Discover The Quickest, Simplest And Most Powerful Way To Formulate and Ask Great Questions Consistently & Predictably...

...Even If You Suck At Generating So Called 'Killer Questions' ... 'Insightful Questions' ... 'Transformational Questions' So You Can Capture, Guide and Leverage Attention To Make Breakthroughs Possible!

(And You Finally Get The Respect, Authority and Opportunities You Deserve!)

Keep reading if you’d like to…

Learn the ONE skill that makes you practically indispensable today and is growing in demand by clients and employers alike...

Discover how to ask GREAT questions in WEEKS instead of years or decades… using a structured system developed from over 3,000 hours of highly successful coaching and consulting conversations…

Instantly increase your ability to ask better and better questions in just about any context or with anyone… with a PROVEN method and powerful tools (Field-Tested with the most demanding clients and challenging professional ‘high-stakes’ environments…)

Consistently add MASSIVE VALUE for others quickly, by being able to ask the right questions that transform people, teams and corporations.

Lead, Coach & Influence powerfully AND increase your perceived value in the marketplace by asking great questions that unlock higher performance in others.

From: Tom O'Connor

London, UK

Dear Friend,

For the past few months Master Trainer Michael Breen and I have been looking at every piece of feedback, challenge, request and problem customers, clients and people in our community have shared…

…the thousands of survey responses, email requests, client conversations and product reviews (both our own and across the marketplace). We’ve asked ourselves a single question:

What is the biggest persistent challenge faced by professional people helpers (coaches, consultants, managers etc.) that prevents them from becoming indispensable for their clients and capable of creating breakthroughs consistently and predictably?

We dissected every survey response, coaching conversation and client request we had, scoured the web and our own libraries for the single biggest challenge that so far has been overlooked.

And we boiled it all down to one central issue, one dominant request people have been asking over and over again.

The one pattern that dictates the results you can create for others…

The one capability that separates exceptional coaches and managers from everyone else…

The one skill that clients happily pay thousands, hundreds of thousands, even millions for…

That one request is this:

“Can you please teach me…”

How To Ask Great Questions

(Predictably & Consistently)

The kind of questions that get people to stop and think.

Cut right to the heart of the issue.

Dissolve obstacles. Inspire action. Cause the listener to transform in an instant.

Are the genesis to a brilliant idea.

Over and over again, we noticed coaches, managers and professionals of every discipline and even with many years of experience - struggle to generate so called:

  • ‘Killer questions…’
  • ‘Breakthrough questions...’
  • ‘Transformational questions…’
  • ‘Insight generating questions’

Yet the ability to ask these kinds of questions, what we collectively call ‘great questions’ is one of the most powerful and in-demand skills anyone can learn.

So why haven’t more people become better at it?

The Biggest Obstacle

To Asking Great Questions

(That Almost Everyone Is Blind To...)

Everyday each of us relies on our ability to ask questions to make good decisions. To obtain information, to engage, to lead and influence others. 

So why is it so many people struggle at asking great questions?

…when there are hundreds of articles, videos and books that exist to purportedly solve that problem.

Why is it that less and less people can ask a good question these days?

(No mind, are able to do so consistently and predictably do it when it really matters.)

So we took a couple of months to explore the most popular offerings and that’s when it hit us.

99.9% of the questions helping resources people turn to, to ask better questions have a ONE huge limitation (among several) baked-right-in.

They present a fixed set of questions to try and address something that is inherently relational, dynamic and fluid. 

Human beings and human behaviour

It’s no secret that no two humans think the same. 

Or that no two people share the exact same beliefs, attitudes or biases.

So why do so many ‘question frameworks’ and ‘question lists’ treat everyone like they are the exact same – that they think the same, respond the same, feel the same?

When anyone can see that is not how people are.

Why do so many books pitch the idea that there are such things as ‘100 Great Questions’…

…when the truth is...

The magic of great questions is in the RESPONSE it evokes in a specific listener, how it shapes and directs attention – not in a specific word or set of words in a pre-scripted question!

You see there is a method and a structure to how to ask questions which when you understand and use – transforms your ability to generate great questions for yourself or your clients - predictably and consistently.

