Two Priests. One Smoker & A Magic Wand.

    A young clergyman joins a seminary to become a priest.

    He’s a smoker. Smokes 30–40 cigarettes a day.

    He worries that he’ll have to kick the habit; smoking and praying don’t work together.

    Or do they, he wonders?

    Between the many hours of prayer and reflection, he ducks out to the courtyard.

    Lights up.

    Takes several big inhales.

    One day he sees the monsignor (head priest) approaching at speed, giving a disapproving look.

    In his mind he scrambles for something to say, something that would make it all not seem so bad.

    He blurts out:

    “Father, is it alright to smoke when I prey?”

    The monsignor points to the ground.

    At first the young clergyman is confused, he looks downs…

    To feel a sharp slap to the back of his head.

    “Of course it is not. Return to the prayer room.”

    Our smoker walks away rubbing the back of his head. Cursing himself for saying such a silly thing.

    Two weeks later, he runs in to the monsignor again. This time he’s adamant he’s going to make things right.

    A light bulb goes on. He smiles.

    “Father, is it alright to pray when I smoke?”

    “Yes, my child. How pious of you. Please 
    continue. Sorry for interrupting!”

    And off the monsignor goes.

    One small shift in how you FRAME your ideas can have a dramatic 
    difference in how others perceive it.

    Before you think technique or language pattern think FRAME CONTROl.

    Remember the lesson from our seminarian:

    “Father, is it alright to pray when I smoke?”

    This worked so well because he tapped in to the monsignor’s bias and value system.

    When you control the frame put around an idea or issue, you can direct what people think, say and even do.

    Your magic wand is the intentional use of language.

    Language is your magic power to create worlds people want to join you in.

    When you get the frame right, having others change, take on new ideas and support your projects become far easier.

    So easy you may find a priest might even light a cigarette for you!

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