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Introducing The BEST Way To PROTECT Yourself AND Your Future From


The Field's First And Only

“NLP On-Boarding Accelerator”

You Can Use Anywhere

& With Everyone

(To Transform The Outcomes You Are Getting

With Yourself & Others... In Just 7 Hours!)

This fast-paced accelerator is the easiest and most up-to-date path to learn NLP the right way - so you can achieve more, get more and have more… in just 7 hours!

The best part? By the end of this accelerator — you’ll be able to do more with NLP, implement it in to your life far better and avoid the costly mistakes that many NLPers who invest thousands of dollars and many weeks to study NLP are making…

From The Desk Of Tom O'Connor

London, United Kingdom

Dear Friend,

From Sydney to Mumbai, London to New York and Tokyo to Moscow I’ve been hearing worrying things about NLP.

Things that literally left me

… stunned in disbelief…

It’s happening in Europe.

It’s occurring in the Middle East.

It might even be worse in Asia.

And most importantly of all, I suggest you…

Read This Immediately

Because It Directly Affects You

Because if you are a student of NLP or you are just starting out on your journey with NLP and are interested in learning how to use the technology of NLP effortlessly and in powerfully ways with other people and in everyday situations there’s something you really need to know…

It’s NOT something that you’ll read on Facebook or watch on YouTube.

It’s NOT something you’ll hear from seminar gurus.

It’s something that has been whispered for a few years now in the green room of workshops and over drinks among true masters of the technology.

You see for some time now, a small group of top-tier NLPers have been concerned about…

The Emerging Crisis

Affecting The World of NLP...

You might not have heard about it.

But believe me when I say those of us who have been around NLP for decades are seeing more and more evidence of the crisis every day.

More and more students are missing major chunks of skills and practical knowledge about how to apply NLP that used to be present in the community but are increasingly absent.

Many deep “insider” secrets which were once available and enable savvy NLPers to do ‘magical’ things are now just… gone.

Leaving many current and future NLPers at a loss.

In fact, over the past 10 years I’ve noticed a worrying trend…

Literally thousands of NLPers from all around the world (both newcomers and seasoned pros) are showing symptoms that even after lots of NLP training many didn’t know how to apply NLP effortlessly to really better their life.

Many NLPers, within the safe space of an anonymous feedback form, have confessed to me that they struggle to use NLP in the real world and that their implementation of the technology is clunky at best.

Their results hit-and-miss.

Their confidence with the toolkit — well, lacking.

So I decided to investigate how could so many people, who have in many cases invested several thousands of dollars to learn the best self-improvement technology in the world struggle so much.

And frequently can do so little.

How could so many NLPers from all over the world be experiencing the same issue?

I scoured the Internet for clues.

I talked with many NLPers in person and online and here’s what I discovered:

In many, many places around the world - the way NLP is being taught to the next generation of students is so watered down, disconnected, disorganised from how the technology actually works and how real pros use NLP as to be practically unrecognizable.

And if this pattern continues - it could lead to the end of NLP as we know it. 

Here’s the thing: 

The number of people teaching NLP has exploded but the quality of the training has gone DOWN. 

(Compared to what NLP students could demonstrate in the 80s and early 90s.) 

Sure the labels and buzz-words in NLP are still there… 

And the standard course curriculum — which is now much expanded. 

BUT when I interrogated the data, questions and surveys submitted from NLP students all around the world… 

…I quickly discovered that…

Most NLPers And Many Trainers Have

Never Got How The Toolkit Of

NLP Functions As A Whole...

(Which Means They're Struggle To Use NLP Transformationally)

Hence new students are left at a loss...

While more experienced students, who never got the connections of how the technology functions as whole interconnected technology - struggle to apply NLP in the real world.

Or worse, can’t get NLP to function at all.

This left my astonished.

How could this be?

When there are so many trainers offering courses on NLP.

From Singapore to Chicago I spoke with newly certified NLP practitioners and master practitioners and learned that in many NLP training schools today - people are not being taught the fundamental principles and connection between different parts of NLP.

They simply aren’t present in the learning transfer.

So students never make the deeper connections to how the tech really works.

As a result many students are using a far weaker, ineffective and disjointed version of NLP and think this watered down NLP is actually the real technology!

So they struggle to change their lives and help others.

The struggle to change their beliefs.

They try-and-fail at using NLP on themselves.

They're robbed of learning the infinite ways you can use NLP in your everyday life to make it better and better.

