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REVEALED:The amazing secrets of a world renowned Corporate Consultant that shows you how to easily hypnotise anyone, anywhere, anytime!… Without them realising it!”
Now you can become a powerful hypnotist, influencer, and change agent... Admired by your friends and clients… Able to create positive transformations during natural, everyday conversations

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Dear Reader,

Earlier this year I discovered something about Michael Breen that I never knew!

  • Michael Breen has a secret…
  • Ok, so it’s not a ‘Clark Kent is really Superman secret’.
  • Although, it does give him super human powers.
  • (And come to think of it - he does have a phone booth outside his office?)
  • Anyway, to put this into context, Michael and I have been working together closely for over 5 years.
  • Together we have created over 44 NLP and hypnosis training programs and served tens of thousands of visitors from 198 countries.
  • I mean, I know a lot of stuff about him;
  • I know that he is a Master hypnotist, a Master DHE trainer and a Master NLP trainer
  • I know he is an extremely successful executive coach & business consultant for celebrities, fortune 100 leaders, Politian’s and royalty.
  • I know the details about how Michael, Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler transformed the way NLP is taught and created the biggest NLP training school in the world
  • I know that master mentalist Derren Brown studied NLP and change processes direct from Michael
  • I know all the details about Michael’s secret modelling project for a government organisation
  • I even know a little bit about Michael’s career in drama and screenwriting
  • Michael BreenSo, you can understand why I was surprised to find out about this secret.
  • Over the years, Michael and I have had a lot of opportunity to talk (come to think of it, we talk all the time) and it was during one of these chats earlier this year, at his office, that I uncovered his secret.
  • As you can imagine, I have had the opportunity to pick Michael’s brain on a huge range of topics.
  • We have had discussions about energy, charisma, hypnosis, time management, chi energy, religion, goal setting and a thousand other topics I can’t even remember right now.
  • But, the one thing all our discussions have shown me is that Michael is a master of making things simple.
  • He has this unique ability to remove all the unnecessary fluff and identify the core underlying strategies that deliver the fastest results. No matter what the topic!
  • I mean the man can unwrap a process faster than a kid un wrapping a present on Christmas day.
  • Michael’s unique ability actually explains why he is one of UK’s top executive coaches. And why companies sneak him in the side door when they need immediate results!
I found out the reason why Michael has never had to ask someone to close their eyes and count back from 10.
  • Michael and I were talking about this when he started to tell me the story about how he learnt hypnosis.LHID-2
  • You see, when Michael started, he learnt hypnosis in the same way that you and I have.
  • Michael went through the traditional training that required counting backwards, language patterns, using your hypnotic voice and closed eye hypnosis in a quiet environment.
  • Like us, he was also overwhelmed with all the conflicting information that was out there on hypnosis (a lot of it still inaccurate to this day).

BUT - Unlike Us...

  • Michael had the experience, skill set and, lucky for us, the curiosity to question traditional thinking.
  • He noticed that traditional hypnosis training actually conditioned their students into limitations, such as;
  • They were taught that you could only produce hypnotic phenomena in a closed eye deep trance
    • Michael has achieved every single one of the deep trance phenomena in a waking open eyed state.
  • They believed that only a certain percentage of people are susceptible to hypnosis
    • Michael hasn’t yet found someone he couldn’t hypnotise.
  • They assumed that youneeded to speak to the unconscious
    • Michael worked out what it is you actually need to speak to in order to become a powerful hypnotist able to get your subjects following your every command.
  • They thought they needed to master complex language patterns to put someone in trance
    • Michael is able to put people into a trance using common everyday language
  • And they thought that conversational hypnosis was a different skill set from traditional...
    • Michael has extracted and mastered the underlying structure and pattern common amongst the major forms of hypnosis.

How is it that Michael was able to do all this?

