Breaking News: Incredible Possibilities From Neuroscience

    We see so little.

    As humans, we can perceive less than a ten-trillionth of all light waves. Yet we're fooled in to think we see so much.

    Take the human brain. All day, every day we walk around believing that what we hear/see/smell is the world. But in reality we have access to only a tiny sample of the incredible information "out there". David Eagleman, a pioneering neuroscientist describes the problem like this:

    “Your brain is locked inside a vault of silence and darkness inside your skull. All that everyone sees is electro-chemical signals that come in along different data cables… and this is all it has to work with and nothing more.

    Amazingly the brain is really good at taking in these signals and extracting patterns, assigning meaning and puts together a story of…”

    your present reality.

    The thing is you brain doesn't interact with reality directly.


    Each of us create maps and models of reality, kick off the scaffolding and forget that it was ever there.

    When we think about a "difficult past" or worry about the "troublesome future" we are blind to the source of those thoughts and the meaning making machine that created them.

    Neuroscientists have confirmed something long expressed in NLP…

    Our experience of reality is constrained by our biology.

    But here's the cool thing, we don't have to wait for our biology to catch up with our limitations.

    Already work is underway to develop some remarkable "ad-ons" that will make "Google glass" and "self driving cars" seem like technology from the 70s.

    Scientists are currently working on some serious upgrades to our sensory capabilities.

    And it's all possible in part… because your brain is remarkable at creating patterns.

    It's so good they have already proven it's possible for deaf people to hear, not by hearing sound but by feeling sound waves, reflected evert time someone speaks.

    And this is just the beginning of what's possible.

    Watch this great talk here by David Eagleman on how to transform our sensory limitations.

    It will show you things you never thought were possible. But are.

    What kind of upgrade would you like?           



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