If this continues unchanged…

My Prediction Is...

The REAL Technology


...in as little as a couple more generations!

The bright beacon lit by the early NLP founders will eventually be snuffed out. 

NOT because the technology isn’t incredible. 

Nor because it is difficult to learn.

Not even because something better comes along. 

But simply — too few people genuinely know how the technology really works.

And how to make it work for you.

Too many are left confused on how to translate 'training room NLP' to the real world.

Therefore, too few of us are using it daily to enrich our lives to achieve what we want. 

And even less have had learned the actual secrets and latest innovations of NLP so they can use it

everywhere, with everyone. 


Most NLP Students Struggle

To Succeed Wildly And Achieve Their Dreams

Because They Are Missing Key Skills

The skills that really make a difference if you want to:

•     Get better and better

•     Achieve greater success with less effort

•     Genuinely program your mind to respond in ways you want

•     Have more confidence

•    Take action effortlessly

The kinds of skills that once learned are nearly impossible to forget and dramatically improve your life, relationships, income, health and career. 

Day by day. 

Week by week. 

Month by month. 

Year in, year out. 

Skills that catapult you into the DRIVING SEAT. 

Automatically flips the switch on the inside… 

…and changes how you think, feel and act… 

…eliminating any reason why you can’t pursue and accomplish whatever you want

So this got me thinking about…

How Can You Succeed Much More

And Stop Making The Same Mistakes

That Others Have Made Or Are Making?

The answer hit me like a bolt of lighting:

By getting on-board NLP in the right way.

But what does that look like?

Pretty much doing the oppposite of how most people learn NLP.

If you’re just starting out — it begins with creating specific experiences of using the technology of NLP within yourself first - so you learn NLP from the inside out.

Getting a feel for how the technology works within you before learning how to use this remarkable technology to create breakthroughs for others.

In essence - this approach is about prioritizing skills over tricks and techniques.

It’s what true masters of NLP have done to become so good in the shortest time possible, with the least wasted-effort.

If you’ve already studied quite a bit or a lot of NLP... it’s about taking the time to fill in the missing chunks in your skills so you can create much better results. Unlearning what doesn't work for you and upgrading your skills and capability to use the technology dramatically.

You see, skillsets are built in a sequence — there is an order to certain things — and if that order is missing or faulty; confusion and failure WILL follow.

On the other hand — building the skills in the right order — and everything changes… almost overnight.

NLP becomes your secret superpower.


NLP is so much more than a handful of techniques.

It's an advanced behavioural technology. Those trained in it well don't just know a bunch of techniques (they are the least important things to know). People who have got on-board with NLP have an incredibly practical and powerful 'operating system' and world-class tools they can use to improve any area of your life. And the lives of others.

Sadly many students exposed to NLP today never get to realise even 10% of its power.

That's all about to change...

I challenged one of the finest NLP trainers in the world, Michael Breen, to create the ultimate 'NLP on-boarding accelerator’ course - that anyone; new or experienced NLPer - could use right away to create genuinely transformational results with themselves or others, as quickly as possible.

And teach NLP in a way that's dead easy to get, where you avoid common mistakes that students make and demonstrates how easily you can create life-transforming outcomes for yourself or others, using a select set of NLP tools and distinctions.

Oh, and I wanted him to give you all that with just 7 hours training!

It was a big ask, but Michael's a true master at designing and delivering trainings that help people acquire real-world skills fast.

That's what top companies around the globe pay him for -- to get them BIG results!

So he got to work compressing his 35 years experience teaching NLP to over a 100,000 people and put together a first of its kind, NLP accelerator that will take you further in 7 hours than spending weeks with most others.

I grabbed my cameras and editing team to attend it live so you could have a front-row seat!

Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn:

Get On-Board NLP

The Right Way...

