A Simple Way To Experience More Freedom and Joy…

    There are 10,001 ways you could improve your life but you don’t need thousands of ways to change your life... 

    ...when one easy to implement idea - this weekend - can do the work of dozens... 

    Try this life-enhancing exercise, and see your life get better and better - almost by magic. 

    Fact is people tolerate a lot of bull in their personal and professional life. 

    Me, you, everyone has stuff they tolerate that if they didn’t - their life would be better.  

    Many of us fall into the trap of thinking things can only be this one way. 

    It’s part of the natural human condition to think this way - but it’s not the most useful way. 

    This grand old universe is full of infinite possibilities. Different arrangements of life and ways of living - if we put some energy behind making it happen. 

    Bottom line: You can reintroduce choice and possibility into almost any situation if you get resourceful. 

    As always, the first rule of personal development applies; it’s not what happens to us that counts, but how we respond to it.

    What are you tolerating that you know is bullshit?

    Be candid. 

    What many people don’t realise is, is the list of things we tolerate (that doesn’t serve us) grows over time if we don’t make time to regularly prune the bullshit from our lives. 

    Here’s a simple way to do that: 

    I want you to take out a page and divide it into three columns

    In column one write: 

    All the things you won’t accept yourself. 

    Perhaps this is crappy internal dialogue, poor eating habits, not taking time out to ‘sharpen the saw’ etc. 

    In column two write down: 

    All the things you won’t accept from other people. 

    Who in your life is a drain? Who acts or speaks in a way that triggers an undesirable feeling or response in you, etc. 

    In column three write down: 

    All the aspirations, visions and meaningful accomplishments you want for your life. 

    This list is filled with ideas and possibilities that excite you and make you want to spring out of bed in the morning if you were to make them a reality in your life. 

    Once you have your three lists, rank the entries of the first two lists by the impact they have on your life.

    Give each entry a relative score if it helps get clarity for you, in terms of what negative impact it has on you by tolerating this. 

    Look for those areas where you’ve been tolerating behaviours that are far below your best standards for yourself. 

    Then make a commitment to not tolerate that person, role, context etc. in your life. 

    Be determined about it. This shit has been crapping up the joy and happiness in your life and it’s time to flush it down the drain hole. 

    But what about if it’s a responsibility you’ve taken on? 

    Then generate ways for you to remove yourself from it. That might mean having a difficult conversation and take a little time to do - but isn’t it worth it to remove this dead weight from your life? 

    The key is to get into action. 

    You don’t have to do everything; you just have to get started. 

    With list 3, your aspirations... 

    Take some of the free time you’ve created to remember and re-imagine over and over what it would be like to have that accomplishment or aspiration realised in your life. 

    Bathe in it - imagine how good it will feel to experience that result. 

    Be bold in your actions. 

    It’s time to make some moves. 

    Or else, life stagnates. 

    If you’d like to get a jump start on bringing your aspirations to life, be sure to check this out.


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