It all came about after months of reflection, research and debate…

Over 3,000 Hours Of Coaching & Consulting Conversations Reveal The Fastest Path To Dramatically Improve Your Ability To Generate Great Questions

When you conduct over 3,000 hours of coaching and consulting conversations helping people from all kinds of backgrounds and organisations of all sizes (from start-up to Fortune 100) you’re going to learn a LOT about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to asking great questions.

But the mechanics of asking great questions isn’t the big discovery, even though that is what our clients most commonly ask for. 

The big discovery is there are elements that are always present when someone asks a great question that anyone can learn to dramatically improve their ability to ask great questions, insight generating questions, transformational questions.

And elements, that if absent or done in the wrong sequence, drastically reduce your chances of generating great questions, no matter how many books, courses or trainings you take.

After countless hours of testing and practicing different styles of questions and testing what works to generate consistent and predictable results, we has been able to…

Uncover A Simple System That Anyone Can Learn To Ask Great Questions

Now here’s what's really incredible.

While there are a mind boggling number of ways words can be arranged in English to ask a question, there are just 4 elements of great questions you need to know to dramatically improve your ability to ask great questions!

And just 6 elements of great questioning (you can think of these as meta-skills) that when you acquire catapult your skill in asking great questions to a level previously unavailable to you.

Where you get a reputation as someone who truly asks great questions. Questions that change lives.

Unlock the door to greater possibilities. 

This system has been field-tested and refined over 3 decades working with thousands of clients, from ‘everyday people’ to elite athletes, billion dollar CEOs to A-List celebrities and deployed successfully in over 12 industries with startups to Fortune 100 companies. 

The fact is, if you are reading this page, you and I have an incredible advantage because…

For The First Time Ever, Renowned Consultant & Celebrity Coach Michael Breen Is Willing To Hand You The Exact Process

I’ll keep this simple.

This material has never been shared publicly before.

…Until today.

For decades Michael Breen has been recognised by his A-list clients and students alike for his remarkable ability to ask truly great questions.

While many people have approached Michael over the years asking him to teach them how to generate ‘killer questions’… he has repeatedly declined. He’s shared fragments here and there for serious students but the entirety of the system hasn’t been explicitly revealed until now.

Competitors have tried to reverse engineer what he does but failed. They assume it has something to do with his famous ‘Framing Tool.’ 

But don’t understand that is just one part of the system.

3 recent events finally changed his mind:

1. Seeing how many people and businesses are suffering during this pandemic - where, had they learned how to ask better questions – they can create a better outcome and brighter future for themselves, their clients and their careers/businesses.

2. The drift in the coaching industry towards ‘processing clients with fixed questions’ rather than serving our peers, colleagues and clients exquisitely with great questions.

3. The increasing need for managers, coaches and everyday people to ask better questions so they can unlock greater value and impact for their clients, consistently and predictably.

So 8 weeks ago, Michael and I got together and got to work creating something no one has ever seen before.

Our goal was to create the definitive resource for asking great questions, regardless if you are seasoned professional, coach or manager or just starting out to explore the power of asking great questions.

After weeks of recording, revising, cutting and compressing 30 years of experience into 11 hours of video training, organised into 101 high impact videos, we had captured the entire system for anyone to learn.

The result is remarkable.

And now I’m announcing the release of…


Mastering the Elements of Great Questions

Question Lab is a 6 week complete video training that teaches you the elements of great questions and great questioning that Master Coach Michael Breen and I use to ask great questions, so called 'killer questions or breakthrough questions' with clients -- and how you can learn to ask great questions, consistently and predictably too.

So you can coach, manage, problem solve or lead more effectively.

Thereby able to add IMMENSE VALUE in your interactions with others, at work or at home.

The is the complete "go to" SYSTEM we've personally used for decades coaching clients, consulting to Fortune 100 and 500 companies and across multiple industries.

And it's revealed fully for the very first time, inside this BRAND-NEW course.

If you are confused about to how to generate or ask great questions that have the power to transform, or unlock a complex situation in a single conversation, this program is going to teach you how to use questions powerfully to create new potentials, previously not possible for your clients.

If you recognise you could be so much more effective in your work if you only could ask the right questions more of the time, you'll love what Michael teaches in this course.

If you know you struggle to create the kinds of outcomes you want with others or are stuck in the 'advice trap' and don't know how to do things a better way - Question Lab will teach you a simple way that is fluid, unique and powerful.