Learn the way NLP is used by masters today, not from 1970 - discover how some techniques in NLP are for the archeology books and why there are many newer and better ways to create change using NLP.
The Road Less Travelled: That separates NLP from other fields and lead to so many breakthrough technologies…
A Brilliant Explanation of What NLP is and what it’s not!
Powerful Behavioural Insights: Learn why behaviors (your own and others) are not mystical but follow a natural logic that anyone with the right skill can leverage…
Myth Busting: Why NLP is not a a therapy or a science… (as some folks want you to believe…) Discover what NLP is really all about.
Jargon Demystified: Learn key NLP concepts you can use immediately to create far better results than you are getting right now.
Meet The Reality Maker: Discover the fascinating way our nervous system creates our reality and the implications this has on we and others experience the world.
The Neuro-Logic Behind All Behaviour: Learn the simple mechanism by which humans fail to act vs times when they make good decisions. Understand this and getting yourself or others to take action becomes much, much easier.
Insights On How To Use Key Tools Better: There are many different ways to use the toolkit of NLP - only a handful yield first class results. Learn how to use the toolkit elegantly right here.
Pitfalls to Avoid: Discover the big mistake that most NLP books and courses make that handicaps people using NLP in their everyday life…
Rapid Programming: Find out how quickly are brains can be programmed to have strong responses.
See The Code: NLP focuses a lot on how people create their reality. Discover where to look to uncover how people have coded their reality.
Make Change Happen: Discover a essential insights about how change really happens and why it can happen much easier than many people expect.
Deep insights on NLP from cybernetics and its important implications for how you use the toolkit of NLP well.
Get Beyond Your Comfort Zone: What comfort zones are all about and how to trick your body to make getting out of your comfort zone easier...
Learn what NLP anchoring is and how it happens everywhere. We can’t help but be affected by this amazing process.
Create Change Faster: Discover the missing key most students have overlooked.
Laugh as you Learn: Learning with Michael is fun — hear the little known funny story about the first time Michael met Richard Bandler… Richard’s remark was hilarious. Michael’s response was brilliant!

Overcome Personal Limitations

(And Change Who You Are for the Better.)

People have far more potential than they realize. But most people stop far short of their potential - because they believe in their limitations.

Let Michael Breen show you proven methods to overcome limitations by applying the technology of NLP in simple yet powerful ways.

Watch & Learn How To Get Beyond Your Limits: Hear how Michael's physical challenges as a toddler set him up to find a powerful strategy to make the very best of any impairments.
Change Your Inner Critic: Leverage Michael’s 3-Step process to transform your inner critic for good. Changing this one thing alone is transformational.
Choose Your Identity: Watch Michael powerful example of why you shouldn’t build your identify off of any label and what he suggests instead.
Reprogram Your Mind: Take control over ‘ney-seyers’ by mastering this one simple trick… and stop letting yourself be stopped by ‘because…’
Confidence Demystified: Find out the simple strategy to having more confidence in front of groups.

Amplify Your

State, Power & Influence

By having the freedom to modify your state and discovering how to affect the states of others -- you increase your power to influence massively.

True masters of NLP have demonstrated this for decades.

Watch as Michael shows you how to use your state intentionally to gain more power over yourself so you can have greater influence!

You'll learn to...

Free Your Mind: Discover how language and emotions can jail or liberate us…
Be Your Own Wizard: Words have POWER. Learn how language really works…
Level-Up Your Persuasive Power: People want what they want, so instead of fighting it - learn these little known master communicators trick to having others take on (your) new ideas without resistance!
Make Change Stick: Discover a little known insight about how human senses work that majorly affects how you create results using techniques and whether the techniques you try will work.
Language Tricks That Motivate: Discover how by just changing one word you can trigger the motivation response from others and trigger action…

That’s when Michael ups the game again and shows you how to…

Discover How To Change Reality

(The Formula For Transforming Your Life)

Changing reality is far easier than you think.

As Michael Breen is fond of saying:

“If you want to change your life — you need to learn how to get out of your own way.”

Problem is, few people are even aware of how they are getting in their own way, no mind how to alter it.

So that’s why this workshop if FULL of examples of people learning how to get out of their own way — changing reality in an instant — and transforming their lives fast.


The Magic Trick To Creating Instant Clarity - Learn a powerful method to create instant clarity on your goals and dreams.
Life Beyond ‘The Secret’: Once you get this insight about manifestation — you’ll never worry about manifesting what you want again!
Reality Re-Worked: Watch Michael demonstrate the mind-bending insight about reality that’s missed by almost everyone who studies personal development and NLP!
Realise More of Your Dreams: Michael reveals the top-notch coaching strategy he uses with clients who struggle to realise their dreams — so anyone who cares to use it — can have much, much more of what they want.
The Antidote for Stress: What Michael recommends you do in situations you can’t control that acts as an antidote to stress.
Want MORE?: Discover the surprising insight about ultra rich people that will get you thinking and acting differently when you really let it sink in…
The Must-See Motivational Video Michael recommends to all his students that reveals everything you need to know to getting and staying motivated on any goal! More Influence. More Power: What you must always keep in mind if you want to persuade, influence or help others change quickly and without resistance…
More Power: What you must always keep in mind if you want to persuade, influence or help others change quickly and without resistance…

Learn How To Be Truly Resourceful

And Problem Solve Far, Far Better...

