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Stress. Pressure. Worry.

Seems like bad news is everywhere and problems abound.

Bad news and worry flowing through the airwaves is making people
jittery. Markets in turmoil. Countries in turmoil.

It’s only sane to wonder “When will this end?”

Thankfully you can relax. Take a deep breath in and feel the
stress leave your body.

This July Michael Breen is running his 2013 Glastonbury Retreat.

It’s a great opportunity to dissolve the stress away; refocus and
discover new solutions.

Join Michael in a small group context where you’ll learn how to
connect to a profound internal stillness, access powerful
positive states and discover tools to dissolve problems.

Michael’s retreats are very special blend of east and west,
practical and esoteric.

There is nothing I’ve experienced quite like it.

I still use practices I learnt on previous workshops to this day
when I want to rapidly destress and unwind or generate new
solutions to seemingly stuck problems.

Just three places remain.

Retreat Dates: 30th July – 1st August 2013

Location: Chalice Well Garden, Glastonbury

Check out full details here or call Michael’s office direct on +44 20 8889 5181

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Many coaches struggle and fail.

Nothing new there, right?

However here is something you probably don’t know.

There is a growing group of ‘high performance coaches’ who

earn up to ten thousand pounds (circa $20,000) per session!

Doing what they love and getting paid high fees for it.

Do you think you could learn something useful from them?

I sure did.

I wanted to discover what they know and how they

coach that makes them so successful and able

to charge such vast amounts…

And I’d like for you to be able to learn that too.

In fact, you don’t even need to do the hard work.

Like figuring out…

* What’s these ordinary turned ‘elite coaches’

do, that allows them to charge so much

* What do they do that your regular life coach

doesnt that makes all the difference to their results

Because Master Coach and expert NLP modeler Michael Breen has

done the work for you.

To quote Michael...

“I was given a ridiculous amount of money, a research team

and six months to find the best of the best coaches, from

around the world.”

by one of the world most respected multinationals to….

  • Research 17 of the most well known coaching models
  • Shortlist the “best of the best” coaches from around the globe
  • And then model them to figure out what makes them exceptional, effective and successful, so these skills could be taught to others.

Well finally the results are in and available for you to learn too.

We’ve just released it in a new program called:

High Performance Coaching:

The Elite Methods & Practices of High Performing,

High Performance Coaches

High Performance Coaching moves your coaching from ‘pretty

good to WOW!’


Check out all the full details here.

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Michael Breen and I have recently completed a new teleseminar training on one of the most useful and valuable skills in NLP… being able to create change entirely conversationally (i.e. without the use of overt NLP techniques).

Click on the picture above to find out more.

The fact is many students people have studied sleight of mouth and have learnt about change techniques YET aren’t able to use the wonderful tools of NLP easily in NORMAL conversations at work, at home, with your friends or clients.

This training helps address that.

It covers:

  • How to translate overt NLP techniques into conversational change patterns
  • How it’s possible to generate ALL of the sleight of mouth patterns from the Meta Model & Framing Tool
  • What are the attitudes & beliefs of master conversational change agents that transform how you interact with others
  • How to do change work when working with family and friends (so the welcome your help and the results)
  • Outlines the 4 models are essential for doing elegant change work
  • And much more
  • So check out this new training resource here.

    Michael shares distinctions and advanced NLP material never talked or taught publicly before.

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    Final call to see Richard Bandler, the co-creator and creative genius behind NLP next Thursday in London. Richard is going to be talking on “The Technology of Success and Happiness” and sharing his insights and strategies from over 40 years of transforming the lives of countless people.

    It will be a great event and Richard is one of the most amazing story tellers and change artists you’ll ever have the pleasure to hear.

    The event is happening on Thursday the 13th of October between 7PM and 9:30 PM in central London. Full details and how to book here.

    Hope to see you at it and thanks to everyone who entered our competition.

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    Will Durant once said: “Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.”

    I really like that definition. It sums up that education is an ongoing process, that the smart student is always realising there is more to learn, more to be discovered…

    Like how to apply NLP in a business without all the NLP jargon, which is something many NLPers seem unable to do. Not because they didn’t have lots of NLP training, but rather because the manner in which the learnt the technology.

    You see it’s no secret that human beings love instant gratification and step-by-step procedures to follow. It makes it much easier not to have to think. (And not thinking isn’t necessarily a bad thing).

    However not thinking does come at a cost… not knowing how the technology really works.

    So many students:

    • Don’t know how to use NLP easily in the business environments.
    • Don’t know how the TOTE model, sub-modalities, strategies, the Meta Model etc all link up to create one coherent model.
    • Don’t know how to create change or persuade a client, boss or vendor conversationally.

    And that kinds of sucks.

    (Think about it, if you spent a lot of money on traditional NLP trainings wouldn’t it be nice to be able to use it in the environment you spend at least 8 hours a day in. I know I would.)

    So the question then becomes…

    Is it possible to use NLP in business without all the jargon?


    Is it possible to learn how to do much of this without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars/pounds/Euros?


    It all starts with just a few changes…

    • A few changes in the thinking heuristic you use…
    • A few changes in how you go about formulating your goals…
    • A few changes in how you act in business contexts

    And that’s what our new course an Introduction to Using NLP in Business is all about.

    You don’t need to restart your training. You can build on the skills you already have and go much, much further.

    And if you are entirely new to NLP this course will be a HUGE benefit to you.

    To find out more… click the image below – we are currently offering 50% off for a 1 week period.


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    Update All Winners For This Competition Have Now Been Contacted.

    Richard Bandler, the co-creator and creative genius behind NLP is coming to London on October 13th and you can be one of a small group of people who get to see him free as he talks about the “The Technology of Success and Happiness”.

    Tickets for the 2 and 1/2 hour event are £50.

    To be in with a chance to win a free ticket simply leave a comment below describing how using NLP has changed your life or how you personally have used NLP with yourself or others. The more detailed and colourful the better.

    I’ll personally be reviewing the replies and will award tickets to the best 17 entries. Competition closes Friday and winners will be notified by email if you’ve won.

    Thanks to the great folks at Alternatives for making this possible.

    The event is happening on Thursday the 13th of October between 7PM and 9PM in central London. Full details here.

    Richard is an incredibly gifted speaker, teacher and master of how to create change.

    Enter your comment below now to be in with a chance to win.

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