It all happened when his curiosity to find better ways of doing NLP and Hypnosis led him to meet someone that turned all his thinking upside down…

Michael met Dr Richard Bandler - and his entire way of thinking changed
  • Breen-Mckenna-BandlerAs Michael got more involved in learning and teaching NLP, he very quickly came to realise that some trainers, like Richard Bandler, could get extraordinary results in reallyshort periods of time.
  • AND …without doing any of the traditional hypnosis stuff!!
  • Over the course of more than 10 years working and training with Richard Bandler, Michael got exposed to a whole new way of thinking.
  • He understood HOW Richard was able achieve almost magical results and WHY he did the things he did.
  • In addition to working with Bandler, Michael went on his own journey.
  • You see, Michael came to NLP from a business background. He was already a consultant and he wanted to use the NLP and Hypnosis knowledge in the business environment to achieve faster, better results.
  • And none of the traditional hypnosis training allowed him to do this.
  • So he experimented.
  • And he modelled.
  • And he researched.
  • And he created.
  • He researched and patterned other masterful change workers such as Milton Erickson and Virgina Satir to name just two.
  • He took what NLP and Hypnosis taught and used NLP to create new ways of applying this information in normal everyday conversations…
  • That’s right he NLP’ed NLP!
  • And he NLP’ed Hypnosis as well!
  • Michael_BreenHis insatiable curiosity to find out what works in the real world and to find a better way led to him searching and modelling all sorts of different and esoteric fields that use trance.
  • It was this curiosity and ability to question the ‘accepted facts’ of hypnosis that led to him uncovering the truth about hypnosis.
  • And the more he used the tools and techniques he created and discovered, the more he realised how amazing and powerful hypnosis is.
  • And how limiting the traditional training is.
Michael saw past the noise, fluff and BS that holds people back

Michael’s ability to take any process and extract the core underlying strategies that create results is amazing.

  • It’s a skill he uses in his business consulting and executive coaching on a daily basis.
  • In fact, it was because of this skill that Richard Bandler suggested Michael create a “Business NLP Practitioner" training course. A course to share his expertise on how he so successfully used NLP with his cosulting clients.


What I didn’t realise is that Michael doesn’t only use NLP with his consulting; he also uses a LOT OF HYPNOSIS as well.

In fact he uses hypnosis all the time!

He has been using hypnosis and trance in his coaching and consulting for well over 20 years.

That’s his secret… Michael uses trance and hypnosis in everyday conversations - all the time – every day!

And he does it without the closed eye process, language patterns or the hypnotic voice or any of the other traditional hypnosis methods.

He uses the knowledge he researched, modelled and created. He uses hypnosis without the fluff, noise and BS!

With these techniques Michael is able to elegantly persuade, influence and create change in big corporations, his celebrity clients and in his training seminars.

In fact, he is so good that hypnosis and trance has been part of his everyday conversation for more than 20 years!

He uses it in normal conversations, no weird change in tonality, no weird and confusing language patterns - just a normal everyday conversation you and I would have.

Just imagine, having the ability to have a normal conversation with someone and have them walking away feeling amazing without any idea about why or how they suddenly feel so good!

Michael has been doing that for two decades. And with this information you could as well…

Found! The greatest goldmine of hypnosis information Michael has ever taught

The good news. No the GREAT news is…I found out that in addition to the Business NLP courses, Michael used to run a seminar called “Learning Hypnosis In Depth”.

It was in this seminar that Michael taught the underlying nature and structure of hypnosis!

In that seminar, Michael taught students his secret to masterful hypnosis.

“Learning Hypnosis In Depth”, showed people how to use hypnosis in everyday situations, using everyday conversations without needing to rely on traditional hypnotic procedures.

It was here that he taught the patterns that are common across all major styles of hypnosis.

Michael focused the seminar on ‘understanding the true nature of trance’ – Because he knew that if someone understood the basic structure of trance - everything else would just fall into place.

Attendees were able to:

  1. Understand the missing elements that will let you easily induce trance in anyone at anytime
  2. Easily identify and use naturally occurring trance states without the need for closed eye processes
  3. Learn the ability to become‘followable’ through clear and precise communication skills
  4. Confidently use hypnosis and trance in a business, social or fun setting
  5. Be able to create change in people in a confident, easy and effortless manner
  6. And a lot more

Learning Hypnosis In Depth essentially stripped away the unnecessary rituals and processes taught in most hypnosis training programs. And focused on the basic foundations –‘understanding trance and the mind’.