With a new found sense of motivation and drive to change your life for the better - inevitably you are likely to face some setbacks and problems. At NLP TIMES we don’t pretend you won’t face challenges - we welcome them!

That’s why Michael’s teaches you the mindset and behavioural patterns exhibited by truly resourceful people along with sharing powerful tools, tricks and tactics to problem solve like a pro!

You’ll learn:

A Multi-Million Dollar Problem Solving Technique that creates clarity, action and eliminates blocks you can do in minutes!
How To Add Immediate Value: The 3 simple questions that instantly add massive value in any problem solving conversation [this is the perfect tool for anyone who has to problem solve as part of their job]
The Easy Way To Create Momentum: Discover the magic trick to creating momentum and keep people moving forward!
Resource Finder: Hear how to cultivate a truly resourceful attitude to life, regardless of what challenges or circumstances arise.
Mind-Expanding Insights From Neuroscience: Hear about the incredible experiment done by neuroscientists which turned our understanding of how the brain works upside down and it’s role in how people stay stuck vs those who don’t.
A Slick Problem Solving Move That Works With Everyone: Discover the slick covert problem solving tactic Michael’s been using for years to help clients get distance on their problems in minutes...
Trigger Action In Others: The 4 step pattern to getting someone to take action easily, even if they’ve been struggling to make progress for years.

Learn To Control

The Quality Of Your Thoughts

( Reprogram Your Mind To SEE Possibilities)

NLP offers many incredibly powerful tools to reprogram your life.

That’s why in this section of the course Michael shows you how easily you can reprogram your mind, change your sense of time and change your emotions. Invaluable skills that will last you a lifetime.

You’ll learn:

The powerful role NLP strategies and our senses serve in creating our everyday experience (and the results you can create).
Change Negative Memories: How you can change negative memories by changing the qualities of your thoughts and making it stick.
The Right Way To Work With NLP Techniques: A critical insight about how to work with NLP techniques that many students miss.
Alter Your Sense of Time: Experience how you perceive time and how quickly you can change your felt experience of time in a snap.
Expand Your Personal Presence: Learn a super powerful NLP trick that overcomes public speaking jitters that works like crazy.
Move The Mental Slider: Discover simple tricks to remove the intensity of unpleasant experience and how to intensify good ones!
Achieve More Goals: Leverage this super cool NLP Jedi trick that achieves more goals. Find out how to train your brain to make your goals rich and compelling so you are continuously making action toward their realization!

Experience More

Joy, Happiness & Confidence

One of the reasons I love NLP so much is because it gives anyone who is skilled with the technology the tools they need to experience more joy, happiness and confidence right now.

AND shows you how you can generate much better results in their life when you follow specific success patterns.

Many students of NLP TIMES have reported to me the profound difference learning NLP has made to their lives.

Life goes from being in ‘black and white’, same-old-same, sort of “OK” — to rich, exciting and multicolored!

Full of possibilities.

That’s why no training would be complete without Michael’s unique brand of wisdom and practical advice on how to be happier, content and joyful.

You’ll learn:

How To Have a Happier Childhood: Apply the one practice Michael suggests you do today to have a more happy childhood.
The Surprising Key To Happiness that anyone can do that can radically improve your level of happiness and satisfaction immediately.
The Trick To Getting Better And Better: Discover the simplest way to make your life better and better, year after year.
Joy on Tap… Discover the one ‘program’ to install in yourself if you want to be joyful and happy well in to old age, regardless of how much or how little you have.
Stay Sane In An UnSane World: Learn 2 key questions that will help you stay sane in an increasingly unsane world…

But that's not all...

Witness Masterful NLP In Action

With Live Demonstrations

At NLP TIMES we say:

"The learning is in the doing.”

Hence throughout this program you’ll see multiple demonstrations (both overt and covert) with workshop participants showing you how easy and elegantly the technology of NLP can be used to create lasting transformations for others.

