You Are Two (No Really!)

    Ever feel like there is at least two of you in there?

    Maybe you’re not as mad as you thought!

    Watch this short video that reveals some remarkable insights researchers have discovered about how the human brain operates.

    What it points to may surprise you. 

    So what did you think?

    In previous posts I’ve talked about the illusion we hold that we are the ‘deciders’, the ones who have complete knowledge and conscious awareness of what drives our actions and choices.

    That just ain’t so… we’re influenced and affected by things outside our conscious awareness all the time. Our brain is very good at creating a story that makes us think we were the ones who are in control and running the show.

    But our conscious brain is only as aware as what it can perceive. And the threshold of perception varies widely. 

    That’s one of the ways why priming, embedding suggestions and multilayered communication can be so effective and seem covert and invisible to one person or very apparent and obvious to the eye of a skilled NLPer.

    The more you practice developing your sensory acuity and pattern observation skills the better you become at being able to detect the signal from the noise. The more skillful a communicator you’ll become.

    If you’d like to do that, this resource is a must.

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