My Number 1 Tech Tool

    My friends laugh about it and my family make jokes about it…

    … my long-held fascination with technology.

    (When their tech breaks the jokes stop and the pleading begins ;-)


    I’ve use tech that tracks:

    - my breathing

    - my posture

    - my activity

    - my heart rate

    - my workouts

    - and much more 

    But by far there is one bit of technology that I love and use every day. And I suggest you do too.

    It doesn’t require batteries. You can bring it with you everywhere and when it’s ON, it can make just about everything richer, brighter and better.


    - emotions

    - health

    - relationships

    - love life 

    - finances 

    - career

    - etc

    What is this bit of wonder tech?

    The intentional and purposeful use of pragmatic NLP.

    Unlike many of our favourite apps, NLP doesn’t come with a reminder, notifications to use it.

    I’ve noticed for many “NLP practitioners”, that NLP is just one of many self-help apps they’ve downloaded, played around with it for a day or two and then got attracted to the next new thing.

    So the technology never got installed.

    Which means the BENEFITS that the technology has to offer never were fully realised.

    Which is a real shame.

    Because even when you have really learned just a small amount of what’s possible with NLP, ordinary everyday issues that used bug you disappear and you discover a renewed sense of excitement for life. 

    (And your ability to make life better.)

    Maybe one day there will be an AI app that will read our thoughts, clear away confusion and snap in to focus the answers to the problems we each are looking for.

    “Hey Alexa, clear up the blurry thoughts in my mind and tell me what I should do.” 

    But that’s isn’t here yet.

    Thankfully if you’re willing to practice and apply the technology to yourself, you don’t have to wait.

    With a small investment in learning NLP, that’s focused on making an actual change (not giving you more labels and theories) you can do this for yourself.

    Watch this video to discover 6 tips to have a more fulfilling life today.


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