NLP For Master Practitioners

You've practiced and mastered the foundations of NLP. It's time to master advanced skills and creative applications of NLP so you can create greater success in any area you want, and even create your very own NLP!

Discover how to make your mind move fluidly like a master... So you can think well and solve problems with real power.

Discover the ONE thing that can really double, triple, or even quadruple your ability to create change for others.

Discover how superachievers think, plan and act to make their goals reality up to 10x faster and how easily you could do the same...

Learn to become an expert change agent, create communication magic, direct and influence people with precision.

Discover the exact strategies used by elite NLP teachers so you can create your very own NLP...

Welcome to CITADEL: The Lost Art of Behavioural Modeling and Artful Skill Acquisition. An easy to use resource on how to do NLP style modeling...

Discover how to transform yourself into a TRULY skillful, super persuasive, and highly capable NLPer...

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What Our Customers Say

Read what our customers have to say about our programs.

Ben Green


“The great thing about Language Guru is that it is always there for you to dip into whenever you need to check your understanding.

Michael explains things so clearly, not just the individual bits of the meta-model but how all the pieces relate to each other and fit together.”

Al Konigsfeld


“I just finished Kickstart Your NLP. I am in awe, and in tears.

I wished I had learned these skills this way back in 1988 when I started learning NLP. The emphasis on deciding what I really want, and all the ways I distract myself and all the illusionary obstacles and silly rules I put in my own way is profound. Practical, funny, simple, life changing stuff.”

Andrew Neil Garland


“There is so much information in this course [Perpetual Progress].

This training should be compulsory for anyone who has completed a Master prac course and wished to embark on an NLP trainer training. And it should be compulsory for every NLP trainer.”

John Johnston


“I've learned a lot; this kind of information is cannot be found anywhere in the current books or on the market or on the “inter nut"!... It gave me a renewed confidence in how to approach situations and how to “think” through them. I also realized that it’s not how much one knows; it’s how creatively you apply it to situations!”

Rohit Vashisht


“I enjoyed the way a person develops beliefs and how to change someone's thinking by understanding his map of the world.

My efficiency has increased 10-fold. And my profits have increased by 150% over previously.

This is the only training out there where one can learn the psychology of the people and how to change them.”

Patrick Fordell


"I read a lot of NLP books and other material. This is by far the best material that has helped me evolve my skills to a new level of understanding and application. Most NLPers sell NLP as a quick-fix-cure of all things. I really enjoy the no B.S attitude of the trainers and the content. I look forward to the new edition every month. Thank you!"


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