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Stress. Pressure. Worry.

Seems like bad news is everywhere and problems abound.

Bad news and worry flowing through the airwaves is making people
jittery. Markets in turmoil. Countries in turmoil.

It’s only sane to wonder “When will this end?”

Thankfully you can relax. Take a deep breath in and feel the
stress leave your body.

This July Michael Breen is running his 2013 Glastonbury Retreat.

It’s a great opportunity to dissolve the stress away; refocus and
discover new solutions.

Join Michael in a small group context where you’ll learn how to
connect to a profound internal stillness, access powerful
positive states and discover tools to dissolve problems.

Michael’s retreats are very special blend of east and west,
practical and esoteric.

There is nothing I’ve experienced quite like it.

I still use practices I learnt on previous workshops to this day
when I want to rapidly destress and unwind or generate new
solutions to seemingly stuck problems.

Just three places remain.

Retreat Dates: 30th July – 1st August 2013

Location: Chalice Well Garden, Glastonbury

Check out full details here or call Michael’s office direct on +44 20 8889 5181

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