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How To Be More Persuasive

The thinking goes something like this: 

“A lucky few have it; most people do not.” 

What is it that only the ‘lucky’ few have? 

The power to persuade, to convert the opposition to their point of view. To lead people to concede, comply, or change their perspective and ultimately their decisions and actions. 

And if you go to a bookstore and look for resources on how to be more persuasive they almost all focus on the WORDS you should say. 

But they’ve got it backwards! 

Watch today’s video to find out why you should do the opposite of what most ‘experts’ of persuasion suggest. 

Use the simple heuristic Michael shares in this video and you’ll instantly increase your ability to persuade others, quickly and naturally.

When you get the right ideas in the right order — a whole world of possibilities open up. 

That’s what NLP is really good for; helping you figure out better ways of doing things that create outstanding results. But to become so good people can't resist what you’ve got to say, you got to master one thing.

Details to follow… 

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