If you are a seasoned professional and want to dramatically improve your ability to ask better and better questions, and earn a reputation as someone others want in the room because you ask GREAT questions -- this program will show you how to do that and more.

You have everything you need to start generating great questions in no time at all.

Question Lab addresses a hugely important skill, most professionals and people helpers are poor at -- generating great questions.

The video course is comprised of 6 training modules taught by Master Trainer Michael Breen.

Each module contains a series of short training videos and expert assignments so you can begin to put what you learn into practice right away. Each week, over 6 weeks, you will receive access to a new module (including LIVE group training/demonstration sessions) with Michael so you can apply the skills in the order that has the biggest impact.

Here's a small glimpse of what you'll learn inside:

Module 1: The Mindsets of Great Questioners

Acquire The Mental Game That Transforms Your Questioning Skills

Brilliant leaders, coaches, consultants and people helpers don't ask standard questions. They ask questions that draw out the best in people and get them to think. To consider ideas in new ways.

You can't do that if you have the wrong attitude or place yourself as the expert with all the answers, that's why in Module 1, Michael will help you wire up the mindset and attitudes demonstrated by great questioners.

You’ll learn to:

Transform Your Questioning Skills: Learn what you need to know about questions, learned from thousands of hours of professional coaching that transforms your question skills

Get Insights That Matter: The little known principle that lies beneath questions which you can use to create better questions

Clear Up Confusion: The secret of why the SAME question can work great with one person but totally bomb with someone else (understand this and open the door to great questions).

Make Progress Faster: The one success strategy Michael recommends every people helper implement if you want to get better results year after year.

Level-Up Your Mindset: The one simple change that creates powerful impact.

Do More: Michael's 5 simple questions to create better results faster

Transform Your People Helping Skills: Discover why great questions aren’t about the answers — but what they are really all about instead. Master this and transform your questioning skills forever.

Discover What To Drop: Too many people helpers place themselves in the role of the ‘expert’. Discover what Michael suggests you do instead that works even better!

Profound Impact: The 4 filters that have a profound impact on how your questions are received that don’t involve words!

A Superior Process: Learn why we are never asking questions for the purpose of asking questions or collecting data.

Zero In On What Really Matters: What you must do in every interaction if you want your questions to land on target and create change and transformation for your listener. Why suggestions so commonly fail and what to do instead… so they hit their target and provoke a client to make progress

Get Clarity: Deconstruct your own successes and develop greater clarity and elegance about the work you do.

The X Factor: Discover the one practice that MUST be present in yourself if you want to ask better and better questions and ask breakthrough questions naturally

Shift From Procedural To Emergent Coaching: Everyone wants a procedure, but when you learn how to ask great questions – you won’t be tied to procedures ever again and have the freedom to ask people questions that gets them thinking and acting differently.

Module 2: Master The Elements of Great Questioning

Create The Space For Clients To Transform

Before we can learn to ask great questions, we need to familiarise ourselves with the elements of great questioning.

How you ask questions has a huge impact on whether they will be received, listened to and ultimately trigger a response.

In this module you'll:

Discover The 6 Elements of Great Questioning that transform people’s questioning skills from ‘average’ to 'superb!'

How To Create Real Momentum: Discover the one attitude you want to instill in your clients that makes sessions and results just flow but without this, helping others can seem like they are stuck in mud.

Transform Your Listening Skills: Great questioning begins with great listening! Discover the 5 levels of listening so you can 10X your results. 

What To Pay Attention To: in a client’s communication so you can generate breakthroughs quicker.

Master Listening Mechanics: Michael shows you how to relax and receive the full communication that someone makes so you can receive what is said much more clearly.

Deploy Biases That Work: Including the #1 bias Michael recommends to create immediate wins for your colleagues, clients and loved ones.

Advanced Tactics: Learn advanced questioning tactics including why paying attention to the narrative structures and meta commentary can be so powerful yet few communicators know how to do this really well.

Unpack Communication Sub-Text: Learn how to attend to the sub-text present in every communication.

Enhance Your Tracking Skills: Learn how to track through a conversation - it is a skill that becomes really important when generating breakthrough questions.

