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Coaches, Consultants And Trainers: Are you struggling to win high quality, high paying, highly motivated clients?

Discover The 5 Step Pitching Process, GUARANTEED To Help You Win More Business, Close Bigger Deals And Sell More Products Than Ever Before!

  • Pitch Mastery


    Dear reader,
    I have a question for you…
    If you wanted to lose weight, would you go to an overweight personal trainer?
    If you wanted to become a millionaire, would you ask a homeless person?
    My guess is NO!
    In fact, if you have been involved in NLP for even the shortest time, you will know about modeling.
    That’s because it’s central to NLP… imodeling subject matter experts, or people who have achieved what you want  - to find out how they did it, so you can do it too.

    It's one of the best things about NLP.
    In the business world, the experts at pitching are advertising agencies.
    (for our purposes, pitching is the set of activities used to win business, or persuade customers to buy your service/product.)

    These are the people whose entire business and livelihood relies on them winning pitches…usually against other equally creative and successful advertising companies.

  • Now, why am I telling you this…


    Because Michael Breen Has Been A Pitch Consultant
    To Some Of The World’s Best Advertising Agencies


    We are talking some of the biggest names in the industry:  GGT, Saatchi & Saatchi, JWT, BBDO, Leo Burnett, OgilvyOne, Bartle, Bogle & Hegarty.
    Just think, if advertising agencies (who are the best in the world at pitching) ask Michael for help – what do you think he could show you?
    And it’s not just consultancy either. 
    Michael uses pitching to win business for himself as a trainer, coach and consultant. 

  • As a result:
    • Michael is now one of only 30 Elite Executive Coaches in the UK trusted by one of Europe leading Executive Coaching firms to serve their clients.

    • He has worked with global corporate brands including Rolls Royce, British Airways, Barclays, Morgan Stanley, Cadbury, Ford, Jaguar, Amex, HSBC and many more.

    • And as we already know, Michael and Paul McKenna built the largest NLP Training Company in all of Europe.

  • These things don’t just happen.

    Winning consulting and training work with global brands…winning coaching contracts with executives, celebrities and royalty… attracting tens of thousands of people to seminars.

    It’s not easy. 

    You have to be able convince them that you are the right person.

    That you are the natural solution to their problems.

    That you are better than the competition.



    And that’s exactly what this training course is about!



    How Michael Repeatedly Lands
    Reputation Building Corporate Consulting Clients,
    Regular Executive Coaching Contracts And
    Rewarding Training Gigs.


    • Imagine you are one of 5 people pitching for a contract. Your slot is on just before lunch and after the client has sat through 4 other boring, repetitive, power point presentations…. The next thing that comes out of your mouth makes the difference between a huge long term contract and nothing…

    • Or imagine its hot summer’s afternoon, the room you got has no air conditioning and you can already see sweat glistening on your potential client’s forehead – his desire to finish the meeting and leave the room is obvious.

    Do you know what to do?

    Michael does…

    Because these are just some of the situations Michael has faced when pitching for business.

    On this training he will guide you through the exact same process he goes through when preparing for a pitch so that you too can handle similar situations with ease.

    Over the course of the 2 day workshop Michael will walk you through exactly what you need to do, think about and prepare before pitching for business. 

    And, how you need to communicate to win the business.

    And, that’s not all  - the program is filled with real life examples from Michaels own 30 year career as a consultant, coach and trainer. 

    He tells stories about the difficult situations he faced and the solutions to how he dealt with them. 
    (these ‘war’ stories alone are worth the price of the product!)

    He goes through the various communication models and when you should use them.

    He covers what the rules are when pitching in a team…

    You can’t learn this in a book - or a master’s degree in marketing… or even an MBA.

    You can only know this information after years of real world experience pitching to corporates, governments and CEO’s - that’s how Michael developed it.

    And that’s what this course is about – the pitching process that work in the real world and delivers results.

    Michael has put this information into a step by step training course that will take you from complete newbie to pitch master extraordinaire!

    And, this 5 step process works in any industry and for any client – in fact, as you go through the course you will see that flexibility is built into the process.

    Introducing: Sharpen Your Pitch

    What You Will Get:

    • The complete audio recordings of the 2 day live workshop with Michael Breen
      • Including live hot seats of Michael critiquing and refining the audiences pitches (audio download)
    • 2 hour long interview with me interrogating Michael (audio download)
      • Includes more in-depth tools on how to prepare for a pitch
      • Includes more ‘war stories’ and real life examples from Michaels career
      • Includes questions I thought you would want more information on.
    • The manual from the original seminar (pdf download)
      • Key information on Synectics – the art of discovering new links and ideas
      • Annotated Article on ‘How to Pitch a Brilliant Idea’ so you can learn pitching insights from the best pitchers in Hollywood.
      • Includes the 11 Principles Of A Successful Pitch
      • Michael's favourite heurisitics for Pitching
      • Michael Breen’s personal Pitching Checklist - all 49 questions you’ll want to answer before you pitch
    • A workbook designed by Michael to help take you through the 5 step process and refine your own pitch(pdf download)
      • Includes key questions to help you identify gaps in your pitching
      • Includes a step by step guide of the 5 step pitching process
      • Includes Michael Breenís personal Pitching Checklist
        • How to get inside your audience’s head the right way
        • What questions to ask to get deep inside the audience’s mind-set so your pitch lands on target
        • The six key questions to ask about your solution so it fits the customer like a glove
        • How to build the bridge between the customer’s problem and your solution so they are far more likely to say Yes!
        • Takes you through the Synectics creativity process so you can generate brilliant big ideas and hooks to hold your audience’s attention.
      And more...

