Learn Insights And Strategies About Mastering The Advanced Skills Of NLP

    Becoming really good with NLP is more about doing the fundamentals really well, stacking skills and using multiple parts of the toolset at once. And that is what you will learn to do here...

    Core NLP Essentials

    Core NLP Essentials teach you many of the core skills that are essential to becoming really good with NLP. You'll learn key distinctions and proven strategies on many of the most useful topics in NLP.
    Emotional Mastery - How To Manage Your State

    Emotions - the driving force behind human action and all great achievements. Learn powerful techniques to master your emotions so you can create more success, health and better relationships.

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    Getting Unstuck: Powerful Strategies For Overcoming Everyday Problems

    Do you have a goal or dream or area of your life you'd like to 'make happen' or a problem you'd like to overcome, but no matter what you do nothing seems to work.

    You feel stuck.

    If so then join Master Coach Michael Breen as he shows you how to Get Unstuck.

    Discover proven strategies for getting unstuck... generating real momentum on your goals and dreams so you can enjoy greater success, inner peace & personal satisfaction.

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    From Wish to Fulfillment - Task Decomposition The Master Planning Skill To Getting What You Want

    Introducing the all NEW expert system to Achieve Your Goals In Minimum Time With Maximum Effectiveness.
    Goal setting is just the beginning. If you want to be able to turn your goals, dreams or aspirations in reality; you need to be have a game plan to change reality! This introductory training teaches you how to create a winning 'game plan' so you know precisely what needs to occur to achieve your goals...

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    Master Strategies of Motivation - How to use the tech to motivate yourself and change your life forever

    Discover powerful strategies to motivate yourself based on the patterns of excellence of people who are really good at motivating themselves easily. Learn the little known secrets to...

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    Taming That Cheeky Ol' Monkey Mind

    The world we live in is filled with interruptions, distractions and noise that gets in the way of experiencing everyday clarity and peace of mind. It's affecting our health, well being and relationships. Turn the table on the ever increasing noise. Discover how to control your mind through mindful meditation. In as little as a 5 minutes a day you can quieten your mind with ease, silence inner dialogue and experience clarity... all with simple practices. Don't believe me? See for yourself.

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    Coaching Secrets: How To Become A High Performance Coach In Demand With Clients

    Building a successful coaching practice comes down to doing a few key things right - like learning how to become in demand with clients.

    To create a coaching experience that moves the client to refer you to others, naturally and pro-actively; again and again.

    Discover how to do that here...

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    How To Build And Maintain Generalisations For Influence & Change

    If you want to become really good at creating change, influencing others or having other people say Yes to your ideas; you'll want to know how people build and maintain generalisations.

    This unique master class training shows you how behaviours are created, changed and maintained.

    Discover Elite Secrets About Creating Lasting Change Previously Only Known To Select Few..

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    Radical Confidence - How To Get Beyond Your Confidence Issues Fast

    Ever wished you had more confidence? Find out how you can get beyond confidence issues fast using simple techniques you can apply today.

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    Enhanced Sensory Acuity - Build Your Perceptive Powers

    Learn how to build your perceptive powers - the same skills used by expert communicators, hypnotists and persuaders to track and notice subtle ques and patterns of behaviours unconscious to others.

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    Story Telling Secrets - Get Magical With Metaphors

    Go beyond the domain of direct story telling and learn how to design and deliver powerful metaphorical communication for influencing others at an unconscious level.

    Learn the secrets to advanced metaphorical communication inside this unique training...

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    Story Telling Secrets - Become A Brilliant Story Teller

    Learn the key skills to become a magical story teller, as Master Trainer Michael Breen takes you on a journey into the heart of story telling. Discover proven heuristics to transform your story telling powers.

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    Mastering Conversational Change with NLP

    The goal for many NLPers is to learn how to create change ENTIRELY conversationally. To be free of overt techniques and use the technology effortlessly.

    Learn how to do exactly this, here.

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    Advanced Language Patterns: Seeding Suggestions & Thought Viruses

    Hungry to learn the latest advanced language patterns being used by expert communicators? Inside this unique training we blow the hinges off the idea of old school suggestion tactics and teach you how to organise and use your skills with language to seed suggestions, work with thought "viruses" and influence others unconsciously...

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    Conversational Trance: How to Use Hypnosis in Everyday Language

    Throughout the ages hypnosis has been seen as a powerful tool. Yet becuase of several inbuilt limitations about how it is traditionally taught - few students know how to use it in conversational contexts... that is until now.

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    Unconscious Installation - What Every NLPer Should Know

    Discover the real secrets behind one of the most guarded skills in all of NLP - Unconscious Installation.

    Discern fact from fiction and take your skills to the next level.

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    The Art & Skills Of Nested Story Telling

    There is one skill that sets apart mediocre trainers and story tellers from the rest - the ability to nest information in skillful ways where it bypasses the listener's conscious awareness and sinks deep into their unconscious.

