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  • The most important question to ask when learning NLP that will save you hundreds of hours of wasted effort and a boatload of money on the incorrect training courses (Video 1 - 0:45) ...

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  • Leverage the little known "Magic Trick" that instantly makes you more magnetic to others, that doesn't require good looks to have other people pay attention to you (Video 4 - 1:10)

  • Uncover the #1 technique experts use to put ideas inside people's heads covertly that is employed by master persuaders and now you can use it too... (Video 16 - 1:56)

  • How to master the principals of NLP and not just the techniques so you can go further and create your own NLP with ease... (Video 2 - 5:26)
  • The "Inside-Outside" pattern that Gurus use to quickly uncover hidden beliefs, change minds that will allow you to become really good with language (Video 9 - 1:33)

  • Plus dozens more insights, strategies and recommendations inside...
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Al Konigsfeld, USA
I have trained with many of the big names in NLP, and I find [NLP Times's] trainings the best thought out, the easiest to follow, and, for me, the trainings that brought about the greatest increase in skills.

Michael doesn't just teach techniques, he teaches the structure, and that has allowed me to move beyond just techniques." 
John Johnston, USA
"I've learned a lot; this kind of information cannot be found anywhere in the current books or on the market or on the “inter nut!

Anyone wanting to keep current in NLP and to add to their skill-set must take advantage of the NLPTimes products. And they have great customer service.” 
Patrik Fordell, Sweden
"I read a lot of NLP books and other material. This is by far the best material that has helped me evolve my skills to a new level of understanding and application. Most NLPers sell NLP as a quick-fix-cure of all things. 

I really enjoy the no B.S attitude of the trainers and the content. I look forward to the new edition every month. Thank you!" 
Jamie Beaumont, UK
"The materials in NLP Times is the best around. The content goes above and beyond what is available elsewhere. 

NLP Times is the reason I still practice NLP."
Micah Howard, USA
"Truly positive benefits to my life and sense of well being. 

Everyone needs to take the time to reconnect with that they are really after in life, and NLP Times' Success Is A System offers a plentitude of creative, innovative thought programs that are immediately applicable and delivered daily. 

The system places an angel on every shoulder, whispering wit and wisdom that provokes resilience in an ever-accelerating world." 
Laurent Beretta, UK
I went through a lot of seminars, read hundreds of books and there I was, stripped down to my core and instantly given the tools to rebuild myself: sowing and reaping at the same time.

This is more than training, or personal development, or coaching.  It's an eye-opening experience into the magic of the mind, the magic of our perceptions and how we can change them." 
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20 FREE NLP Videos Today
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