Supercharge The Results Of Your Coaching With NLP

Many of the world's best coaches have a secret weapon -- NLP.

Learn how to supercharge your coaching using the power of NLP with these unique courses.

Just starting out with NLP?

Discover the easiest way to get on board with NLP fast. This two day workshop will help you develop new skills you can apply right away.

Learn NLP's most powerful thinking and questioning frameworks to rapdily zoom in on key issues presented by clients and help them overcome the limitations that hold them back.

Coaching conversations can be truly transformative when you can help clients change their limiting beliefs quickly.

Learn how with this programme - the most advanced conversational belief change system ever created.

The ability to detect unconscious signals expressed by clients opens the door to more powerful coaching conversations. Learn to enhance your acuity powers...

Coaching clients frequently need help getting unstuck... learn proven strategies for generating real momentum and helping yourself or others achieve their goals.

Discover the ONE thing that can really double, triple, or even quadruple your ability to create change for others.

30 Days To Masterful NLP Anchoring is the most in depth NLP anchoring

program on the market. Taught by a world renowned NLP Master Trainer,

this four week program teaches you the real "secrets" to anchoring in

any representational system.

Change can be easy when you know how the process of change actually works and are able to guide your unconscious to wire up the behaviours you (or your clients) want.

Discover how superachievers think, plan and act to make their goals reality up to 10x faster and how easily you could do the same for yourself or with clients.

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What Our Customers Say

Read what our customers have to say about our programs.

Ben Green


“The great thing about Language Guru is that it is always there for you to dip into whenever you need to check your understanding.

Michael explains things so clearly, not just the individual bits of the meta-model but how all the pieces relate to each other and fit together.”

Francesca Lubenko


For me the workshop was absolutely superb. This training was such a brilliant cover of the fundamental aspects of NLP that one absolutely needs to know and be able to use.

There were so many 'lightbulb' moments that connected, or threaded together disparate learnings from my previous NLP courses with Michael.

Alroy Dcruz


“Ever since I completed the task decomposition course I cannot even express how much my productivity has sky-rocketed!What I now do is keep thinking and asking questions till I can decompose any task / goal that I am keen on accomplishing. Once once I can see the steps clearly do I start to work on it.”

Jamie Beaumont


“This is it. I've stopped looking for conversational change resources. I realised everything I was looking for I already have in this training.

It confirmed how simple the process [conversational change] really is. I don't need to look anymore... I now have the resources I need.”

Wesley Anderson


“I've been practicing NLP for 25 years. Going through this program has improved my sensory acuity skills dramatically. The exercises are well constructed and extremely helpful. I would recommend this program to NLP practitioners, hypnotherapist, salespeople, and other communicators no matter their current skill level. Using this program can enhance your skills.”

Patrick Fordell


"I read a lot of NLP books and other material. This is by far the best material that has helped me evolve my skills to a new level of understanding and application. Most NLPers sell NLP as a quick-fix-cure of all things. I really enjoy the no B.S attitude of the trainers and the content. I look forward to the new edition every month. Thank you!"


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