3 Words Which Can Help You Be More Successful

Everyone loves a shortcut.

We imagine that people who are successful have somehow found a loophole that catapults them from struggling to hero.

Does such a loophole, a short-cut to success really exist?

It does, but it's NOT what most people who want to be more successful, happy and juiced about their life, first think of.

[Hint: Successful people in every area haven't just setup one shortcut, they've wired themselves up for several… more on this next week.]

Anyhow, for all the words that have been written about success, success can be reduced to 3 simple words:




I Can.

Can you actually do the thing you want?

Upon consideration many people's first response it "No!" and that internally generated "no" stops them. No in such circumstances typically means you don't know how. And the how of almost anything is learnable.

So a good position to start from is realising that "Yes" you can do most things, if you are willing to be open, look for ways how, and never let yourself be stopped simply because the first, second, third response you get (from yourself or to others) is no.

No, in one thought, can turn in to a yes.

I Will.

There are many things you can do. The real question is will you do them?

This word, will, speaks to the willingness to do it, which in turn points to motivation.

If you can do something, want to, but can't quite "will" yourself to do it, then tune in to next week's emails because you'll learn about how successful people take action without relying on willpower. It's one of the 'shortcuts' they use that you'll want to too.

Will you do it? That depends on how you've wired yourself up to think about it.

I'm Doing.

If you can do it, have the desire to do it, then the only thing left is do it!

It's the doing which creates the conditions upon which success emerges. Life transforms.

"Can (do), will (do), doing."

3 words which can help you be more successful, when you use them.

3 words that can transform your life.

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