By seeing a master in action and hearing case studies of how it’s used in real life contexts — you’ll begin to connect with the technology on a deeper level and link up how practical and powerful the technology can be to improve any area of your life.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll see:

Mission Impossible?: Hear the WILD true story of Michael helping a woman overcome an intense phobia of flying on TV - while flying in a giant Hercules plane at 15,000 feet with the back door wide-open!
Speed Change: Watch as Michael helps a participant work through a chronic problem he’s had in just minutes.
Overcoming Stalled Decisions: Watch as Michael helps a client transform their life by working triggering action on an important decision they’d been stalled on for years.
Being Resourceful: Watch as Michael shares a powerful change in attitude he uses himself that can transform the quality of your life - even if you struggle with disadvantages.
Michael’s ‘Accidental Weight-Loss’ Strategy: Discover the counter-intuitive strategy Michael discovered to help him lose 10 inches of weight off his waist effortlessly and with no change in diet! It all happened because of ONE practice Michael suggests every NLPer should know.

Meet Michael Breen

One of the industry's most well-respected Celebrity Coaches and Master NLP Trainers

This exclusive training is taught by a world-class master NLP trainer and celebrity coach Michael Breen. Michael has:

Over 30 years experience teaching NLP around the world
Is a Master NLP Trainer, Master DHE Trainer and Master Hypnotist
Co‐founded largest NLP training school in the world
For 10 years co-ran workshops with Dr. Richard Bandler & Paul McKenna
Management consultant to numerous Fortune 100 companies
Is an expert at behavioral change
Created the first business NLP practitioner in the UK
Is one of Europe's leading executive coaches
Has taught over 100,000 students

Who Is This For?

Getting On-Board with NLP is perfect for…


Anyone who is at the start of their journey in learning NLP and wants to take the quickest, simplest and most-up-to-date path to getting on-board with NLP so that you can use it right away to create significant results in your personal and professional life.

Intermediate NLPers

People who have already had some prior exposure to NLP - primarily from books, online courses or live events but are not satisfied that they really have a handle on how to apply NLP in your day-to-day life.


NLP practitioners and Master Practitioners who attended one or more NLP trainings but don’t feel confident in your ability to use NLP really well to create breakthroughs for yourself or others.

If you want to learn how to communicate better, think better, be happier, have greater choice and control over your mind and your life — this course is for you.

What You'll Receive


MP4 Format

Getting On-Board With NLP is arranged into 37 VIDEOS (MP4) recorded from the exclusive tow day workshop.

Watch as Michael shows you how to get on-board with NLP the right way. Where key distinctions and insights about how to learn and apply the technology are shown to you. You can watch the entire course upon purchase.


MP3 Format

Sometimes it’s not suitable or possible to watch videos. That’s why we’ve also made the entire workshop available in MP3 format, so you can listen and learn as you commute, exercise or take it with you on the road.


PDF Format

Included with this rare workshop home study course is the complete 37 page ‘Getting On-Board With NLP’ reference guide.


PDF Format

In addition to watching and learning from the exercises in the live workshop, we’ve also created additional PDF assignments to help you bed in essential skills from the course.

What The Lucky Participants

Of the Live Workshop Have To Say

About This Rare Training

“This is the best NLP training course

I have attended.”

Vanda Alexander

HR Business Partner/Executive Coach

I came to the workshop looking for new Learning - I was looking for something different from other NLP workshops I had attended and having viewed Michael's profile on LinkedIn I thought he will offer something cutting edge and new.

This is the best NLP training course I have attended - not prescriptive and the exercises were really easy to remember and apply with good results.

The techniques demonstrated offered new insights and perspectives for me. I have already started using them in my coaching practice at work and in my private work to good effect.

The results are a lot quicker than I had expected and my clients have commented on how quickly their mindsets have altered.

Personally, I feel better centered after doing the course. I have better balance in my personal life. I have found a better way to problem solve and am able to challenge my assumptions much more effectively.

I would recommend this course - the delivery is so very relaxed and informal and the group work was great. Michael's humour and being able to put personal and business scenarios on his delivery was really good.”

“This workshop was absolutely superb -

so many lightbulb moments!”

Francesca Lubenko

Business Development

“For me the workshop was absolutely superb. This training was such a brilliant cover of the fundamental aspects of NLP that one absolutely needs to know and be able to use.

There were so many 'lightbulb' moments that connected, or threaded together disparate learnings from my previous NLP courses with Michael.

I came out feeling that I now have a thorough base from which to develop [my skills].

As a result of learning and applying what was taught I’ve noticed differences in my behaviour both in my personal and professionally life. Specifically clarity of thought processes and tracking where reactions, ideas, thoughts come from. Being more aware of what may be so, and what is ego or assumption/presupposition.