The thing is, when you fully understand the patterns and structure of trance and how the mind works – you won’t need to use traditional hypnosis processes.

This is the seminar I wish I had attended before wasting thousands of pounds and months of my time on so many other hypnosis courses.

This is the seminar I wish I had listened to before getting completely confused with language patterns.

And this is definitely the seminar I wish I had known about before I started doing any change or coaching work!

But the last time he ran this seminar was over 10 years ago…

By the way, I’m not the only one that thinks that this seminar is amazing;

What People Say About 'Learning In Depth'

Paul McKenna, Celebrity hypnotist & Britain’s bestselling non-fiction author.

"In my opinion, hypnosis is one of the most empowering ways of releasing true potential. I strongly recommend this course presented by Michael Breen. He is one of the finest hypnotists in the world today, as well as being a gifted teacher who can accelerate your ability to master the skills in a way that no-one else can."

Larry, formerly of Silicon Valley

“Sometime in the mid-nineteen-nineties, I signed up for an hypnosis seminar with Richard Bandler. As you may imagine, my expectations were rather high. After about an hour's delay, Richard's people announced that he wouldn't be giving the seminar. He did have a valid excuse; he was in a diabetic coma. By that afternoon, a substitute had been arranged... Michael Breen.


For the next three days, Michael, with no preparation other than whatever resources he carries around with him, gave us a training in NLP hypnosis that was worthy of a Richard Bandler seminar.”

Sue Ricks, UK

"I just wanted to express my gratitude for the Learning Hypnosis in depth course. I have definitely found it a life enhancing experience. I thought the way you presented the five days was superb and I found it most thought provoking, reassuring and exciting, but above all I know it has changed my perception of self and the world. The examples you used and the demonstrations were masterful. I particularly enjoyed the session that you used as a "pretence". It was a joy and an honour to watch the process unfold. Thank you for the opportunity to benefit and participate with the group. I will remember this forever."

ANNOUNCING! Michael Breen’s Digitally Remastered“Learning Hypnosis In Depth” Seminar

  • Recordings From The Never Released 5 Day Live “Learning Hypnosis In Depth " Seminar
  • 68 Page PDF Training Manual
  • 21 New Exercises Created By Michael Specifically For This Home Study Program To Further Accelerate Your Learning
  • 19 Additional Assignments From The Actual Workshop Program
  • 536 Page PDF Training Transcript so can study and read every pattern, induction and strategy shared.
  • Over 12 Hours Of Instruction By Master Trainer Michael Breen On The Principles, Processes And Patterns Of Trance
  • Hypnosis Training That Blows Apart All The Limitations Taught In Traditional Hypnosis Courses

Learning Hypnosis in Depth is a 5 day live recorded workshop that unpacks the secrets of hypnotic success in a clear and easy way. It finally reveals, via step-by-step instructions, the mysteries and patterns used by the very best hypnotists around the world.

More importantly, it does this without the noise. Without the limitations. Without the rituals.

Hypnosis in Depth demystifies and discards all the unnecessary routines that are so common in other hypnosis training programs;

The hypnotic voice. –“Gone”

Complex Language Patterns. –“ Not Needed”

Closed Eye Processes –“Nope”

It’s All Gone!

Michael shows you the building blocks and fundamental make-up of trance.

This is a 'foundations and fundamentals' course that would embarrass the most advanced hypnosis training courses into a deep shade of purple.

With this information you can use hypnosis in any situation (conversationally or otherwise) and with anyone to get the outcomes you desire.

The “Learning Hypnosis In Depth” seminar is your chance to finally discover the missing ingredients that will let you evoke and use hypnosis in a simple and easy manner.

It makes change work easier than taking off a pair of Velcro strapped shoes.

And it gives you the power and ability to influence others for the better – without them knowing it!

The full program answers the questions you have that those other programs have been unable to deliver on.