Eliminate What Doesn’t Work: There are many ways how people listen gets in the way of great questioning. Discover how to eliminate the most debilitating unconscious patterns that interfere with great questioning.

Level Up Linguistically: The power of phrasal verbs, sub-modalities and time and space words to take your questions to the next level.

Leverage Attention: Learn how to guide people’s attentions through your questions so new levels of results become possible.

Acquire Expert Strategies: Learn what master coaches and expert change agents pay attention to when they ask questions that enable them to create transformations where others fail.

Metrics That Matter: Learn about the two metrics that let you know if you are being effective or not.

Pivotal Moments: Learn what they are, why they matter and how smart coaches, managers and leaders use them to their advantage to demonstrate great questioning.

Leverage Counter-Intuitive Tips: Discover why listening without a compulsion to respond can be so powerful in creating transformations for others.

Catalyse Resources Better: Master the expert thinking process to help you quickly catalyse resources and evoke action.

Spot Warning Signs: Discover the 3 traits that determine if your clients will listen and take action or your questions and suggestions.

How To Use Softeners The Right Way: For those contexts and times when asking directly may result in unwanted effects.

Go-To Tools & Tactics: Including Michael’s go-to linguistic tool for creating more engagement and ownership

Deploy The Right Question Style: The role of open vs closed, direct vs indirect questions and the importance of choosing the right questioning style depending on who your client is…

And much more.

Module 3: Master The Elements of Great Questions

Ask Great Questions And Good Things Will Follow...

Great questions come in many forms but they all share a common pattern. In this module you will learn the 4 elements of great questions that transform the speed, ease and class of results you can create with others.

You’ll learn:

What great questions actually do…

The 4 Elements of Great Questions – learn the 4 filters that when you use and combine enable you to recognise and create great questions.

How To Use Language Powerfully: Discover how a simple change of a single word can make a huge difference in how your clients process your questions.

What To Do: What you need to do to ask great questions from the get go…

What Not To Do: So you ask the right questions and not get lost pursuing answers that aren’t important

Get The Sequence Right: Great questions have an order to them. Learn how great questions travel in sequences and discover the #1 thing you must attend that most people overlook

The Process To Ask Great Questions They Have Impact: Great questions are much more than repeating a question from a book, learn how to develop questions that have impact by using what your clients have overlooked.

Counter-Intuitive Practices That Yield Big Results: There are a handful of uncommon practices that anyone can do to dramatically raise their questions skills & results.

How To Target What’s Actually Important For Transformation: Learn where to focus your questions and how to sequence them to make change and transformation inevitable…

Expert Insights on How To Language Questions: How to use language to create the frame right to help clients hear and process your questions more effectively. 

Question Heuristics For Being Far More Effective: Discover powerful heuristics Michael Breen has developed from tens of thousands of hours of one-to-one coaching, consulting, facilitating and training so you can make 

Powerful Ways To Help Your Clients: Michael reveals his go-to tips, tricks and tactics to asking great questions, eliminating problems and using language powerfully that most coaches don’t know.

Become A Resource Catalyst: The simple way to think through resource requirements so you can help your clients go from impossible to possible to done – faster than they ever realised.

Break The Rules: The key questions to ask yourself – so you keep getting better and better and how to use 3 elements of language to blow past your own and other people’s limitations. 

Acquire Expert Strategies: Learn what master coaches and expert change agents pay attention to when they ask questions that enable them to create transformations where others fail.

Easy Wins: What great change agents and influencers presuppose in their questions that average managers, coaches and leaders don’t.

Thought Provoking & Entertaining Examples: Hear thought-provoking examples of great questions and great questioning in action as Michael recounts interactions from coaching sessions, pitching and training. 

Module 4: The Components of Great Questions

Take Your Ability To Use Language Intentionally To A Whole Other Level

In module 4 Michael shifts focus to the components of great question themselves – presuppositions.

If you want to ask better questions, great questions – learning to use of presuppositions intentionally and elegantly is a MUST. That’s why in module 4… 

…you’ll learn:

What presuppositions are and why they are SO important.

How Presuppositions Function: So your questions created the desired effect...

Guide Conversations Elegantly: Understand why and how presuppositions matter if you want to be able to do elegant and fast conversational change work.

