NLP Spirituality: Cool Things That The Technology Can Do To Help You Grow

Eckhart Tolle's book "The Power of Now" is one of the top selling personal development books of recent times. Currently it is has an sales rate of 149. With over 300,000 new books being released each year in the United States alone that is pretty impressive. Ever wonder what people who read self-help books are looking for? Perhaps happiness, peace, success .. the list goes on.

But the question today is, can NLP really help anyone become more spiritual? Because for the most part, the field of NLP is not known for it's spiritual Guru's, yet the technology is incredibly flexible and can be a very powerful tool for creating all of the above experiences and much more.

The Meta Model - As a Tool For Growth & Connectedness

Let's take the Meta Model - simply using the Meta Model regularly on your own internal dialogue can do an amazing job on de-cluttering your mind and help you become aware of the 'monkey' - that experience of thoughts arising and disappearing. Indeed one Meta Model question alone, "Who Says?", if you applied it consistently and recursively could create a spiritual shift for you. I'm serious!

The works of the great spiritual sage, Ramana Maharshi could be summed up in answering that question, 'For whom?' or 'who says?'. He always directed the seeker to look inward to discover who is this "I" that thinks so much and feels quite little.

For example, as stuff arises in your life and you find frustration or 'problems' arise, ask yourself

"Who says I am frustrated?"

"I do"

"Who is this I?"

Keep drilling down and looking beyond the I .. that is your mind's association with a given thought, and you will realise a deeper sense of what really is.

Another powerful distinction NLP can bring to the dance is that of intentionally changing sub-modalities.

This gives rise to the phrase "there is no one to save, and no one that needs saving". For generations, the language entire cultures have used have framed or fixed certain limited and flawed viewpoints on us. Like the idea that anyone needs 'fixing'. You don't. Neither does anyone else. Rather there are certain behaviors that keep showing up, which someone (you, the client, a 3rd party) describe as a 'problem' and need 'fixing'. The Meta Model, skillfully applied can be a wonderfully powerful tool to cutting through the clutter.

When I once asked Richard (Bandler) what he does that is different, that has enabled him to be the creative spark for so many innovations in NLP, he said. I ask myself "What the F*** IS going on?". Richard isn't interested in what people say is going on, but rather what is really occurring. He doesn't try to make things fit the similarity of what people already perceive is there. He's in the now. He doesn't try and confuse things with what is actually occurring.

NLP Processes & Techniques For Growth & Connectedness:

Let's chunk up for  a moment and think - can NLP really help me feel peace, happiness, success .. yes the technology of NLP has several processes that can create these things. For they are STATES (and for a moment, let's forget the dialogue about whether these are primary or meta states).

State work is fundamental to everything we do as NLPers. And NLP also brings up the realization that people aren't one dimensional beings that only have ONE state, that they want EVERYWHERE. Rather, people's states fluctuate. So with NLP interventions like state ellictation , anchoring, 'timelining' etc we can evoke great states in our self and others.

Another powerful distinction NLP can bring to the dance is that of intentionally changing sub-modalities.

If you feel 'disconnected' from some greater force or others or even yourself, your body has to have some way to encode that experience. When people feel 'down' about their life etc, almost always they have a particular practice going on of either making the things they want really small, dim, dark and far away while the stuff that is really browning them off is 1st person, very close, really big, 3D, and as a panoramic movie. So we can use sub-modality changes to literally alter our ongoing experience in a moment by moment basis. You can train your mind to SORT for things that are really good, beautiful etc. These are all quite easy to do.

Because one of the secrets of being more in the NOW is to 'get out of your head, return to your senses and just be'. In reality, no-thing from the outside literally gets inside us. It is all (as best as science and medicine can tell us) transforms going on. You may be looking at the text on this page, yet the light waves get converted and transformed in order for you to "see" things. So you are never directly experiencing untransformed access to anything you see, hear or feel. (Kinda cool and weird isn't it!)

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