Entirely New In NLP

Whether you are entirely new to NLP or have picked up bits and pieces from books but struggled to apply it to everyday situations; you're in the right place. This Learning Path will get you up and running with Neuro-Linguistic Programming fast and producing outcomes with yourself and others, you didn't even realise was possible...

Discover the easiest and most up-to-date way to get on-board with NLP - so you can achieve more, accomplish more and have more...

Mastering your state is at the heart of NLP. Learn powerful techniques to master your emotions so you can create more success.

Being intentional and skilled in the art of asking questions and using language powerfully is fundamental to getting results with NLP. Learn how to do that and so much more.

Turn your goals and dreams into reality. Find out how to create a winning 'game plan' so you know precisely what needs to occur to achieve your goals...

Up your game by operationalising NLP within yourself. Discover how to master your emotions, stop unwanted thoughts and use the power of NLP powerfully to create the life you want.

Change can be fast and straightforward, once you know how the magic of change really works. Discover how...

NLP is famous for it's many powerful techniques for change and transformation. Learn how they really work.

Discover the real secrets of NLP and how to transform yourself into a TRULY skillful, super-persuasive,and highly capable NLPer...

Discover the real secrets to using NLP in Business that 99.9% of NLPers will never know and learn how to apply NLP to the world of business.

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What Our Customers Say

Read what our customers have to say about our programs.

Ben Green


“The great thing about Language Guru is that it is always there for you to dip into whenever you need to check your understanding.

Michael explains things so clearly, not just the individual bits of the meta-model but how all the pieces relate to each other and fit together.”

Francesca Lubenko


For me the workshop was absolutely superb. This training was such a brilliant cover of the fundamental aspects of NLP that one absolutely needs to know and be able to use.

There were so many 'lightbulb' moments that connected, or threaded together disparate learnings from my previous NLP courses with Michael.

Laurent Beretta


“I'm a different person. I've grown up all of a sudden! This is more than training, or personal development, or coaching.

It's an eye opening experience into the magic of the mind, the magic of our perceptions and how we can change them.”

John Johnston


“Using NLP on Yourself To Create More Of The Life You Want makes dumping the inner bullshit 10x easier.

Top-notch training from Michael and Tom.Get it right now and use it!”

Ken Rawlings


“From Wish to Fulfillment has been a mind-expanding course that fills in a missing piece for me.

The Goals and TOTEs framework from the Platinum Audio News Club had already had a huge influence on me and this course fits in and expands that knowledge in an important way.”

Patrick Fordell


"I read a lot of NLP books and other material. This is by far the best material that has helped me evolve my skills to a new level of understanding and application. Most NLPers sell NLP as a quick-fix-cure of all things. I really enjoy the no B.S attitude of the trainers and the content. I look forward to the new edition every month. Thank you!"


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