    • The 5 Step Process
    • Benefits To You
    • Who is it for?

      Over decades of pitching across multiple industries from advertising to finance, from pharmaceutical to government, from the technology sector to celebrities and entertainment bosses, Michael has discovered there are five aspects to pitching.

      These five aspects are always present when a pitch is effective.

      These are:

    • 1

      By far the most important step in the process.  Because, if you don’t know who you are talking to, what their problems are, and what they need - nothing else will work.


      How to design an offer that solves your audience’s problem. 
      This will take you away from throwing everything at the wall and hoping something sticks…

      To making it so that your solution is the only choice and the right choice for your audience!
      The Bridge

      Use the lost art of Synectics to create a memorable analogy that sticks in your clients mind and stands out from your competition.

      This module is about connecting your Audience with your Offer using the same creativity process used by Madison Avenue Ad Agencies.


      Are you pitching to an individual or group, who are the other competitors, is it suit and tie or shorts, what time is the pitch, what does the room look like,  what questions should you ask the client…

      Step 4 is all about preparing for the pitch everything you should know before you take one step into that room. 


      How to deliver your pitch and create a memorable experience for your audience.

      Communication strategies for persuasive influence, thinking on your feet, reading your audience and winning business.
    • How This Program Will Help You 
      By going through this program not only will you refine your pitch and stack the odds of winning in your favour. you will also:

      • Learn how to qualify your clients so that you only select high quality clients that you enjoy working with.
      • Become an instant expert by articulating your audiences problem better than they can.
      • Get clarity on your business - who your audience is and what you are offering them.
      • Design an irresistible offer that makes your product or service the only obvious choice.
      • Find your voice and identify what makes you stand out from your competitors.
      • Break conventional thinking, programming and poor communication.
      • Have as many brilliant ideas as the best Ad Men On the Planet
      • Become amazingly persuasive by using covert and overt suggestions in your pitch that your audience will never be able to identify
      • How to make your communication alive, interesting and fun by putting pictures in your clients head.
      • Create anchor phrases that will stay with your customers long after you are gone
      • How to make your pitch sparkle with analogies, metaphor, stories and images!
      • The 3 Ways to pitch  -  master the chronology, direct and hourglass methods
      • What to change when pitching to groups versus individuals – mass communication requires a completely different approach to individual communication.
      • Master how to think on your feet so that you can read your client and continuously change your pitch as and when needed
      • Gain the ability to reach inside the world view of your audience and place your solution as their only viable option
      • Get the pitching state so that you are in command and control of the situation  - it’s that take it or leave it attitude that helps win pitches
      • How to talk to competitors at the pitch, what to say to them - you could even make your competitors your customers!
      • Pitching rules when in a team  - what to do if pitching as part of a team
      • How to adjust the environment that you are put in.
      And more…
    Who is it for?

    Anyone who wants to become a better communicator, increase their persuasive powers and learn how to pitch like a top professional.

    You can be in business for yourself or employed by a company. You can be a manager or a consultant.

    You can be a coach or trainer. You can be a mother or father.

    If you are communicating - then you are pitching. Today we live in the age "non-sales selling."

    You see pitching applies to all communication, be it asking your manager for a raise, convincing your spouse to watch a movie, selling yourself in a job interview or asking for a cup of teaÖ itís all pitching!

    Or as Michael puts it:

    “You get what you ask for so you may as well get good at asking”

    "How Much Does It Cost?"


    Pitching is a really valuable skill and programs on pitching are few, overly complicated and typically cost thousands of dollars.

    But you won't have to pay thousands to some ivory professor when you order Sharpen Your Pitch.

    Becuase you'll learn direct from a world class trainer and consultant.

    A consultant who has helped shape the pitches of some of the very top Ad Agencies in the world and I've packaged it into one affordable package for you.

    If you were able to travel to attend the live seminar, it would of cost you £393.00, circa $550.00.
    Add to that two hours of Michael’s time for the additional Q&A training and you have a total cost of $2000.00 (excluding travel and accomodiation) if you wanted to learn these secrets and strategies from Michael direct.

    But you won’t have to pay thousands of dollars to learn these key skills.

    For a limited time we’re making the entire two day workshop and exclusive Q&A recordings, plus manual and workbook available for just $247.

    And we’ve even included our iron clad 30 day money back guarantee because we want you to be able to try out the training, and then decide if it’s right for you.

