4 Simple Tricks That Make You Look More Intelligent

    Do you consider yourself intelligent?

    Are you good looking? 

    Do you speak fast? 

    Do you communicate using your hands? 

    If so, then good news - it's most likely that other people think you are intelligent. 

    Say the occasional 'nugget' of brilliance and people may consider you 'really smart'. 

    For a long time, looks, rate of speech and how you use your body language have been read as unconscious markers that people use to assess intelligence. 

    There's been a lot of research trying to figure out why, but if you want to be perceived as smart the good news is, all three attributes are something you can mimic if you want to and you'll likely get a boost in how other perceive you. 

    (Even if you think you aren't good looking, it's incredible what a little change in    
    styling and grooming can do.) 

    However if you want to really up your game and go for something of more grey matter substance, train yourself to see the many POV (point of views). 

    Condition yourself to see the other side(s) of any situation. 

    Life becomes more interesting, exciting; like a good thriller to enjoyed. 

    Pick an area that you normally see as 'black or white' and look for the grey. 

    Then ask yourself: 

      *  What have I not noticed here? (Shift your attention) 

      *  What assumptions have I made or worldview have I held as the 'truth'    
         that may be flawed? (Shift your point of focus) 

      *  Who would strongly disagree with my first conclusion and why? (Look for    
         alternative perspectives for new information) 

      *  What else could be true about this situation that previously I had not    

    Your brain will quickly generate new points of view which you can develop new    
    'understandings' and conclusions from. 

    The greater the number of perspectives you can generate the more you can: 

      *  see things you and others had missed 

      *  spot new patterns and connections 

      *  make links that other have not 

      *  see solutions or ways of doing things that haven't been thought 

    With a little practice, it is easy to do and trains your brain to observe and make    
    new and better connections. 

    The more your practice, the better you will become; the faster you can do it. 

    The more intelligent others perceive you. 

    The more confidence you'll have in yourself and your abilities to think effectively. 

    To recap 4 ways to be perceived as more intelligent: 

    1. Dress & groom to impress (look well) 

    2.  Speak quicker* 

    3. Communicate with your hands 

    4. Train yourself to see multiple points of view in any circumstance 

    Test them out for yourself. 

    * How fast you speak to impress an idea upon someone depends on several factors. Rate of speech has been linked with credibility and persuasiveness. 

    The general rule is, if speaking to people not likely to agree with you, it helps to speak quicker (circa 165-195 wpm), for someone who is already 'on board' slowing down your rate of speech will come across as more believable and credible. 

    With all things, best to test this for yourself. Vary your rate of speech to see what impact your observer from your own experience.

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