Ask Powerful Questions: Begin to ask questions at a level much higher than people who ask questions from a book.

Tune Up Your Ability To Hear & Use Presuppositions Skillfully: Discover how even with the simplest of sentences there is tremendous sophistication behind them which you can leverage in creating great questions.

Ask Questions More Strategically: By leveraging the function different questions can serve.

Avoid Common Traps: So you don’t accidentally reinforce the problem and keep your clients stuck! 

Guide Attention Elegantly: Presuppositions are powerful because they guide people’s attention and affect the inferences they will and won’t make. Learn how to use this to your client’s advantages.

Deploy Advanced Language Skills: Discover how you can use ‘inferential chains’ to ask great questions that change everything for your listeners

Better Your Own Life: See how easily you can apply powerful language insights to yourself so you can change your own life quickly.

Detect Limits People Have Unconsciously Set – so you can change them.

Go Beyond Your Tools: Did you know every tool, framework and approach carries with it their own axioms and presuppositions? These axioms directly impact the questions you will and won't think of, so they are really important. Michael shows you how to go beyond them so you can continue to ask better questions for your clients and of the tools you use and know. 

Create Great Questions On The Fly: Discover the meta-questioning pattern that Michael uses to generate great questions time and again. When you know this you won’t need to use other people’s questions.

Module 5: Powerful Questioning Frameworks

Leverage Michael’s Elite Frameworks For Asking Great Questions

When we designed this course, we wanted to give people a set of tools that anyone of any skill level could get immediate increase in the quality of the questioning and results they can create. That’s why in module 5 we’ll show you how you can combine two of Michael’s best coaching and question generating tools to help you hone your skill of asking better and better questions.

In module 5 you’ll learn:

The Secret To Generating Great Questions: Hint: It’s all in how you…

How to use language to place problems in the past.

What to do when a client tells you “I don’t know what I want!”

Get Clarity: Discover which kind of questions to ask for different stages of a typical coaching/people helping conversation.

Know What To Do When…: Understand how each part of the coaching interaction functions and what kind of questions you are looking to answer during different stages.

Get The Blueprint … for how successful coaching conversation flows from one stage to another and how the question you use must change too – if you want to create outcomes that deliver quantifiable and measurable results. 

Leverage Michael Breen’s World-Class Coaching Framework. This powerful framework will guide you through each step of the coaching process so by the end of the training you’ll be able to see for yourself how great questions function at different stages of a typical coaching conversation.

Learn To Think Better: Watch as Michael shows you how to think through client challenges and issues better so you can see how he creates breakthroughs for clients using powerful questions.

Deploy Michael’s #1 Questioning Tool: Discover how the Framing Tool can be used in connection with Michael’s elite coaching frameworks to generate great questions on the fly. 

Discover How To Ask Penetrating Questions – that cause your people to think about things in entirely new and better ways.

Better Your Own Life: See how easily you can apply powerful language insights to yourself so you can change your own life quickly.

Expose The Holes In Your Bucket so you can fix them and radically up your game.

Raise Your Question IQ: By paying attention to the effects your questions create…

Trigger Motivation: In your clients by learning to ask state building questions.

Live Coaching Examples: Listen in as you hear Michael demonstrates great questioning and ‘conversational coaching’ with real clients. Then watch the…Director’s Cut: Where Tom and Michael reveal step-by-step how different components of what is taught in question lab is put into action with real clients. 

Install A Strategy Via Questions! Hear a detailed example of a live coaching interaction where Michael demonstrates how to install a strategy using via questions. This is a super powerful and advanced skill that when applied, can be incredibly useful in both executive and life coaching contexts.

Module 6: LIVE Client Demonstrations

Expert Video Recordings From The Live Masterclasses Where Michael Breen

Demonstrates The Question Lab Method LIVE With Real People

In Module 6, you get to sit back and ‘look over Michael’s shoulder’ as he demonstrates key aspects of the Question Lab process with SIX deep dive client coaching conversations.

During these sessions, Michael demos how to use different aspects of the Question Lab method with REAL PEOPLE, live and completely unscripted so you can see for yourself how effective, conversational and powerful this approach is.

During Live Sessions, Michael get the 'yellow highlighter out', and reveal in explicit detail exactly what he is doing so students can learn how to create similar effects themselves.

