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Free Persuasion Training (For Everyone)

I’ve got a VERY cool training audio and details on a persuasion competition for you. The competition prize is valued at over $2,500.

Master Persuasion trainer Kenrick Cleveland has just sent me a 50 minute training on “Installing Your Message & Bypassing Resistance” taken from his Maximum Persuasion live training seminar and I kindly asked if I could share it with you, the valued visitors to NLP Times. He agreed.

Which is great because it is 100% rock-solid persuasion content. And easy to apply.

Inside this training module you will:

  • Learn 3 of the most powerful words in persuasion
  • Hear about Kenrick’s early training with Richard Bandler and ending up unexpectedly in a trance… waking up in a empty room… or was it?
  • Discover how this small change in the use of your language can have a huge impact
  • Find out one of Kenrick’s recommended processes to set “resistance” aside
  • Learn about how to overload and direct a person’s conscious mind and chain suggestions

Click here to download it now.

The BIG Competition

Next after you are done listening go visit the the competition page.

Kenrick is launching an awesome persuasion package on Monday valued over $2,500 and 1 lucky NLP Times winner will get the ENTIRE program for free!

All you have to do is:

Enter your best persuasion language pattern based on using the 3 most powerful words he shares inside this training.

Kenrick is going to be reviewing them on Monday so please enter your submission early.

When you use the power persuasion words he shares inside this training, you’ll naturally experience a leap in your persuasive power.

Go grab the download here and enjoy.

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