    If for any reason whatsoever you are not happy with the product I will give you 100% of your money back!

    But I think you’re going to love it.

    Anyone that follows this system when making a pitch will multiply their chances of winning business… and making their pitches hit their target more of the time using the expert process Michael learned from working with the world’s top ad agencies.




    Question - Where Do You Want To Be In A Year’s Time?


    As you listen to the course, right at the start of the training, Michael talks about what Olympic Athlete - John Reed told him about how people should stop comparing themselves to others.

    He discusses how you should only compare self to self. 
    Aim to be better than yourself yesterday, a year ago, a decade ago - that’s the only comparison worth making.

    Well, this is your chance to make sure that your business or career is far better than it is today.

    Pitching is something you get better at it or you get worse at it but there’s no standing still. People in advertising understand this implicitly. So do highly successful professionals and expert communicators.

    Solo practitioners, entrepruneurs and career professionals often miss this crucial piece of skills development and suffer as a consequence.

    Take back control - increase your influence, status and success.

    Get your copy of Sharpen Your Pitch today and stand out from your competition, become more memorable to your clients and win more lucrative business and career prospects.


    Don't Sell. Sharpen Your Pitch!



    Discover The (Super Successful Ad Men's) Secrets To Pitching And Winning More of The Time

    Get The Entire Program, 42 Professional Edited MP3 Tracks, Training Manual + Training Workbook (PDF)


    Get Sharpen Your Pitch Today!

    For Just $247




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    What People Say About Sharpen Your Pitch

    Al Konigsfeld, USA

    "Most of my career has been in training (so sales sealed the deal before I ever got involved). Now that I am self-employed, having the tools to do what sales and marketing used to do for me has proved invaluable.

    I really enjoyed the development of Avatars based on my prospective customer and the brainstorming exercises from coming up with more imaginative pitches.

    As a result my pitches are much more well thought out and well targeted."

    Sascha Henning, Berlin, Germany

    "Im my opinion this is one of the best trainings that Michael has done. It is easily followable, skillfully packaged by Michael and a joy to listen to. It also motivates to use the skills, practice them and get really good with having new creative ideas!

    Sharpen Your Pitch has given me a new and very different point of view. Just when I thought I am really good with things I do, it has again boosted me to new levels of communication.

    It is a very practical course, easily followable with high usability."

    Bob Harper, UK

    "For anyone who is serious about developing the foundational skills required to really grasp the meaning behind the technology known as NLP, you are in the right place.

    The simplistic teaching style of Michael Breen is the essence that stands behind Michael's genius.... These training sessions are worth thousands ... in whatever currency you use, and it's all for pennies, and the beauty is no matter where you are in the world you will feel you are training one-on-one with "the" modern day master trainer.

    If you are just starting out in the world of NLP, that could prove to be an advantage; if you have attained some level of skill already, be prepared to chuck some of that out with the trash!"

    Graham Jones, Somerset, UK

    "I'd recommend this training as a concise and precise method of gain practical knowledge on how to pitch like a professional."

    Helmut Jegust, Aachen,Germany

    "This training is much much more than a selling course. You learn to aim at your customer, understand her/him much more and to be creative in your presentation and it is no rocket science!."

    Michael Richard, USA

    "I've been through the course approximately 30 times's like an old American breakfast cereal commercial, "Just can't get enough of my Sugar Crisps..."

    Shapen Your Pitch is amazing for marketing, sales and, well just about any other human interaction!

    [As a result of applying what I've learned some big wins include] ... Best marketing letter to meaning highest response rate...oh yeah! Used PMI to totally disarm the local Devil's Advocate in our business and the group that was there watching we're blown away...great reframe tool in that case...are you getting the idea I'm just a little "stoked" with the results!"



    Dr. Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP

    "Michael Breen's... training is first class."




    Discover The (Super Successful Ad Men's) Secrets To Pitching And Winning More of The Time

    Get The Entire Program, 42 Professional Edited MP3 Tracks, Training Manual + Training Workbook (PDF)


    Get Sharpen Your Pitch Today!

    For Just $247




    By Submitting Your Order You've Acknowledged and Agreed to the Customer Agreement

    Please Note: This is a downloadable program. You will NOT receive a physical package shipped to you in the mail. The entire package will be immediately available for you to download and get started right away after ordering. This program is NOT available in stores, so you can only access it through this website.


    To your success,
    Tom O’Connor

    P.S. Remember by ordering today you will have access to the same information that some of the world’s best advertising agencies pay Michael for…

    Access to the same 5 step pitching process that is responsible for helping Michael win contracts with global brands against some very tough competition…

    All you need to do is click on the Add to Cart button above and order today before this exclusive offer disappears.

    You are just moments away from downloading and using this training to skyrocket your pitches.

    P.P.S. Shapen Your Pitch comes with our ironclad 100% 30 day money back guarantee. Discover secret strategies and tactics used by major corporations and world class pitch men and women to. Offer only avaliable for a limited time. Click here to order.