Expect to have your understanding of how questions are asked and how to use them skilfully and elegantly radically expanded. Michael will also include several practical things you can implement from attending.

You'll be able to:

  • Watch the recorded live client sessions from the comfort of your own home
  • See the Question Lab method applied to coaching, therapy, personal development and business contexts as Michael helps clients navigate the challenges they face
  • Witness how Michael’s adapts the Question Lab approach to fit the client’s needs making the results so much more powerful
  • See what’s possible when you apply the same method yourself
  • See how to use language, framing mechanics and non-verbal communication to ask great questions consistently and predictable
  • Plus much more…

Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn:

How to help clients think differently, quickly

How to identify what the real issue behind the presenting issue clients’ bring

Why ‘canned questions’ and question scripts are the least effective way to create deep transformations

The simple way to ‘setup the client for change’ before the change occurs…

Why you should never make this mistake that causes clients to get overwhelmed

What to do if a client doesn’t know what they want

How to skilfully expand the solution space for your clients

The 1st intervention when a client discovers is causing them pain…

How to use presuppositions skilfully to open the door for a client to change

See powerful demonstrations of great questioning in action

When it’s OK to ask client’s very direct questions so you provoke new insights…

How to help clients figure out what they really want when their initial perspective is clouded

Why the client is not already ready to move yet and what to do that makes a move possible

Multiple ways to setup and frame your questions within a conversation to they have impact!

Why every question reveals far more than most people realise…

They key non-verbal patterns to watch for that SIGNAL something different is happening…

When it is OK to not quantify and qualify a client’s goal statement

The importance of pace and tone when helping people discover and access resources to get unstuck

Why Michael recommends you should do this ONE thing that will instantly elevate your effectiveness and make you far more likely to create a transformation for others

Where to explore to find ample resources for your clients to solve their own challenges and problems

How to quickly change the point of view a client holds with a single question

How to help clients overcome their ‘story’ so they get out of their own way

Why the success or failure of your interactions will frequently hang on this one thing that even experienced people helpers, coaches and change agents get wrong

Plus much more…

By The Time You Have

Completed This Training You Will Have:


Acquired the mental game so you are primed to naturally ask great questions...

So you find yourself asking better questions and generating better responses from the existing questions you ask.


Operationalised The Elements of Great Questioning

Discovered the essential skills fundamental to great questioning so you can create the context for your questions to be listened to and have IMPACT.

Mastered The Elements Of Great Questions

So you know what to look for and how to frame your questions so they are far more likely to create breakthroughs, insights and transformations with others.

Supercharged Your Ability To Language Questions Effectively

By mastering how you use presuppositions powerfully to create specific effects and discovered how even a single word can create a profound change for others.

Learned Powerful Frameworks For Asking Great Questions

By deploying Michael's "go-to" framework for people helpers of all levels to create results fast, regardless of the kind of work you do that involves asking questions of others.

Experienced Multiple Live Demonstrations & Examples of Great Questioning In Action

So you build your 'database' of what great questioning looks and sounds like - and how great questions often travel in sequences.

Who This Is For

Question Lab is for anyone who wants to:

Dramatically improve their ability to ask great questions, breakthrough questions or transformational questions in the context of helping others

Could benefit from learning a structured and proven approach to asking better questions, developed from thousands of hours of in-the-field experience from a renowned executive coach who has used these skills to coach CEO’s of fortune 500 companies, member’s of royalty, A-list celebrities and everyday folks.

Recognise they suffer from the 'Advice Trap' and want to learn a better way to engage with clients, collegues, friends or loved ones.

Are eager to master the elements of great questions and great questioning

Are keen to learn advanced communication and question skills that have the power to change lives and careers.

Warning: This course will forever change the way you think about questions, use questions and create outcomes with others. It's ideal for anyone who works with other people or whose job involves getting people to think, generate insights, and take action.

Whether you are a coach, consultant, manager, sales professional, IT professional, business person, people helper, parent or entrepreneur -- Question Lab shows you how to ask great questions.

Note: No prior NLP training is necessary to use this course. If you have any questions about your readiness to do this training you can contact our support team here who are happy to advise.

OK, let’s talk about what you’ll receive when you invest today.

