How To Alter Your Experience of Time

How long did summer last as a kid?

It felt like forever right…

Yet something strange seems to happen as we age; time speeds up.

Months, years, even decades — pass in a blink of an eye!

What if you could change the speed at which time passes...

What if you could slow down time.

Or speed it up — at your choosing.

You can — it’s easier than you think.

US Olympic Winner John Coyle has got it down to 3 simple rules you can use to design moments that help you live (almost) forever.

John spent his career chasing time.

As an Olympic speed skater and cyclist, he strived to compress time, where the difference between Gold and Silver amongst Olympics athletes is just…


If you are over 30 and want to live a much richer and fulfilling life, then be sure to check this video out.

Learning to alter your sense of time is a Jedi NLP skill, few ever develop.

John makes the process much easier…

How do you experience time?

Over the past two decades researchers have discovered that how we experience time is altered by changes in mental stimuli.

In simple terms, times happening in the mind’s eye. How you experience time is a function of how you use your perceptions. Specifically it’s related to the number of mental images our brain encounters.

As NLPers we have a whole body of distinctions that enable us to alter our own and other people’s perceptive processes.

In this video you’ll learn 3 rules you can use TODAY to alter your experience of time.

Experiential time and clock time are two totally different things. They flow at varying rates.

Whether you want to live a richer life or are a hypnotist or NLPers looking to alter the sense of time for others - the 3 rules John shares give you a simple framework to alter experiential time.

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