The Hidden Formula Behind Almost Every Joke on Late Night...

I’m always curious about how people are able to do seemingly remarkable things quickly that conventional wisdom say can’t happen that fast…

I used to believe in limitations.

Till one day I realized most of those are made up too.

Helping people change has taught me - people reach their ‘mental’ limitations far, far quicker than actual physical reality.

Think about it:

People are capable of remarkable things.

However few people explore what’s really possible for them.

The human conditioning system seems to be that after a few setbacks (or put downs) our worldview becomes progressively hardened.

For some - crusty!

Add a few more bad experiences and boom – an unhelpful generalization forms.

And with it, a stuck feeling that this is how life will ALWAYS be.

Ever have a feeling like that​?

Ever try to shift it in someone else?

Course you have.

Thing is, we all have wired up some generalizations that don’t serve us.

By using our brain well, we can change them quickly and easily.

And one of the quickest ways to do so is to use humour.

The quicker you can laugh at yourself or story of woe, the quicker you’ll be able to just go ahead and change as easily as changing the channel on the TV remote.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Switching channels for a moment …

Ever wonder how do late night show writers write so many jokes?

Night after night they write hundreds of jokes.

That make millions of people laugh and feel good.

Humour has a structure to it.

And humour is hands-down one of the most useful resources to be able to evoke if you want to become a better people helper.

I find myself laughing regularly at life’s situations and comedy.

It’s good for the soul too.

And makes you more friends.

Students have asked me for strategies on how to get better at humour.

Well, why not study the pros…

You can learn the hidden formula behind almost every joke on late night here, in this gem of a video.

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I'm Tom.

Everyone has something they’d like to change in their life. I’m here to help you transform the behaviours that get in your way so you can have the life you really want.

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