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    Our platinum programs

    If you are looking to take your NLP skills to the next level then our Platinum Programs teach you the key skills and latest advances, learnt from decades of practice, on how to become really good with NLP.
    Perpetual Progress

    Would you like to go higher, deeper, further, faster with your NLP?

    This program shows you the easiest way to catapult your NLP skills to the next level... year after year. 

    Reveals the secret to really getting NLP 'in your bones', so you can become so fluent with the technology you don't even have to try -- it's something you use masterfully all the time. 

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    Getting On-Board With NLP

    Introducing the best way to protect yourself and your future from the biggest threat facing NLP students today...

    Discover the easiest and most up-to-date path te learn NLP the right way - so you can achieve more, get more and have more... And to transform the outcome you are getting with yourself and others... In just 7 hours!

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    The Art & Skill Of Intervening

    Discover the ONE thing that can really double, triple, or even quadruple your ability to create change for others.

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    Kickstart Your NLP

    In this home study Two Day VIDEO workshop Michael teaches you how  to dramatically increase your NLP skills easily and spontaneously, with little effort on your part.

    You will discover his proven method for making NLP a living-breathing toolkit you use daily, feel confident about and transform problems and limitations naturally.

    But that’s not all...

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    30 Days To Masterful NLP Anchoring

    30 Days To Masterful NLP Anchoring is the most in depth NLP anchoring program on the market. Taught by a world renowned NLP Master Trainer, this four week program teaches you the real "secrets" to anchoring in any representational system. Ideal for coaches, hypnotists, trainers, sales professionals.

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    Using NLP On Yourself To Create More Of The Life You Want

    Discover how to master your emotions, stop unwanted thoughts and use the power of NLP to help you create more of the life you want. Master the "inner game" and attitude at the core of NLP...

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    Habit Hacking: Break Your Bad Habits. Form Good Ones. Make Change Stick.

    From biting your nails, to getting out of bed early, to exercising, to what you eat and how much money you make... habits dictate huge portions of your life.

    Yet has anyone ever taught you how to change them or are you stuck with bad habits? 

    Do you wish you could kick the procrastination habit, be healthier, make more money?

    Read on to learn how to break bad habits and form good ones.

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    Language Guru – Mastering The Meta Model

    The Meta Model is at the heart of everything you'll do with NLP.

    Learn the exact blueprint and tools used by some of the world's best trainers to eliminate client's problems, transform limitations and go MUCH further with this tool set than you've ever known before. This breakthrough course teaches you two of the most powerful tools in all of NLP...

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    Language Guru - Mastering The Milton Model

    Have you been trying  for years to get the Milton Model seamlessly work for you, and yet still failed to do so? Have you been clueless about what to suggest and have struggled to master it in the past?

    Finally this all-new program from our Language Guru Training series breaks the code on how to master the Milton Model fluidly, naturally and with ease... So you can use hypnotic communication like Milton Erickson did but in ordinary conversations and real world applications!

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    Language Guru - Beyond Sleight Of Mouth

    So what is it?

    It’s the golden ticket to elegant and advanced conversional change!

    Your opportunity to become a conversational change wizard who can change minds and points of view with ease and zero arm twisting, canned language patterns or smell of NLP…

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    Using Hypnotic Language Like A Ninja

    Have you studied many NLP and Hypnosis programs and still struggle with how to create elegant change? Do you believe there is something missing from what is taught on many traditional NLP and Hypnosis trainings? 

    Turns out you’re right! Unfortunetly the reason why many practitioners of NLP and Hypnosis lack confidence in their skills, struggle to create change is becuase they learned outdated ideas about how the mind-body works!

    Inside our all NEW course, Using Hypnotic Language Like A Ninja, Master Trainer Michael Breen takes elegant change work and hypnotic communciation to the next level…  and shows you a proven method he developed for using the toolsets of NLP and Hypnosis in “ordinary conversations”, so you can become an expert change agent, create communication magic, direct and influence people at will!

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    C.I.T.A.D.E.L.: An Introduction To The Lost Art Of Behavioural Modeling & Artful Skills Acquisition

    This program truly is the “missing masterclass” on NLP modelling.

    And its unusual title is just a little reflection of how unordinary this new program is.

    In one intensive program, you’ll have everything you need to make a massive leap forward in how you learn and how you model others. (At last!)

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    Learning Hypnosis In Depth

    Throughout the ages and even today Hypnosis has been associated with strange, mysterious stage shows and faith healers. But the truth is hypnosis is not the least bit strange or mysterious.

    It's a very powerful toolkit whose application goes WAY beyond hypnotherapy or stage show entertainment.

    In this rare 5 day workshop learn how to use hypnosis naturally as part of everyday conversational process WITHOUT any of the funny hypnotic voice tones or convoluted language patterns.

    Rid yourself of the most common myths and limitations about hypnosis that hold so many student back.

    Develop real world skills in hypnotic protocol... so you can use it with ease in everyday normal conversations.