Far more acceptance of the 'dance' of others, while staying away from judgement and merely dealing with what is so — this is particularly helpful in managing teams of people who are very different in age, experience and ability.

Michael's trainings are always engrossing. I can attest that I have never been bored in a single one of his training sessions. They are as challenging as you personally like to make them.

I can absolutely recommend this course. I would recommend this as essential training for all NLP practitioners. It offers (and therefore gives one if practiced) the fundamental building blocks that are essential for development.”

“I recommend this training to others —

it makes utilisation of previous learnings

in NLP super obvious!”

Alex Peel

Software Developer

“I enrolled in this training knowing my usage of various parts of my NLP toolset seemed disconnected to me.

Overall I really liked the atmosphere of possibilities in the workshop.

I now see a wider range of possibilities for me with a sense of steady progress and overall greater satisfaction.I’m simply getting on with taking the physical actions required to achieve what I want to have as reality.

A week on and I’m pleasantly surprising myself with my resourcefulness.

I have a greater sense of choice and possibility and a heightened sensory acuity.

In relating with other people I find it a lot smoother and more pleasant, allowing people to do their dance and having a choice as to what to respond to.

I’m more willing to listen without jumping in to try solve other people's problems.

I recommend this training to others — it makes utilisation of previous learnings in NLP super obvious.”

“If you get the opportunity to train …

with one of the best trainers in the world,

why wouldn’t you?”

Richard Elwell


“I came to this training looking to reinforce my foundations in NLP. Having gone to the training I can say quite simply, if you get the opportunity to go on a course when Michael Breen is delivering it don’t think about it, just do it.

I really enjoyed watching Michael work, experiencing probably the most giving trainer I’ve ever met.

I’ve got lots of little gems left inside my head waiting to be unpacked. Just working with the cards is enough to make that course worthwhile along with all of the knowledge that Michael packs in around showing you something so simple.

I recommend this training to others. Some people promise you the Earth, some people will promise you everything but Michael tells you what he is going to give when you’ve told him what you want and then he helps you work out how to get it. When somebody offers you the opportunity to train with one of the best trainers in the world why unearth wouldn’t you?”

“I just wanted to give my thanks

and a review as to how immensely happy

and changed I am after the workshop…”

Geoffrey Brinsden Jr.

Helpline Advice Worker

“I just wanted to give my thanks and a review as to how immensely happy and changed I am after the workshop.

I went there to better my communication skills in order to go into a job interview. I learned so much more than that!

Not only have I got the job! I feel fantastic.

It has given me tools that I can use to help my clients and also to enable me to help myself. I now have a clearer understanding of possibilities and how to create them, also how to allow clients to step out of their issues and look at it from a different perspective.

My energy and efficiency has increased and I am now habitually using the techniques I learned to help my clients.

This is a huge, gargantuan thank you and namaste. I love NLP.”

Your Investment

If you are thinking about is investing in this course and you haven’t had any prior experience with NLP you might be wondering is learning about NLP worth it?

That answer is YES.

Here’s why:

NLP has helped millions of people overcome fears, transform their bodies, change their careers, increase their confidence and income and achieve greater levels of success.

Those who have gone on to enjoy tremendous benefits far beyond the training room - and for decades, not weeks - have all had ONE thing in common…

…they had a great teacher who helped them get on-board with NLP the right way!

Someone who was able to show them how to ‘flip the NLP switch’ and use the technology in easy and fast ways across their life.

For over a 100,000 people - that person is Michael Breen.

Being one of the finest NLP trainers you will learn NLP the easy way - from one of the very best.

The alternative to is just too costly — to take no action and NLP only ever be something you hear or see others use exquisitely but can't do for yourself.

Or run the risk of investing thousands or in many cases tens of thousands of dollars on NLP trainings, hundreds or thousands of hours of your time, only to make the same mistakes others have made and create little meaningful and tangible improvement in your life.

I think you’ll agree — no-one wants that.

It’s just too expensive and time consuming.

Yet that’s exactly the costly path many NLPers take, unknowing adding tens of thousands of dollars of debt to their credit cards, hoping that the investment they are about to pay will somehow, someday pay off!

But as sad as it is for me to say this - for many it doesn’t.

While students get a great high learning new stuff -- the effects are temporary and frequently they come away lacking critical skills…

…struggle for weeks or months trying to implement things before eventually giving up and saying the have a ‘certificate in NLP’ or they attended “so and so’s training” but never learned activate NLP within themselves.

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