How To Create Learning Magic .. Training Design & Things You're Unlikely To Have EVER Heard Before

    OK, today we take things up another notch.

    If you have ever wished you could be a superb trainer, capable of creating powerful learning experiences, then you will want to watch this video.

    For over three decades, Michael has designed, presented and run some of the largest, best and most successful NLP and Corporate training programs EVER created. He is an expert at this, so I was curious to hear how to optimize learning experiences so the student really benefits.

    It is the foundation to every great training experience - expert training design. Michael is a true master of NLP, and in my humble opinion there are only a few people who can REALLY claim that.

    What you are about to hear Michael talk about goes well BEYOND platform training skills, nested loops and fancy "accelerated learning techniques" - to what creates real TRAINING MAGIC.

    Also in case you have any delay in playing, just click, play, then
    pause, and wait a minute to let the video buffer, then click play
    and enjoy.

    As always, let us know what you think - leave a comment below.

    Training Design Part 1:

    Training Design Part 2:

    To your increased mastery,

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