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Having the know-how to deliver powerful learning experiences really well requires real skill. Unfortunately almost no trainings teach you how to design and facilitate training experiences. Most trainer trainings focus on stage management, state and basic nesting, yet few show you how to actually take whatever material you have and organise and present it in a way that ensures your participants really get the most from it. And those trainings that do cover training design to some degree typically focus on the 4MAT fixed system of presenting information. Yet if you have ever watched Richard Bandler teach you know Richard doesn’t follow the 4MAT system. Up until now there has been very few good resources to learn how to design great trainings.

But that is about to change for a lucky few.

If you would like to learn how to design and deliver a programme that is not only entertaining and interesting, but also provokes lasting change and profound leanings then the upcoming training programme by Michael Breen will be of great interest to you.

It’s called Training Mastery: Design & Facilitation and is happening Thursday November 18th-20th in London. I recorded a short video with Michael below to have him explain more.

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To find out more and to book, click here.

Michael is going to be covering the best of NLP processes for training design and facilitation – so if you are a public communicator, trainer, or someone who would like to be know the magic NLP training stuff that is not in any books, CD’s etc, then I’d highly recommend you book yourself onto this training course. It will be three days of training magic that will transform the way you approach and deliver your trainings and give you the strategies and tools to create superb learning experiences.

Click here to find out more.

If you have a question on this course or any of the above then you can submit a question here.

[Note: You do not need to be a certified trainer to attend this course, this is an open masterclass to all who are interested in how to do great training design.]

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Last night I interviewed Master Trainer Owen Fitzpatrick on how to have charisma. Owen’s a master at this stuff and anyone
listening could hear why.

We had nearly 400 people register for the event with people attending from 3 continents who submitted tons of questions…
and Owen gave great answers.

And the good news is for a limited time you can catch the replay for free here. Enjoy over 90 minutes of training.

Owen shared lots of great distinctions and strategies on how to develop greater personal charisma.

Here is a taste of what he covered:

> What charisma really is & what it is not

> The inner game of charisma and the role of beliefs

> What use anchoring can play in cultivating a charismatic state

> What are some of the charismatic strategies used by Richard Bandler, Tony Robbins, Bill Clinton & Barack Obama

> Plus much more

Owen also shares details on his awesome upcoming training program Charisma Bootcamp.

Catch the replay here.

To your increased mastery,

PS: This replay page will only be up for a short time so go ahead while its still online.

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Michael (Breen) and I are launching a new five week intensive “Advanced” NLP micro training series starting next Tuesday evening.

Several sacred cows and long help beliefs about hypnosis, learning, influence and unconscious installation will be challenged and transformed. It’s going to be a fun, a very much skill building building event. Full details below.


Advanced Language Patterns: Seeding suggestions & thought viruses
Tuesday October 19th, 2PM New York, 7PM London, 11:30PM India

Emotional Mastery: How to manage your state
Tuesday October 26th, 2PM New York, 7PM London, 11:30PM India

Conversational Trance: How to use hypnosis in your everyday

Tuesday November 2nd, 2PM New York, 7PM London, 11:30PM India

Unconscious Installation: What every NLPer should know
Tuesday November 9th, 2PM New York, 7PM London, 11:30PM India

The Art & Skills of Nested Story Telling
Tuesday November 9th, 2PM New York, 7PM London, 11:30PM India

For full details and bookings, click on the image below.


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Hi All,

Just a quick note to say we launched our new online training portal (sample visual below) for delivering NLP training below.

Online NLP

We’ve been running the base version of this platform for some months with members of our Platinum Audio News Club program and now have added several new training products that can be delivered immediately online.

And to celebrate this you can enjoy a 60% discount on our best selling anchoring program 30 Days to Masterful NLP Anchoring. Right now, you can get the digital download and online streaming version of this highly successful course for just €97.00.

NLP Anchoring

I’ll be posting more about the platform and what kind of things members of “club house” can enjoy.

Best wishes,


What skills are required for tomorrow? Nobody knows. The important thing is to keep acquiring new ones. We’re in an environment where education – for life, for everyone – is the game.” Tom Peters

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Next Wednesday at 6PM GMT, Master Trainer Michael Breen and I are running a new tele-seminar called “Story Telling Secrets Metaphors and Magic”.

Metaphors is one of the cool area of being really good with language and can be a powerful tool for creating rapid change, shifting someone perspective and influencing others.

This tele-seminar is going to focus on how to generate and deliver metaphors that work, in everyday life situations.

So next time you have an opportunity to help a friend, client or colleague who seems stuck, and you don’t want to do overt NLP stuff you may be want to dip into this powerful toolbox.

[THIS EVENT IS NOW CLOSED – The recording of the event will be online for sale later this month].

Story Telling Secrets - Metaphors & Magic

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For those of you who are interested in finding out more and booking on to the “One Strategy That Always Works (To Building Your Business) Workshop” then click please visit

There you can find out all about the course. This is the first time ever, a course of this kind with Master Trainer and Veteran MM Business Builder Micheal Breen been put on. It’s goal is to assist both aspiring and existing coaches, trainers and consultants start and build their business, by teaching you an expert business building strategy Michael has learned from solo-practices and big businesses that always thrive.

So feel free to check out more here

Only a few places are left – so act now to avoid disspointment.

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