Creating More of The Life You Want - A Counter Intuitive Process

    Today's world is one where speed is often the driving factor of the day.

    Yet running faster doesn't necessarily get you to your goal quicker, often too much speed makes achieving the goal harder (because you end up doing the wrong things). Taking time for a "stopping point" where you deliberately step off the life habits treadmill often pays huge rewards.

    Here are some great questions to ask yourself regularly:

    What do you really want from your life and work?

    Not what you'd like but what you really want


    Write it down.

    Going four hours beyond 20 years from today's world is one where speed is often the driving factor of the day.

    Now, what would have to be true in order for that life situation to work out exactly as you've imagined it? 

    Write down the key points paying particular attention to the people, places and activities that have occurred to make those outcomes happen.

    Take all the time you need for you to vividly imagine experiencing that very satisfying life situation. Bring up multiple perfect experiences in your mind. Capture ideas and insights on a pad.

    Once you can feel it viscerally in your body, with a sense of certainty and vividness and that these things have occurred, place your awareness back here in the now and ask yourself:

    • What kind of personal attributes did I display that lead to those goals being achieved?

    • What specific actions did I take to make that life happen?

    • What kind of behaviours did I demonstrate that in addition to what I'm already doing now would help me reach my goal?

    • What kind of relationships did I cultivate that made those goals happen?

    Then ask yourself:

    What's the very next step to making this happen now?

    Then go about making that first action happen.

    Repeat the process on a daily basis for a week, and you will develop greater clarity and a sense of certainty about making that satisfying life happens and save yourself a lot of time and money thinking that the answers to the really important stuff for your life, lie outside of you.

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