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    Using the many powerful tools and new understandings about NLP (Neuro-Linguisitc Programming), you as a member of our site will learn how to become a more skillful communicator, problem solver, change agent, professional people helper or leader.

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    We specialise in teaching 'Real NLP Skills for the Real World'. Our team of world class trainers demystify and simplify how to use the wonderful technology that is NLP. We are all about how to get powerful results quickly.

    With almost 2 million views of our videos on YouTube, and currently serving tens of thousands of NLPers from 198 countries, you can be confident you have found one of the web's premier NLP training resources.

    What Makes Us Different:

    If we had to sum it up in 3 things it would be:

    1) Our endless focus on your needs (not the technology of NLP). NLP is a tool set for you do do cool things with.

    2) Our team of talented NLP experts who have invested decades and hundreds of thousands of dollars in their own training to create great training programs so many of our customers love.

    3) Our dedicated customer support team who often go above and beyond to help members of our community.

    We really listen to what people in the market want - in fact thousands of NLP students told us how frustrated they were by the overly complex and often disconnected presentation of NLP that they found by many companies in the marketplace.

    We heard you!

    So we created this dedicated resource to help.

    Everything that is posted here from our articles, newsletter and training products are designed around giving you: real life, practical examples and demo's on how to use NLP in everyday contexts; the latest and very best information, tightly packed into easy to digest chunks delivered by the world class trainers.

    Everything is designed to teach real skills (we know you don't need more theory!) via a high quality, structured training program, backed up with excellent customer service, money back guarantees and post-purchase support.

    That's what keeps our loyal customers coming back time and again.

    We look forward to serving you.

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    About Tom:

    NLP Times is run by resident NLP Wizard Tom O'Connor and our team of creative people from D&T New Media. Tom is a passionate trainer, tech entrepreneur and consultant. Involved with NLP for over 20 years, Tom has used his skills in a variety of senior consultancy and management roles helping start-ups, Fortune 100 companies and SME achieve major business targets. A qualified clinical hypnotist, NLP Trainer, Master Practitioner and Advanced Therapeutic Specialist of NLP. Tom loves to use NLP to improve lives, to facliate sharper thinking and help his clients achieve greater results.

    His educational videos have been viewed over 2M times, newsettter & articles consumed by over 25 thousand readers in 198 countries and programs created by Tom and our team at NLP TIMES have helped countless students and businesses all over the globe.

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