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NLP Times is the premier online NLP training company for people who want to learn how to use Neuro-Linguistic Programming conversationally in their everyday life to create dramatically better results in their life and career.

We teach NLPers, Coaches and Professionals how to learn, adapt and deploy the technology of NLP to real world contexts so they can transform the results they can achieve with others.

Learning NLP is fun and hugely rewarding. NLP Times is a place where you will be encouraged and equipped with the strategies, tools and technology to develop elite-level NLP skills to better your life, career or business.

With over 2 million views of our training videos and thousands of customers from 71 countries you can be confident you are in good hands to help you grow and develop your NLP skills.

How We Came About

Quick story – Michael and I first met in 2003 when he was delivering an NLP trainer’s training with Dr. Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP) and Celebrity Hypnotist Paul Mckenna.

Back then, I was working with one of the world’s leading investment banks and was struggling to find good material on how to use NLP in business. Almost everything I had seen was about learning NLP from a therapeutic perspective (not that helpful in the real world).

I needed stuff I could apply for in regular conversations in team meetings, with clients, with executives.

Thankfully, after doing a project to interview the world’s top NLP experts, I kept hearing from students and NLP masters:​

“If you want to be able to use NLP conversationally and in everyday contexts – go talk to Michael Breen, it will change your life.”

Turns out the grapevine is RIGHT!

Everyone from Tony Robbins to Darren Brown to numerous A-list celebrities has been helped, trained or exposed to innovative applications of NLP by Master Trainer Michael Breen. So who better to learn from, I thought?

Little did I realise, just a few short years later (after intensive training under his wing), Michael and I would start working together to create trainings for those looking to acquire great skills with NLP.

Folks who want to go beyond the tricks and techniques of NLP to really master the technology. (A journey that has no limit.)

You see, we both realised there was and still is a BIG PROBLEM with the way most training schools teach NLP…

(In fact, the situation has only got worse.)

So for the past 12 years, we’ve been diligently working away, creating 90+ different online courses used by clients and customers from 71 countries, each designed to help transform what students can do with NLP.

The kind of real-world knowledge, strategies and tools that makes using NLP in your everyday life and career incredibly easy, fluid and elegant.

I started NLP Times because I wanted to create a site for passionate NLPers where anyone who wants to become really good fast, can do so. A place where the real secrets of using NLP masterfully are finally revealed.

The technology of NLP is amazing. I’ve spent 23 years learning and using it all around the world, but the sad reality is there is a huge gap between the way NLP is traditionally taught and how masters of NLP actually use it.

Few people know how the tech really works.

Here’s why:

The way most people are traditionally taught NLP causes them to struggle, to become confused, overwhelmed … and ultimately to fail to get what they want!

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way. Combined, Michael Breen and I have invested over 57 years of our lives helping over 100 thousand people become really good with NLP. And have had millions more watch our videos online.

And we’d like to help you transform the results you can get with NLP too.

What We Do

At NLP Times we're passionate about helping you get more of the results you want, by learning how to better run your brain. We teach students strategies and tools can be more successful, skilled and resourceful -- no matter what challenges you face or what goals you want to accomplish.

Whether you want to use NLP to transform your your life, become a world class communicator, manager or coach, we have proven tools and advanced skills that can help you get to where you want go faster.

Through our online portfolio of 60+ courses ranging from introductory courses to multi-year advanced training programs we have a proven curriculum of deep trainings to suit students at every level.

Meet Your Trainers

Tom O’Connor, CEO, NLP Expert and founder of NLP Times

Tom has over 21 years experience teaching and applying NLP and developing applications for business contexts.

As a consultant and coach Tom has worked with numerous Fortune 100 companies and business executives across several industries.

Tom's videos have been viewed over two million times and his newsletter has been read by tens of thousands of students from 198 countries.

Michael Breen, Britain’s Foremost Business and NLP Trainer & World-Class Executive Coach

Michael is well known for his work with Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna revolutionising the design and delivery of NLP training in the UK.

With over 30 years experience teaching NLP and 15+ years working with CEOs from the Times Top 100 and Fortune 500 companies, Michael brings a wealth of unique insights and expertise to help you really master NLP.

What Makes NLP Times Different?

NLP Times is not like other training schools of NLP.

So what makes us different?

If we had to sum it up in 3 things it would be:

1) Our endless focus on teaching you the principles that unpin how the technology of NLP really works and how to use it conversationally and ethcially in real world contexts, so you can acquire real skills and accomplish the results you want with far greater ease and speed.

After hearing from thousands of NLPers from all around the world about the struggles they had learning NLP from other places -- we teach you NLP in plain english that is easy to comprehend and apply.

2) Our commitment to teach you the skills in the right order so you can progress with NLP faster.

You don't need to repeat the mistakes of others or learn the technology of NLP circa 1975-1980. At NLP Times you get the latest distinctions, advancements and practical tools acquired from over 35 years so you can compress the time it takes to gain real skill, with far fewer errors.

The sheer breath and depth of things you could learn about NLP is immense. The field is over 40 years old and it's easy to get lost and confused without the right guide. That's why we have delibertly designed our trainings so you learn the core skills of NLP in the right sequence -- so you can accomplish more and use NLP in many different contexts, with precision and skill - supported by the knowledge of world class trainers.

3) We genuninely care and (frequently) go above and beyond to support our members.

We care deeply about the people in the NLP Times community and work extra hard to create resoures and programs that have the potentially to transform our customers lives.

Our dedicated customer support staff, lead by Irene Do often go above and beyond to help members of our community address their needs.

We really listen to what people in the market want - in fact thousands of NLP students told us how frustrated they were by the overly complex and often disconnected presentation of NLP that they found by many companies in the marketplace.

So we decided to change how NLP is taught.

Everything that is posted at NLP Times from our articles, newsletter and training programs are designed around giving you: real life, practical examples and demos of how to use NLP in everyday contexts along with the latest and very best information, tightly packed into easy to digestable chunks delivered by the highly experienced trainers.

Everything is designed to teach real skills that have the power to make a tremendous impact when praticed delivered via a structured training program and backed up with excellent customer service, money back guarantees and post-purchase support.

That's what keeps our loyal customers coming back time and again.

But don't take our word, hear what our customers have to say...

What Our Customers Have To Say


"NLP Times training teaches you how your brain really works! The details and strategies discussed are profound."

United States


“I begin to experience incredible boost in personal emotions that has allowed me to remain clear and confident.”

United States


“During my time in the program I created my niche which helps divorced women and that's working so well for me.”



“The quality of the product, depth and breath of topics covered are excellent. Highly recommended!”

United States


“I now have a much more focused approach to what I want to achieve and my work is growing significantly.”

United Kingdom


“NLPTIMES explains things so clearly about how all the pieces relate to each other and fit together.”

United Kingdom


“This is the best material that has helped me evolve my skills to a new level of understanding and application.”



“Business Breakthrough brought clarity on how to use NLP naturally and powerfully in a business and conversational setting.”

United Kingdom


“NLP TIMES gives a different take and better understanding of language in NLP than I have seen anywhere else.”

United Kingdom


“Task Decomposition has enabled me to make strategic decisions, to break down everything without feeling daunted.”

United Kingdom


“I have to say that NLP has made more sense to me since I started using NLP Times training material.”

United States


“I have finally learned to not let fear take over when learning things in technology. I see how possible progress is.”


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