It shifts you from being a 'tactic focused hypnotist" tied to language patterns and scripts to a fundamental principals hypnotist, someone who can use hypnosis in everyday contexts with zero smell of NLP or hypnosis.

Here Is What You Will Hear Michael Reveal
When You BUY Hypnosis In Depth Today.
How to end difficulties using hypnosis once and for all
  • Master the most important distinction about hypnosis in order to use it effortlessly anywhere at any time and with anyone.
  • Find out how practical and amazing hypnosis is once you get rid of all that BS noise that thousands of hypnotists hold true
  • Understand the common thread and principles beneath ALL major forms of hypnosis
  • Learn the clever tricks stage hypnotists use to ensure their success and why they are able to get so many subjects to demonstrate deep trance in the blink of an eye
  • Why the traditional ideas you hold about hypnosis, the unconscious mind and trance are all wrong!
  • Master he number 1 skill you must do if you want to transform your ability to use hypnosis
  • Discover how and why all hypnotic phenomena can be done in an eyes open waking state
  • The 1 thing you need to pay attention to in order to identify if what you are doing is working
At last! The mind altering truth about the unconscious mind
  • The truth about how the unconscious mind works. And it’s not what you may have read or have been taught in NLP or hypnosis courses
  • How to use the unconscious in the way Michael shows you to evoke powerful states of trance, generative change and become a master persuader
  • A behind the curtain look at the tricks, the half truths and the nonsense about hypnosis
  • 3 learning patterns Richard Bandler, Milton Erickson and Michael Breen used to become amazing hypnotists in record time. Michael gives you step by step instructions on what to do today if you want to become good!
What elite hypnotists do when evoking trance states that separate them from just ‘good’ hypnotists
  • How to catch naturally occurring trance states in people and build on them to alter anyone’s thinking with ease
  • How hypnosis and trance is a natural state that everyone experiences at different times, and how you can evoke this state in everyday conversations
  • How you have already used trance states without even realising it and how to now do this intentionally, with precision like effectiveness
  • The right way to do hypnotic setups so your listener goes into trance with zero resistance
  • How to achieve near 100% success rate in trance induction
Warning! This information could make you a master communicator, influencer and persuader!
  • How to have people entrained to your every word and command
  • The real patterns of success behind the world’s best change agents such as Milton Erickson and Virginia Satir
  • The closely guarded secret behind suggestibility tests that stage hypnotists don’t want you to know
  • How to use hypnosis in everyday conversation an easy automatic natural way
  • The single most important pattern to master if you want people to follow your requests without question
  • 5 simple building blocks to use hypnosis covertly and on the fly
  • 5 groups of hypnotic language patterns that are the building blocks of captivating hypnotic experiences
  • The #1 form of communication that ALL human beings are hard-wired to respond to that outshines any language pattern
Which of these storytelling secrets of a master hypnotist would you like to use?
  • How to ‘mine your mind’ for engaging stories to use in your hypnosis and persuasion
  • How to organise and ‘tag’ your stories to can create conversational interventions in seconds
  • How to use stories to covertly influence others
  • The trick Milton Erickson used to become a compelling story teller despite all his other limitations
Here’s how you can create lasting and powerful change work
  • Discover the THREE classes of problems when doing interpersonal hypnosis (and there are only THREE). Once you understand this, your success in change work with soar!
  • Understand how behaviour is created, maintained and changed
  • Find out the 3little known ‘power questions’ to ask when figuring out what hypnotic journey will work best on your subject
  • Learn Michael’s 5 change patterns to create lasting and instant change
  • How Milton Erickson and Virginia Satir were able to do breakthrough change work
  • How to make a change ‘stick’ using the right kind of confusion
  • What a belief is and how to break or change beliefs for the better.
These easy and powerful self-hypnosis techniques will change your life
  • 6 steps to enter and exit self-hypnotic states of trance easily and quickly
  • How to program your mind through powerful and easy self-hypnosis techniques

And that really is just the tip of the iceberg. As you go through this program it will fill in critical gaps that you have missed from previous trainings. Your unanswered questions will be answered. You will finally “get it”.