What You'll Receive

The Entire Question Lab Video Series

110 Expert Training Videos!

(VALUE: $2,500.00)

Question Lab is jam-packed with dozens of powerful strategies, distinctions and tools to help you dramatically improve your ability to ask great questions! Watch and learn as renowned coach and NLP Master trainer Michael Breen teaches you how to zero in on what is most important, capture client’s attention quickly and formulate questions that make a whole new levels of results possible!

110 Audio Files

(VALUE: $997.00)

Sometimes it’s not suitable or possible to watch videos. That’s why we’ve also made the entire program available in mp3 format, so you can listen and learn as you commute, exercise or take it with you on the road.

Each module comes with accompanying audios which you can download and use on your smartphone, tablet or computer for easy offline listening.

21 Question Lab Assignments

(VALUE: $497.00)

Question Lab is all about helping your dramatically increase your ability to ask great questions. That's why we have created 21 bespoke assignments to help you quickly develop your question skills.


3 Unique Masterclass Video Recordings

(VALUE: $1,500.00)

In addition to world class training you'll receive from Michael on how to ask great questions, you'll also receive access to our Question Lab LIVE Client Sessions recordings where our inaugural customers joined us for a series of 3 exclusive live masterclasses. In these masterclasses Michael demonstrates key aspects of the Question Lab method, demonstrates live coaching and deconstructs how different components of the Question Lab process work together.

Private Members Portal

(VALUE: $497.00)

In addition to the live client sessions, we want you to be able to ask specific questions as you work your way through the course.

That's why we are also including a Private Group chat area within the training portal where you can submit questions directly below videos and get additional support clarification and feedback whenever you need it.

And in case you don't know who Michael Breen is, here's a quick overview...

Meet Your Instructor - Michael Breen


Michael has:

Spent 30+ years as a coach working at the top tier of the coaching world with a dream list of clients from A-list celebrities, royalty, politicians, board level executives, and everyday people looking to improve their lives.

Built 3 multi-million pound business in the coaching, training, and consultancy space and lead international coaching projects for major multinationals.

Revolutionized the design and delivery of NLP training in the UK, co-founding the largest NLP training school in the world.

For decades, he co-ran workshops with Dr. Richard Bandler & Paul McKenna

He was even hired by a major multinational to model the world's very best coaches (folks who charge tens of thousands) and teach what top coaches do to other coaches and business leaders.

Michael's also a top-notch management consultant to numerous Fortune 500 companies and is known as the coaches' coach, and one of the top 30 Elite Executive Coaches in Europe.

So you're in great hands... But don’t take my word for it. Hear…

What Our Customers Say

About Question Lab

Leverage Over 30 Years of Research, Testing & Enquiry In How To Ask Great Questions, Which Has Been Field-Tested For Decades With A-List Clients & Corporations...

Questions are the best way to create insights, solve problems and create breakthroughs.

The sad truth is the art of asking great questions, so called 'killer questions' or breakthrough questions is sorely lacking in most people. Few people, even coaches, consultants and managers are trained in how to do this well.

That's changes with Question Lab.

What Michael teaches is the product of 30+ years of professional coaching and consulting experience working with an incredible list of A-List clients and multinational corporations.

It's the method and tools he goes to when his clients need to get results quickly and have struggled (frequently) for years to address a specific issue or problem. It's how he generates great questions time and time again in high pressure contexts where doing what everyone else does, simply isn't going to cut it.

He's going to teach you the most important elements you need to know to be able to generate great questions, more of the time, quickly and easily.

Best of all, it doesn't require you to memorise a fixed set of questions because...

Discover Fresh Insights,

Tools & Strategies

Question Lab isn't a coaching course. Nor is it like other coaching courses.

It's an entire system that anyone in any profession can use to come up with and ask great questions consistently and predictably.

Michael won't be asking you to memorise a long list of questions to ask.

Michael also won't be handicapping you by teaching you a rigid approach to asking questions that you could pick up in a $10 coaching book. Or covered in a weekend personal development course.

We won't be measuring your success by how well you can regurgitate the latest popular 'coaching questions'. Those things change all the time, are easily to duplicate and have limited effectiveness if you want to exquisitely serve your clients.

Question Lab is about develop deep skills in the art of asking great questions. You can use it for coaching, mentoring, training, consulting -- any situation where part of your role is to ask great questions of others.

