglide from great heights
* help loved ones navigate a serious crisis
* get over a broken heart
* transform my body
* Increase my income
* etc

This one strategy has been central.

It saves you from starting from a place where you
think you are ‘broken’.

You presume strength and act accordingly.

Paying attention to how you code and access
powerful positive states and strategies can be one
of the MOST POWERFUL master techniques for
improving your life.

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