Are You Ready To Become A Powerful Hypnotist, Communicator And Change Agent?

If you are, you are going to love the special price and installment options I've setup for you.

You have two choices you can either order everything up front and get access to the entire training right away or you can choose to go with our installment plan and enjoy the structured time released delivery of the entire course over 5 installments.

The orginal cost for 'Learning Hypnosis in Depth' in 1998 was £1027.00, circa $1,727.00.

That works out to about $2500.00 in today’s money.

Now you might be possible learn it all yourself by trial and error like Michael did if;

  • You have 20,000+ hours to study hypnosis.
  • You have access to the greatest minds in hypnosis and trance.
  • You have tens of thousands of people to test your work on.
  • You have the same NLP patterning and modelling skill set.

Personally, I’d rather just listen to the “Learning Hypnosis In Depth” program to learn what Michael discovered.

When you buy today you'll also get to enjoy answers to all the hypnosis questions that our first 100 customers submitted to Michael. This bonus in itself is valued at $247.00.

It's designed to accelerate your learning and address the most important questions students have.

Learning Hypnosis In Depth Actually Saves You Money, Buys You Time & Protects You From Embarrassment

If Michael were to run the “Learning Hypnosis In Depth” course today it would cost you over $2500.00

If you were to buy the bonuses separately that would cost a further $247.00

So overall this program would cost a total of $2747.00

Learning this information on your own would take you years in time. At least $10,000 on multiple courses if not more. And the money lost in not being able to get the results you want with your clients or in your business. (Michael has spent well over $168,000.00 on his own training over the years to master these skills and transform how he works with clients.)

But on the other hand, this course could save you money...

By going through “Learning Hypnosis In Depth” and doing the exercises you could shave years, perhaps decades off your learning. You would save thousands of pounds in courses and books. You could easily decide to make more money as you become masterful in persuasion and influencing skills.

You could even increase your own hourly rate in your hypnosis, coaching or change work business because of the increased confidence, increased abilities and increased skills gained from this course. And let’s not forget the superior results you will be getting in your hypnosis work.

So, if you are the type of person that likes to take advantage of opportunities, this is the opportunity to learn how to use hypnosis with ease.

And the best bit is ….


You won’t invest the $2500.00 that it would cost to run the seminar today.

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- So you can Learn Hypnosis In Depth at a pace and price point that works for you


BUT That’s Not All...

I stand 100% behind all my products.

If you get this product and voluntarily decide that you don’t want to become a master hypnotist, storyteller, persuader and change agent- then I will give you your money back.

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And then decide if you want to keep the product or not…

Hell, if you were really aggressive and focussed you could even make money from this information and have the product pay for itself within the first 30 days!

This is the first time this seminar has never been released publically.

There are only a handful of people who have had the opportunity to spend a decade with Dr Richard Bandler. There are only a handful of elite master trainers. And there are even less than a handful of people who use this information on a daily basis in their coaching and business consulting.

Michael is one of these people, and this training is a one-of-a-kind from a master trainer who applies the information in the real world!

A master trainer in NLP, DHE and Hypnosis who has trained over 25,000 people. A highly paid executive coach and business consultant. And one of the few people who have spent 10 years delivering trainings with Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna.

He has been using the information on this course for over a decade and getting real world results.

Now, this is your chance to benefit from Michael’s hard work and years of experience. He has done all the work for you.

He has filtered out the years of training, knowledge, research, modelling, and trial and error to give you only the strategies that work!


What Customers Have To Say...

Eli Neegaard, Master Practitioner, Osla Norway

“I've spent hours upon hours accumulating information and knowledge about NLP from various sources. I enjoy how when I listen to Michael he brings together old and new knowledge and with highly practical exercises that "get it into the muscle" as you say. This structured training program is exactly what I need at this point in my life. Thank you!”

Sean Patrick McCleaver, New Jersey, USA

“I've been studying NLP and hypnosis for about 5 years by myself. I'm 22 years old and coming up with a couple thousand dollars for courses is just not possible for right now. The one thing I had massive confusion about is, the overall structure of communication to reach a goal. I just didn't get how everything intertwined and weaved and layered ever so appropriately. Particularly in Sleight of Mouth, I was absolutely hopeless.