Everything in this program has been fully tested and refined over decades of in-the-field experience working in a wide variety of contexts, across many industries and clients.

Therefore if you aren't interested in developing powerful questioning skills that you can use anywhere with anyone, then this course isn't for you.

What Michael teaches gives you unique knowledge and tools to ask great questions in the widest variety of contexts to create real results fast. It has been proven to work time and time again, and will work long into the future.

Because everything taught is based on thousands of hours of real contexts, working at the highest levels of business, coaching and consulting -- where this method has been used to create genuine breakthroughs for clients over and over again.

I'm so confident about this course...

I Am Giving You A Full 30 Day “Test Drive” Absolutely Risk Free

That’s right.

If you’re not 110% happy with this product… you can get every single

penny back within 30 days of your purchase.

You have a full 30 days to try out this program.

Go through the programme. Do the exercises. Apply what you learn.

And then decide if you want to keep the product or not.

If it's not THE BEST TRAINING you've ever had on asking great questions, ask for your money back within 30 days for a full no hassle refund.

But honestly, I’m not worried at all about you asking for a refund…

Because that is how MUCH I believe in this course.

But I urge you to hurry.

Question Lab is one of the most useful and practical programs we've ever created and will attract people from many different backgrounds.

Michael wants to attract students who want to really transform their ability to ask great questions consistently and predictably.

That’s why I highly recommend that you get your copy now by clicking the “Get Instant Access Now” button below...

Yes! I'd Like Instant Access to Questions Lab so I can learn how to formulate and ask great questions consistently and predictably even if I currently suck at asking great questions!

I'm Ready to Master The Elements of Great Questions so I Can Get Get The Respect, Authority and More of The Opportunities I Deserve!

I understand when I enrol I get:

MODULE 1: The Mindsets of Great Questioners - VALUE: $500.00

MODULE 2: The Elements of Great Questioning - VALUE: $500.00

MODULE 3: The Elements of Great Questions - VALUE: $500.00

MODULE 4: The Components of Great Questions - VALUE $500.00

MODULE 5: Powerful Questioning Frameworks - VALUE $500.00

MODULE 6: Question Lab Live - Client Sessions - 3 x Masterclasses

  • Masterclass #1 - Opening Sessions The Right Way - VALUE: $500.00
  • Masterclass #2 - Essential Skills: Set-up and Framing Your Questions - VALUE: $500.00
  • Masterclass #3 - Conversational Transformation - VALUE: $500.00

110 Question Lab Training Audios – Mastering The Elements of Great Questions - VALUE: $997.00

21 Question Lab Assignments - VALUE: $197.00

Private Member Group - VALUE: $497.00

Total Value: $5,991.00

Just $1,997

See you in the training,


P.S. Asking great questions is a superpower. It's how to be indispensable.

Unlike almost every other skill you can learn, learning to ask great questions doesn't age. It actually becomes more valuable with time.

Increasingly in many disciplines, coming up with great questions is more valuable than having the answers. This is especially true for those of us who work as people helpers, managers and leaders. Unfortunately most people have never learned how to ask great questions.

And every day that you delay not mastering this critical skill, is costing you and your career.

Question Lab is a complete video training that teaches you how to ask really good/great questions based on over 3,000 hours of real-world experience working with coaching and consulting clients.

It reveals the building blocks behind great questions.

Shows you elements that are present when great questioning is occurring.

And doesn't require you to memorise a single question!

Knowing how to ask great questions is a must for any serious professional.

If you coach, manage or mentor others, if you want to create transformations; you need to be able to ask the right questions to create profound change.

Up until now, there was no easy way to learn this awesome skill - that all changes with this. Order your copy today.

P.P.S. Great questions create connections, inspire action, dissolve obstacles, can spark brilliant ideas and insights, unlock breakthroughs and high performance.

How many other skills do you know that can do all that?

Learning how to ask great questions, more predictably and consistently is the biggest leverage you can give yourself, your career or your business.

Question Lab gives you the practical skills to dramatically improve your questioning ability so you can learn how to ask great questions and get the recognition, respect and rewards you deserve.

Don't miss out on learning this critical skill! Secure your copy today.

Total Value: $5,991.00

Just $1,997

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