Simple Cure For Feeling Annoyed

People spend fortunes trying to make themselves feel better when things go wrong.

The consume food, drugs and drink to excess to try and feel better.

But did you know there is a much easier way to put annoyances behind you?

To get out of negative states and feel better almost automatically.

It’s simple.

So simple you might have overlooked it.

Forgot to try it out.

Forgot to practice it so it became automatic.

I can sum this technique up in four words:

Remember to FORGET IT!

That’s right - when stuff annoys you, when something or someone comes along and rains on your parade, if you ask someone to do something and they forget to; choose to let it fly past you like water rushing down a drain pipe.

Just forget it!

This doesn’t mean if someone crosses a line, projects their stuff on you, or tries to knock you down, you simply lie down and take it.

You’ve a responsibility to take care of yourself.

Handle it.

Do what you need to do. Then move on.

Being angry sucks… the life force out of you and you are more likely to mistreat yourself and others.

Don’t tolerate taking that kind of abuse.If you are quick to get wound up and slow to let go, training yourself to forget it is a REALLY valuable skill to get.

As Master Yoda eloquently put it:

“Anger leads to hate and hate leads to suffering.”

Who amongst us wants to suffer?

Thankfully you don’t have to.

Staying upset for long periods after the situation that triggered it is over, is a conditioned habit.

You and I weren’t born that way.

And like all habits it can be deprogrammed and changed.

So next time you find yourself getting pissy, annoyed or angry at someone or something.


Take a deep breath in.

Go inside your mind palace (you’ve got one of those right? It’s not just for Sherlock Homes.)

Make a picture of yourself being all scrunched up, tense and pissed off looking.

The more outlandish you can make it the better.

Then turn away from that image and physically walk away from whatever location you were in.

As you do the lights go out on that other you that was annoyed and with it the stress begins to release.

Change your posture.

Move your body in the opposite way as what the pissed off, angry you had been doing. If you were clinching your fist and tensing your shoulders perhaps open your palm wide, relax your shoulders, push out your chest.

Then speak out loud:

(Your Name), forget it!

Take a couple more deep breaths and make (or fake) a smile.

Neurologically your brain will take it as a signal toward a state change.

Where do you feel most relaxed in your body?

Amplify that.

Notice where the feeling goes and grows.

If you find your mind coming back to the issue again and again (hooked on the need to be or feel right) slap your hands and say out loud:

“It’s not worth it. Let it go. Forget it.”

Smile. (or fake one)

Choose to focus on something that is relaxing for you.

Expand the sense of relaxation all over.

Finally think about something that is far more important to you than this mini-drama and how really tiny that thing was, in the scheme of all the moments of your life. So utterly unimportant and not worth spending another moment on.

Breath out for a count of four.

Repeat until the feeling is fully diluted and you the memory of the trigger incidence doesn’t bother you any more.

You’ll know you’ve done it well when the trigger incident feels unimportant, just an  event of something that once occurred.

The first few times you do this it might take anywhere from a few minutes to a half hour to fully get "off it", depending on how strong the feeling was.

BUT with practice you can literally get the new response you’ve conditioned to trigger and run all the ways through in literally a few seconds to a minute or so.

And after that it can become even faster and with less conscious effort.

Just how valuable would this skill be?

When you can move from pissed off to focused and resourceful in just a few seconds?

With very little effort at all.

Do you think that kind of mastery would be helpful in our career, personal life, relationships?

Eventually you’ll forget whatever it was that got you wound up, so why not forget it now?

There is always value to be had from life’s experiences, for sure. You don’t need to stay angry, annoyed of wound up to learn from it.

Let each frustration, annoyance or upset be an opportunity to become a better version of yourself.

To develop your skills.

To live a joy filled, expansive life.

When it comes to life’s annoyances and little wounds, remember to forget it!

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