Counter-Intuitive Hack That Creates Steely Determination

    Even when you do everything you can, sometimes your best efforts simply won’t turn out right.

    Life unexpected challenges get in your way.

    When such situations arise, it’s time to call on that undeniable force multiplier; steely determination.

    Many people want to whine and give up when the going gets tough.


    Get an attitude on with yourself and life’s situation.

    People who pursue big dreams and goals typically face significant challenges.

    Setbacks and failures are frequently their companions along the way.

    Yet those who achieve great things (both big and small) do so because they were determined to.

    They weren’t willing to let reality be any other way.

    Their determination carried them through.

    And here’s the thing many people don’t know.

    Determination is a skill.

    It’s something that can be learned.

    If you want more determination…

    Do this:

    Start keeping a “do not want to do list.”

    Document all the things you really don’t want to do, but at some point must or should. At this stage in your life chances are you have plenty you can add right away.

    For example, it might be washing the dishes, working out, doing your taxes, taking out the rubbish, walking the dog etc.

    Write a good list of 10-15 to begin with.

    I like to keep mine on my phone.

    Then each day set yourself a goal for how many “do not do things you’re going to do today.”

    I usually like picking 2-3.

    Then at random intervals I will look at my list and choose to spend at least five minutes doing one of task or thing   
    I REALLY don’t want to do.

    Energy is key to your relative level of resourcefulness.

    By having multiple options to choose from, with different ‘resistance levels', you give yourself the latitude to build a new skill by doing at least one, while not having to burn up 100% of your mental energy doing the most difficult one.

    Make the whole activity into a game.

    The more I don’t want to do it, the more enjoyment I get by simply doing it.


    The stronger my determination 'muscle' becomes.

    To begin with, it doesn’t matter what task you choose from your list so long as it genuinely gives you a “I really don’t   
    fancy doing this” feeling.

    Then take immediate action and do it.


    [Or a component of it  - break the task down to bite sized steps if you need to.]

    Do this for 3 weeks and you’ll quickly start:

      -  finding yourself far more productive and   
         at choice

      -  killing the “weener voice” inside that   
         simply wants to whine, watch TV or   

      -  building confidence and congruency with   
         yourself that when you say you are going   
         to do something; you do it (with no   

      -  quiet the turmoil that often arises   
         around doing things we have to do but   
         don’t want to; and simply get on with   
         getting it done and enjoying the rewards

    Plus a whole lot more.

    This process might sound counter-intuitive but trust me it works.

    Test it for yourself.

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