Simple Technique To Reprogram Your Mind

Around a century ago a Frenchman named Emile Coue coined a phrase that could change your life. 

Coue was a psychologist and pharmacist who believed that imagination plays a “supreme role in every function of life.” 

He believed that most mental and physical illness was a result of a person’s thinking. 

In other words, how a person thinks and what they say to themselves, with conviction and regularity, has a profound impact on how their body responds and what they can do. 

Coue discovered that he could help the recovery of a patient simply by praising the effectiveness of the medicine he gave them. 

This experience led him to do a deep and exhaustive study of the power of suggestion and autosuggestion. 

For Coue, a suggestion is defined as “the act of imposing an idea on the brain of another” while autosuggestion is “the implanting of an idea in oneself by oneself.” 

Each of us constantly gives ourselves autosuggestions outside of conscious awareness.​ 

We plant ideas and forget we planted them. 

We accept ideas about ourself and the world from others and forget where they came from. 

Once planted, they continue to shape and control our life. 

Some autosuggestions act as enablers such as: 

“I’m the kind of person who gets things done easily” 

…while others inhibit and make accomplishing the task difficult if not impossible. 

For example: 

  • “This is going to be hard.”
  • “I can’t see myself becoming slim..”
  • “I will never be successful.”
  • Etc. 

Bottom line: Your imagination influences your perception. 

Your perception shapes the meaning you create of your experiences. 

And your experience of yourself, your relationships with others and place in the world powerfully affects your behaviour. 

Which in turn affects the results you create. 

Which most people use as feedback about themselves and their capabilities. 

So how do you take back control of your mind?

How can you set up the natural filters for success?

By taking a more active role in the autosuggestion process.

Here’s a quick and easy way to check where the suggestions you are giving yourself daily are leading you…

Get a sheet of paper and answer the question:

What results are you producing on a consistent basis?

  • In your relationships.
  • In your health and fitness.
  • In your career and finances.

If you are not creating the results you want in your life, take a moment to zoom out and catch the pattern.

Use a journal for ten days to track morning, noon and evening what’s on your mind.

You may be surprised at what thoughts (and patterns) show up — which literally shape your experience of life.

Then create a suggestion you want to plant in your mind.

Repeat it with intensity, frequency and repetition many times a day until the thought blossoms and becomes your reality.

Coue experimented with many different phrases to help his clients and himself, who faced a number of conditions. However, his most well-known affirmation is still one of my favorites:

“Everyday in every way I’m getting better and better.”

There’s a knack to creating and installing autosuggestions that work powerfully.

Much more than what I can share in a single post.

Incredibly when you do this right - the benefits can be enormous.

If you’d like to learn how to create and install powerful autosuggestions for the things and experiences you want, then click here… I can know how many people want to learn how to reprogram their mind via autosuggestion and install the perceptual filters that attract more success.

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