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    Purest Persuasion

    Do you struggle to get friends, family or clients to listen and go along with your suggestions? Have you ever missed a career or income enhancing opportunity because you failed to persuade? Would you like to rise to the top of your profession?

    If so, you are in the right place.

    As you are about to discover your ability to ethically influence and persuade others is the greatest SHORTCUT to having the life of your dreams.

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    Success is a System

    Ever felt like no matter how hard you work... it feels like you’re stuck on a plateau, and just can't seem to breakthrough?

    The problem is not your effort. It's your system!

    In this unique course Master Coach Michael Breen shows you how to transform any area of your life by creating your very own Success System... in just 5 minutes a day!

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    Task Decomposition - The Strategy Of Superachievers

    Setting goals is easy. Everyone can do it. Yet as many as 9 out of 10 goals are never achieved. There is a good reason why - a very important strategy to getting what you want has been overlooked.

    Super-Achievers ARE different. They achieve their goals, big or small, again and again. BECAUSE they do things differently.

    Discover how they think, plan and act to make their goals reality up to 10x faster and how easily you could do the same... inside this breakthrough program

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    The Lost Art of Thinking For A Change

    Sshh. Want to know a secret? Self-help is broken. Really.

    If you've tried to make a change but failed. Or found the change was only temporary; it's because you fell prey to this ONE thing that stands in everyone's way.

    It's known as the 'the Robot' - the body of habits that control as 60% or more of your everyday behaviour.

    But thankfully, after 3 decades of working with tens of thousands of people Master Trainer Michael Breen shows you the easy 5 step process to thinking for a change. The practically foolproof method to coach yourself to getting yourself to do what you say and achieve much more success, without using will power or trying to 'force' yourself. Change becomes so easy with this...

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    Storytelling's Golden Keys - The Ultimate Storytelling Package

    The secret to masterful story telling is not in the words.

    It’s not in the stories…

    It’s not even in the content of the stories!

    The ability to tell a story that will mesmerize your listener…

    Have them following your every word (with their mouths wide open) is found in something very different…

    Discover what that is inside Storytelling's Golden Keys.

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    Advanced NLP Skills Series

    Go beyond practitioner and master practitioner level NLP.... Learn insights and strategies on how do conversational trance, nested stories, use advanced language patterns and install strategies unconsciously inside our advanced skills series.

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    Creating Your Own NLP

    Learn how to create your very own NLP. Discover the exact strategy used by elite NLP teachers to create new techniques and applications that you can use to become a recognised expert and in demand change agent.

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    Modeling The Masters

    How would you like to pick the brains of ten of top NLP master trainers in the world? Discover their secrets for creating lasting change, mastering NLP, learn the latest developments in the tech and more...

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    Training Mastery - Master of Training Design

    Discover The Best Kept Secrets In Training Design

    Learn the latest breakthrough is NLP training design. Design training experiences that create profound learning for your clients.

    Whether you are preparing to design your first training, a multi-day training program or 40 minute talk this course teaches you expert strategies to excel.

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    Sharpen Your Pitch

    Discover the 5 step pitching process, guaranteed to help you win more business, close bigger deals and sell more products.

    Pitching is a skill you can learn to get great at. Inside this two day training program Master consultant and creative guru Michael Breen teaches you how to pitch your ideas, proposals and presentations so you enjoy many more Yeses.

    Discover and apply pitching secrets of the greatest ad agencies to beat the competition and win more business.

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    Business Breakthrough: An Uncommon Guide To Problem Solving, Leading And Managing With NLP

    This is quite easily the most complete training that “walks-you-through” all the steps and gives you everything you need to IMPROVE your “people skills” and UPGRADE your “thinking strategies” to deal with the “automatic brains” and “irrational decisions” of other people.

    And it’s the most COMPLETE system you’ll ever get your hands on…

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    Using NLP In Business

    Discover The Real Secrets To Using NLP In Business… That 99.9% Of NLPers Will Never Know… That Will Set You Apart From The Rest

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    Coach Right: Do Less. Earn More. Make A Difference

    In this program you’ll learn a simple and effective coaching model that will get you started fast - it’s called ADVISORS PLANS and students love it for its simplicity and effectiveness.

    If you’re just starting out, Coach Right will show you a step-by-step process for “starting strong” and running professional sessions.

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    High Performance Coaching

    Discover the methods and secrets of 'Super Coaches' who earn as much as TEN thousand dollars PER coaching session inside this career changing coaching course...

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    Get The Life You Want - Elite Group Coaching

    Let Celebrity Coach Michael Breen show you how to finally get the Life You Want inside this unique home study system.

    Discover the secrets and strategies used by super successful people to get the life they want, in minimum time.

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    Start-Up CTC - Where Your Business Idea Takes Flight

    Wanting to start a new business or grow the one you have?

    Learn the secrets to building a profitable and successful Coaching, Training or Consultancy business from a multi-million pound business builder & veteran mentor Michael Breen.

    Let Michael show you how to build a profitable, sustainable Coaching, Training or Consultancy business over the next 16 weeks, inside this unique start-up system.

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