The Secret of Happiness (Video)

The secret to happiness is right in front of you.

Well to be precise, within a part of your brain called the pre-frontal cortex human beings have a very special evolutionary advantage.

Each of us has access to an 'experience simulator'.

Think of it like a Holodeck in your mind.

A cheap, always available way for us to try stuff out in our minds before ever doing it in real life.

This is a remarkable tool that no other animal can do quite like we can.

But, here’s the rub:

Evolution didn't throw in the user’s manual.

So most people don’t even realise when they are in their holodecks, creating all kinds of suffering and anguish for themselves.

But here's the cool thing...

Our brains can simulate experiences that can create feelings of joy, compassion, love or hate and everything in between in at the speed of thought.

Unfortunately most people are completely unaware of how to use this evolutionary tool to their advantage…

Like how to use it to create more happiness NOW.

Don't believe me?

Check out this great video by Harvard psychologist Dan Gilbert.

Dan reveals what science has discovered about our experience simulator and its ability to create happiness anytime you want, without needing to get shiny new things, awards or big houses!

It might just change your life.

When you test out the ideas Dan shares you’ll discover you don't need things to happen externally before you feel happy.

As his research shows any of us can create 'synthetic happiness', right now and your body will respond accordingly. Suddenly you find yourself responding to life rather than reacting.

Watch the video to see how you have more happiness now…

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