If You Aren't Using This You Are Missing Out...

It's one of the simplest and most powerful principles on the planet.

Can be applied remarkably quickly to most situations.

Works really well and gives disproportionate rewards.

In you are not using this as part of problem solving, goal achievement or planning process; you are missing out.

In fact, you are almost certainly expressing too much energy, and getting less than optimal results.

The principle I'm referring to?

The Pareto principle also known as the 80/20 rule.

In its most basic form it says:

80% of the output is produced by 20% of the inputs.

80% of the consequences are generated by 20% of the causes.

80% of the results are created by 20% of the efforts.

You've probably heard that before.

But have you asked yourself:

"Which 20% of my actions are creating 80% of the results I experience on a day to day basis?"

Let that question sink in.

Even further.

When you do, you will start to see opportunities to work less and get more, far more often.

The name of the game becomes...

How can I get greater return with less effort and having more fun?

Thankfully you don't need to have super-powers to be able to leverage this law.

It requires only that you become more curious about cause and effect… causation and consequence in your own life.

And willing to do a little thinking up front.

The great news is; this law can be applied anywhere.

For example, take the context of a personal problem you are facing.

If you've got an area you are struggling with, ask yourself:

"Which 20% of my actions are creating 80% of my problems?"

This powerful question presupposes that there are a small set of actions that are generating a disproportionate part of the problem.

And guides your super-smart brain to dial in on those.

Anytime I find my performance operating below my expectations or facing a challenge I initially draw a blank on, I ask myself this question and it helps bring clarity to an obfuscated problem.

This allows my skills and results to get better and better.

Do you need to find the perfect 80/20 match?

No - in fact that's just a rule of thumb ratio.

A useful one to start with.

By placing your attention on figuring out which 20% of causes generate 80% of the results it starts training your brain to filter by:

  • What's really important?

  • Do those few things

  • The rest you can let go of/repriortise (guilt free)

And enjoy a life with less stress, more enjoyment and greater success.

In the area of goal setting and goal achievement, it's useful to know that a great many things we do in pursuit of our goals are unnecessary, even wasteful.

Jump up a level and what this says about life is with a few small changes you can create disproportionate results.

You don't need to change everything to get everything.

But it does require you to think differently.

(Thankfully that doesn't hurt!)

Next time you want to achieve an important goal, rather than ask:

"What must I do?"


"What are the fewest objectives required to reach my goal?"

Then take a few minutes to figure out as best you can what those are.

If you haven't done it before, find someone who has and ask them. Their answers may surprise you and almost certainly save you considerable time, energy and resources.

Then think about which handful of causes would generate those effects (your objectives)?

As you take action, pay attention to the results generated and adjust your action plan accordingly until you start seeing greater and greater results.

Try it out.

You'll be rewarded greatly for your efforts.

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