At NLPTIMES.COM, we are committed to you having a great experience in doing business with us. We want you to be a happy customer and promise to always take your feedback seriously. Please see our purchase policy below for your convenience.

The purchase of all products or services from NLPTIMES.COM are subject to our Customer Agreement. By submitting any order on our site you are acknowledging and agreeing to this Customer Agreement which is referenced at point of sale.

Please note the terms of use, purchase, refund, delivery and cancellation can change at any time and as such by accessing this site you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions for each of the these policies.

Secure Sales Technology:

Our Merchant partners, Stripe and Paypal are leading, secure and reliable international payment service providers. All sales transactions on our site including the processing of your payment details are securely transmitted to the acquiring bank, card and payment companies for real-time transaction authorisation using SSL transaction encryption. 

Refund Policy:

NLPTIMES.COM offers an ever increasing range of NLP related products and services. Where we sell products or services that include an explicit refund policy at time of sale, that product/service/software shall be governed by the terms and conditions of the refund policy specified.

If a product, service or software you bought was sold with an explicit refund policy, and you advise us within the refund period that the product did not meet with the conditions of refund advised at the time of purchase, we will arrange a refund for you*.

[Note if you pay via Paypal, Paypal no longer refunds the original transaction fee you paid to us, therefore if you are eligible for a refund you will receive the full available amount for the refund LESS Paypal's non-refundable transaction fee charged at the time of purchase.

Typically Paypal charges between 3.5% to 5.5% of the transaction sale amount. So for example, if you purchase a product using Paypal from us, at a cost of $100, which has a Paypal transaction fee of 4% in this hypothetical example and later request a refund - you will receive back a TOTAL of $96 as your refund.

Unfortunately the Paypal transaction fee is kept by Paypal and not returned to us and therefore is non-refundable. Hence we advise customers to use Stripe where possible to avoid this circumstance, in the event of an eligible refund request being raised.]

If your purchase was of a physical product, you will be required to return ship it to our offices at your own expense. If your purchase was of a digital product you will be required to delete all product files from any devices it may be stored on.

(*) In the unlikely event that the total number of refunds paid (or alternative trainings provided in lieu of a refund) equals three trainings, please be advised that any further trainings purchased from us will be devoid of any refund guarantee protections, and all sales will be final, at time of sale.

If no refund terms were expressed on the sales page at time of purchase, then that product or service will not have a refund clause and as such is bought as is. Failure to download a product, use a service or login to a training portal or use the product are not viable conditions for refund.

As mentioned at time of sale all sales are subject to NLP Times Customer Agreement.

If a product is a digital or physical product is found to be defective at time of purchase, we are happy to re-issue another copy of the product at our expense.

Delivery Policy:

Customers who purchase digital products from NLPTIMES.COM will receive them immediately through our secure online download management system. If a product is a very large size (e.g. a video recorded workshop or multi-day audio training), it will be delivered via our Secure Online Training Portal. Login details for your account on our training portal will be sent to you shortly after purchase.

Please check your Inbox for your post purchase download details. As occasionally emails can be delayed on the Internet or mis-identified as SPAM please make sure to check your SPAM folder if you have not received any post purchase/download email within 1 hour of purchase. Please make sure to whitelist us to avoid any issues of delivery. You can learn how to do that here.

Any physical products sold are typically received within 10 working days within the UK and mainland Europe. Deliveries to customers in the Africa, the Americas, Asia and the continent of Australia can take up to 21 days. Please note our physical goods order fulfillment team does not work bank holiday or weekends.

If you have any questions about the delivery of a product you purchased please contact us by raising a Support Ticket at our Support Center.

Cancellation Policy:

Customers who subscribe to the Platinum Audio News Club and who wish to cancel their subscription must do so in writing via our support center. Notification to cancel must occur no earlier than 10 days prior to your billing date but no later than three days prior to your billing date. As the Platinum Audio News Club is an ongoing program with new content added frequently - upon cancellation you will lose immediate access to all previous tabs of the Platinum Audio News Club.

Clients who part-take in coaching services agree to attend all scheduled coaching sessions on time and furthermore agree to provide a minimum of 72 hours cancellation notice in advance of any request to cancel, postpone or reschedule any scheduled coaching call.

All cancellations must be made via email or telephone to your allocated coach.

There will be no charge for cancellations made more than 72 hours before your scheduled appointment time.

Cancellations made less than 72 hour before appointment or reservation time, clients are charged the full price of the scheduled service or appointment type.

Clients who don’t cancel or show up for a scheduled appointment or reservation will be charged full price for the scheduled service or appointment type.

All cancellations are subject to the NLP Times Customer Agreement.

A customer can cancel an order for a physical goods product as long as the unit has not shipped by the time they notify NLPTIMES. All notification of any changes should be via the email details on the contact us page of this site or the support information provided at the time of purchase of the said product.


Testimonials/endorsements on this site are always based on the honest findings, beliefs, or experiences by real customers or visitors to our site who have used our products and services or read our content.

Testimonials/endorsements seen on this site may on occasion have been provided from visitors who received compensation in terms of free audio, video or report. The views and opinions expressed on any NLPTIMES sales page are purely the writer’s own. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified.

3rd Party Promotions & Partner Products Policy:

NLP Times promotes from time to time either direct via email, marketing campaigns or via our "Partner Products" pages 3rd party products, trainings and services.

If we promote, endorse or recommended a book, product, training, service or company you should assume that we are an affiliate for the said 3rd party and may be receiving a affiliate commission for sales earned.

While we carefully assess any 3rd party offering, the visitor should substantiate for themselves the terms and conditions of the said offering and any representations or claims made. Any product, service, training or books we endorse or actively promote are the jurisdiction of the seller of such products and so are outside the scope of responsibility of NLPTIMES.com.

Please refer to the terms and conditions of the company you bought it from.

Non Distribution & Copyright Infringement:

By purchasing any of our products or services, you explicitly agree that you will not share, distribute, upload or make available any products purchased to any 3rd parties including so called 'torrent sites', 'peer-to-peer networks' (P2P) or 'group buy' sites.

You agree not to use use ANY tools/software/browser extensions or manual methods to download/capture/convert or store in the cloud, offline or on any device (phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, server, cloud drive, memory stick, hard drive, encrypted vault etc. , any digital assets (videos, audios, PDFs etc.) that you have not been explicitly authorised to have unless explicitly provided by us in the form of explicit download links. You understand and accept that any individual or company who our Internet Monitoring Agents discover have breached the terms of use of our site, used automated or manual downloading tools to circumvent our site's streaming protections, or violated the copyright use agreement of our products, or distributed our products online or offline to torrent/P2P/group buy sites etc. is solely and 100% liable for ALL loss of revenues incurred by D&T New Media Limited along with being personally liable for ALL fines and admin costs related to investigation and illegal distribution of our Copyrighted works.

Further you will lose with immediate effect, all refund rights (if any were offered at time of sale) and access to all training resources, masterclasses, products and training resources (including all past purchases) along with access to your NLP TIMES training portal and may be banned from future purchases.

You further understand and agree that all NLPTIMES products, services and related materials ('The Works') in all forms (video, audio, print, digital etc.) are explicitly only for your personal use and are not for resale, repurposing or redistribution online or offline without the explicit consent of NLPTIMES.COM.

Copying in any medium, redrawing, or rephrasing is strictly forbidden. All NLPTIMES.COM works are protected by International Copyright (c) laws.

Where To Direct Any Questions...

If you have any queries on any of the above please contact us via the Contact Us section of our site. If you wish to raise a support ticket, please do via our Support Center.

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