How to get really good at anything - a powerful NLP "meta strategy"

    Getting good at anything, is for the most part relatively easy, once you know what to do and you do it!

    Sequence is everything. You can do the right thing at the wrong time and fall flat on your face; you can do the "wrong thing" at the right time, and it works magically. And of course there are many variations in between, but only a few lead to high performing success.

    So in this video I've outlined a powerful "meta strategy" for getting good at anything. Success, as we say in NLP, leaves clues, and I've noticed that the following pattern is typically present in every top performer I've studied, in one way or another. Whether you are learning NLP or ballroom dancing, or everything in between, if you put into practice the simple strategy outlined here, you will see dramatic improvement in your results.

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