After listening to Michael speak about how and when to use particular tools, I now have a firm grip on how the language models are all connected. This has changed my ENTIRE experience when I attentively listen to any one person speak.

The patterns become obvious and the reason WHY they are present becomes even more obvious. Learning that is the foundation for any persuasive communication or change work. Thanks again for continuously clarifying on more and more every time I listen!!”

Al Konigsfeld, WA, USA

“I have trained with many of the big names in NLP, and I find Michaels trainings the best thought out, the easiest to follow, and, for me, the trainings that brought about the greatest increase in skills. Michael doesn't just teach techniques, he teaches the structure, and that has allowed me to move beyond just techniques."

Rod Maupin, USA

“If you feel like you don't have a clue when in comes to "waking hypnosis" techniques, this is the training for you."

Andi Hall, England

I really enjoyed the training, there are some big ideas in it about hypnosis and how it is the norm rather than the exception."

Matt Caulfield, USA

“I have had the opportunity to train with Michael a number of times and I genuinely think he is one of the very best trainers in the field. His knowledge, passion and ability to back. Up what he says with research makes his trainings some of the most valuable learning experiences available. Once again Tom has done a great job in releasing a programme for people who do not have the opportunity to see Michel 'live'. This programme may be a 'classic' but it blows apart what hypnosis is and makes it so simple to understand and implement. I was lucky enough to attend this course in 2002 and can say it still influences how I think about and use 'hypnosis' to this day. For those of you who may be thinking "but I am not a therapist, I will never use this", I am corporate training consultant and coach and I use what Michael teaches every day with clients. If you want to improve every facet of your communication,and learn how to create radical change conversationally, this training is a must."

Benson Munro, Switzerland

“Of all the great products that I have received from NLP Times in the past. This is the one that I felt most jealous of those actually in the room. If I had to describe the style and content of ' my dream learn nlp training then this would be 90% of it. Maybe a slightly naďve comment but it has answered many of my long standing questions and confusions.. I would not hesitate to recommend it to others.."

Why You Should Grab This Opportunity With Both Hands (…while you still can)

If you feel stuck in your use of hypnosis and have been there for a while. Or if you can’t see the way out of the maze - then I’m here to tell you I have been there and found a way out!

If you don’t know what the next step is or you don’t know how to move forward to advance your knowledge and get tangible, repeatable results - then I have the solution.

And if you have been struggling to consistently and confidently achieve the outcomes you want - despite all the courses and knowledge you have, then I have good news for you…

That’s all about to change!

With the “Learning Hypnosis In Depth” home study program you get 10 CD’s with over 16 hours of hypnosis training in total.

Information that will guide you so hypnosis become easy, fun and a tool you can use everyday.

But, this is not just for hypnotists, it will improve your communication, make you a better story teller, and give you the ability to influence and persuade with ease during your everyday conversations!

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Each month you will get access to another module of the program.

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- Complete 68 page PDF manaul

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Learning Hypnosis In Depth is a revolutionary hypnosis training course. This information will transform the way you think about hypnosis and finally show you how powerful and amazing hypnosis is - once you learn the truth!

It could make you more powerful than you imagined, more confident than you ever hoped for and more skilful than you ever dreamed!

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  • 21 expertly created training assignments so I can quickly get the skills of hypnosis into the muscle fast
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You can pay via five installments and start today for just $47!

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To top it all off – you can take the program, test out module 1 for 30 days and if you still aren’t convinced that this is all you need to become an ‘Elite Hypnotist -Able To Powerfully, Confidently and Easily Influence Others For The Better’ - I will give you a full refund!

Please Note: This is a downloadable program. You will NOT receive a physical package shipped to you in the mail. The entire program will be delivered via secure online digital training portal with a new module released each month. You can try the program entirely risk free for 30 days. By choosing the installment plan option you acknowledge and agree to cover all five installments in full and on time.

Take your success with hypnosis to a whole new level,

Tom O’Connor

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